How to Sleep After BBL Surgery for Best Results

If you used to sleep on your back prior to your BBL surgery, behold! Things are going to get tough once you undergo the Brazilian butt lift surgery and sleeping routine will need to be fixed.

For your new butt to look its best, it is crucial to let those injected fat cells thrive within their new habitat. To do so, you would need to lift pressure off the butt at all times; even while sleeping!

All that you really need to do is follow the post-operative instructions responsibly in order to mitigate the side effects and maximize the survival percentage of the fat injected during the butt lift procedure.

When Can I Sleep on my Back After BBL?

It will take about 4-8 weeks before you are healed enough to sleep on your back. While this varies from patient to patient, 4-8 weeks is about average. If you want best results, it’s recommended that you avoid sleeping on your back for at-least 6-8 weeks after Brazilian butt lift surgery.

It will depend on a variety of factors such as how fast your body heals and how much fat was actually transferred. You should expect to avoid sitting, squatting, and other movements that stretch the buttocks region for three weeks. This will give your body time to heal without any disruption of the fat deposits.

How to Sleep After BBL?

Your sleep routine following a butt lift surgery has the potential to enhance or completely disrupt the fat grafting results. First three to four weeks post-surgery are particularly critical, where patients need to observe certain sleeping protocols.

The key here is to prevent your beautiful new butt from exertion in any form. This is to ensure that the newly transferred fats cells manage to develop their own blood supply within your body, in order to survive the post-operative procedures. As per extensive research carried out on the subject, there are plenty of ways you can ensure you don’t overexert the butt muscles.

Sleep on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach isn’t a comfortable position for some. However, this is one of the best ways to save your investment and sleep comfortably after a BBL procedure.

You should do some practicing if you find it hard to sleep on your stomach. You could also see a chiropractor, should it hurt your neck and spine to sleep on your stomach, as they can help with head forward translation that occurs when we look down too much. This is a common issue that can be adjusted to help you sleep on your stomach more comfortably after a Brazilian butt lift procedure.

girl sleeping on her stomach after BBL surgery

Also, when you sleep on your belly, make sure you opt for a thinner stomach sleeper pillow that keeps your spine aligned in a neutral position. Using a pillow too high will throw your spine out of alignment resulting in a cricked neck.

If you can’t sleep on your stomach, consider investing in a zero gravity chair.

Sleep on a massage table

When you’re going through something such as recovering from a BBL surgery, you need to get creative. The recovery isn’t a fun time, however, it will be over soon. So, try to make the best of it.

A massage table can make sleeping on your stomach more comfortable on your neck and back. It offers contoured support for your head and neck that allows you to breathe freely and is made to be comfortable. You can pick up a massage table for less cost than many think and this is a perfect solution to trying to sleep and breathe comfortably while sleeping on your stomach.

Biofreeze gel and OTC pain meds

After undergoing BBL, some patients experience some pain. While this pain is usually more from the swelling than anything else, there should be over-the-counter medications readily available to keep this swelling down.

Ice packs can also help with pain and swelling. And, of course, Biofreeze gel is another topical solution that seems to help people during their Brazilian butt lift recovery phase. Biofreeze is a great solution that doesn’t put any chemicals in your body as the OTC medications can. However, all of these are better than narcotics that can have long-lasting effects.

Use a BBL Pillow

While a BBL recovery pillow isn’t directly used during sleep, it does play an important role towards your sleep and recovery.

This pillow will go under the thigh area to keep your buttocks up in the air more when sitting on a chair. It should be used for sitting after a couple of weeks of healing. With well-rested buttocks during the day, you have a higher chance of getting a sound sleep at night.

Again, every surgery is different so you certainly should ask your doctor about the timeframe.  However, they do exist and are fairly inexpensive for the amount of benefits that many patients get from it.

How to Get the Best Results from a BBL Surgery

You will want to maximize your results from a Brazilian butt lift procedure and follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. You need to stop smoking if you smoke. Since you are not going to be able to sit, you are not going to be able to drive, so keep that in mind when going in.

Be sure that you have everything you need for your aftercare purchased before the surgery date. Wear the proper garments that are given to you. Allow your body to heal and avoid sitting or laying on your backside too early.

Also, maintain a stable weight and eat correctly to feed the fat. These fat cells have been uprooted and will need to have blood cells and such routed to them. Because of this, it is important to eat a proper diet to ensure that the BBL surgery is a success.

A BBL pillow can also help, as it allows one to sit without actually exerting pressure on your butt. A rolled towel would also do the trick for this. Of course, you don’t want to try this at first as you will be pretty bruised but after a few weeks, this might be an option.

It’s good if you spend most of your time standing and walking since the more time you spend sitting or lying down, the higher the chances of exerting pressure on the surgery area which may actually prolong the BBL recovery period.

brazilian butt lift best results

Getting Out of Bed After Brazilian Butt Lift

Getting out of bed after a BBL surgery will take a little patience, especially at first. You will need to slide to the edge of the bed and place your feet on the ground. From there it is possible to stand up.

Using your arms for help may be necessary. By pushing yourself up into the standing position in this manner, you will not be sitting on your backside and harming the transferred fat. Avoiding sitting at all times, especially in the first few weeks, is critical for the Brazilian butt lift surgery to be a success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for fat to settle after BBL?

The first 4 weeks following your surgery are particularly critical where you need to avoid exerting pressure on your butt. Typically you begin seeing the results of your fat transfer once the fat cells begin to settle, which generally takes around 4 – 6 weeks post surgery. By the end of 8 months, you can expect the transferred fat to have established a proper blood flow within your body. The remaining volume of fats thus represents the percentage of the total injected fat that managed to survive.

When can I wear jeans after BBL?

Most therapists suggest that post BBL recovery is based less on the type of garment that you wear, and more on the fitting of the garment that you wear. If you are looking to wear skin-tight jeans, you might need to wait for the post-operative 8th week to pass. This is because the surviving cells from among the injected volume of fats are expected to formulate their own blood supply within your body, and settle down by this time. You can however wear jeans of a looser fitting in six weeks time. The key here is to prevent your fat cells from squeezing or exerting pressure in an attempt to increase their survivability. The looser the clothes, the easier it is to do so.

How do you maximize fat survival after BBL?

Post-BBL fat survival depends primarily on how well the fat grafting procedure was carried out, as well as the patient’s adherence to the aftercare routine once the Brazilian butt lift surgery has been carried out. For surgeons performing BBL surgery, it is recommended they ditch the power-assisted liposuction devices in order to prevent burning down the fat injected.

Patients on the other hand need to use specialized compression garments that aid recovery by speeding up the healing process. You would also need to minimize pressure on the butt region in order to allow the fat cells to formulate their own blood supply. You can do so by sleeping on your stomach so that no pressure is applied on your buttocks area. Back and side sleeping should be avoided at all costs.

What should I wear after a BBL?

Once you have undergone the surgery, you would be required to wear compression clothing to allow for the swelling on your body to subside. For at least 8 months into the surgery, you should abstain from wearing tight clothing. Clothes that hug your figure tightly are more likely to damage those newly injected fat cells, causing your Brazilian butt lift to become less noticeable.

You would also need to hide the swelling as well as the compression clothes underneath, so looser fits are your go-to option in times like these. Once the fat has settled, you should consider wearing clothes that accentuate your body curves by emphasizing the slimmer waist.

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