How to Stay Warm in Bed at Night

Staying warm in bed during chilly winter nights is something everyone dreams of. Exposure to cold can cause increased wakefulness, which can rob you of needed sleep. You may also feel the effect of these during the day, as sleeplessness can make you drowsy and less productive during the day. Thus, if you live in a cold region or winter is coming where you live, you have to prepare adequately for the nights ahead.

How to Keep Warm in Bed at Night

Keeping warm in bed on winter nights starts with investing in the appropriate cold weather bedding, clothing and sleeping environment. If you fail to prepare properly, you’ll find yourself shivering in bed.

If you’ve ever experienced this and would like to avoid a repeat, or if you’d rather not be a victim, you’ll find this article helpful. We’ve provided some great tips to keep you warm in bed at night. The best part about these tips is that they save you from spending so much on electricity bills and are essentially economical ways to stay warm in bed at night during winters.

1. Choose a Comforter with High Tog Rating

If you are in the market for comforters, make sure you know what TOG rating is. While it’s important to pick the right comforter material that provides adequate warmth for chilly winter nights, it’s even more important to understand TOG rating.

TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade which defines the thermal insulation of the comforter. Higher the tog rating, warmer the comforter. Sadly, many people fail to realize this and often end up with a comforter that’s too light to keep them warm at night, and no matter how much they snuggle, they can’t shake off the cold.

Make sure you opt for comforters with highest TOG rating to enjoy the warmest comforters that will help you keep cozy in bed.

2. ​Use Flannel Winter Sheets

Cotton sheets are soothing on your skin, insulating, and cooling. However, they can’t provide the warmth you need to sleep comfortably on cold winter nights. You need thicker sheets and flannel winter sheets are just the right choice. They are made with a soft, woven fabric that provides better warmth for your body.

young man trying to keep warm in bed

Flannel winter sheets are also soothing on the skin and do not cause any irritation. Thus, if you have sensitive skin, you’ll love these sheets. They are also easy to maintain as they are machine washable. Finally, flannel sheets are durable, and you can continue to use them for a good few years given that they are properly cleaned and maintained.

​3. Wear Warm Clothing

You definitely can’t coast through winter without proper winter outfits to prevent frostbites. However, most people forget to shop for warm clothing for cold nights, which can make sleeping through the cold tough.

Wearing light clothing such as silk, satin, or light cotton pajamas may not be sufficient to keep you warm even with a thick comforter and flannel winter sheets. You should wear thick but breathable and loose clothing. You can also make up for not having thick clothing by wearing several light clothing, as long as they are loose  and breathable.

However, warm clothing is preferable and essential for sleeping comfortably on cold nights. You don’t necessarily have to buy expensive ones, as there are a lot of affordable options as well.

​4. Wear Wool Socks

Wool Socks to keep feet warm at night

You may be wondering if sleeping with socks on is a good or bad idea? It is a great idea actually, given that you wear the right pair of socks.

Our feet get cold easily, and you need to keep them insulated to stay warm at night. Also, you may not be able to shield your feet from the cold properly with a comforter as your feet could slip out while you are sleeping.

Also, you can’t keep your feet warm by wearing regular cotton socks as cotton socks don’t offer adequate insulation. Wool socks are recommended for winter use because they are thick and insulating. If you have sweaty feet, wool socks will keep you warm as they dry themselves out when worn.

Wearing wool socks is also great if you like to walk around on bare feet. It keeps your feet warm even when the floor is cold.

​5. Consume Warm Drinks Before Going to Bed

Drinking a cup of water before bed is healthy, as it cleanses your body and helps you sleep better. However, drinking cold water before bed may not be ideal on cold nights. It’s recommended that you consume a warm drink instead to warm up your body. Some recommended warm drinks that you can take before going to bed include warm water, warm milk, and green tea.

Besides keeping your body warm, consuming a warm drink before bed keeps you hydrated, aids digestion, and relieves joint pain. This makes it a healthy alternative to drinking alcohol on cold nights to stay warm. You can easily incorporate this in your dinner or make a warm cup of tea to sip on while you prepare to go to bed.

6. ​Add an Area Rug to Your Bedroom

area rug for thermal insulation

An area rug creates a focal area in your room and is a great piece to add to your interior decor. They often come in different designs, and you can get one that matches your bedding and room decor to give your room a classy look.

However, area rugs are not strictly for aesthetic purposes. They are also great for keeping your room temperature cozy. They do this by trapping some heat, which makes your room warm and cozy. They can also escalate the warmth from hardwood floors to the rest of the room. Your feet will be warm when placed on the rug, and walking around your room with cold feet will feel less chilly. Thus, area rugs are a must-have if you live in a cold region and are ideal for keeping your room warm at night.

When selecting an area rug for your room, it is advisable to get one that covers a large area in your room. Also, look out for rugs made with wool, acrylic, or nylon for the best insulation.

7. ​Use a Space Heater

If you want to cut down on your heating bills, you can invest in a space heater. A space heater keeps your room warm and provides the required warmth without ramping up your bills. Since you will need more heat in your bedroom than any other place at night, you can decrease the temperature of your central heating system and use a space heater in your room.

It will provide better warmth in your room, which makes sleeping on a cold night more comfortable. You’ll also be saving a lot on heating costs by using this.

While a space heater cannot insulate the entire room, you can keep it in strategic locations close to your bed to keep you warm in bed while you sleep. However, it should be kept on a level surface always to prevent accidents. You can also have it fixed on a wall close to your bed.

Ultimately, a space heater is a must-have if you live in a cold region.

​8. Don’t Forget to Seal the Drafts

Heat leaks waste money spent on electricity bills or gas for heating your home during winter. This is why you should never forget to seal the drafts to keep the cold out and keep the heat in. Windows are the biggest exit point for warmth. Warmth can also escape through tiny openings and cracks from shut doors. You can also expect cold air to sip in through these points.

Therefore, you should seal the drafts to keep your room warm. You can do this with a seal tape or plastic stripes and clear tapes. Luckily you don’t need to hire an expert to do this as you can easily do it yourself.  Start by sealing your windows and doors, but don’t forget your sockets, electrical outlets, and switches as these are also common heat loss areas in a home.

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