How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow

How to Use a Pregnancy Pillow

Most pregnant women face all kinds of trouble sleeping with their growing baby bump and the rush of hormones that is impacting their body. Even if you manage to get a few hours of sleep, chances are that you have woken up every few hours for a bathroom break or because your back just hurts from sleeping in an awkward position.

Past research has indicated that approximately 78% of pregnant women face problems going to sleep and this could be due to soreness, nausea, backaches, heartburn, restlessness, etc. Pregnancy time is when your body needs the most amount of rest because you are taking care of two. One great way to remedy these nightly disturbances is by investing in the right pregnancy pillow that offers support and ample relaxation during sleep time.

How to use a U-shaped pregnancy pillow?

If you prefer sleeping on your back most nights and pregnancy makes it harder to sleep in this position, then the ‘U’ shaped pillow is an excellent choice. These special pillows offer incredible support for the entire body and keep your neck, shoulders, back, knees, and feet from aching when sleeping on your back.

Sometimes restlessness may keep you awake till odd hours and no amount of tossing and turning helps. If you find yourself in this situation, the ‘U’ shaped pillow is a fitting choice since you do not need to shift or flip the pillow. You can simply adjust the curve of the ‘U’, which is the headrest part, and find the spot most comfortable for you.

It is important to note that the ‘U’ shaped pillow is massive and may cover the entirety of a queen-sized bed, leaving little space for your partner or other pillows. Due to its sheer size, it is also one of the more expensive pregnancy pillow options. While it may have numerous advantages, it is best to weigh your options and check whether it will fit your bed and your budget first.

To sleep on a ‘U’ shaped pillow, flip it so that the curve of the ‘U’ is placed directly under your head. Place your feet between the long edges in the opening of the pillow and wrap your arms around one edge, while your back is supported by the other.

How to use a C-shaped pregnancy pillow?

The ‘C’ shaped pregnancy pillow is specifically designed to relieve aches in the neck, back, and pelvis region. The unique construction of the pillow ensures smooth blood flow, avoiding any risks of bloating, swelling, or water retention in the legs and feet.

The pillow caters to pregnant women who may be on the plus side or who are supporting more weight. The open edge of the ‘C’ makes it versatile and allows for it to be used in a variety of ways when sleeping.

The ‘C’ shaped pregnancy pillow may not be the best option for those who toss and turn a lot during their sleep as this may require you to change the position of the pillow to fit your side.

The gentle curve of the ‘C’ keeps your back well supporting during the night while your baby bump rests snug against the opening of the pillow. You can place your head on the top edge for comfort and balance.

How to use a J-shaped pregnancy pillow?

The ‘J’ shaped pregnancy pillow is shaped like the letter, or like a candy cane. The advantage of this pillow is that it supports the head, neck, and especially the spine by helping distribute the pregnancy weight and keeping it from pressing down on your spine.

Similar to the ‘U’ shaped pillow in usage, the ‘J’ shaped pregnancy pillow is smaller and can easily fit on a queen-sized or even a single bed. While lying down, you can rest the head on the curve of the ‘J’, while wrapping your arms around the longer edge. You can even tuck the edge between your legs which aids in weight distribution and keeps your spinal cord from pressing down.

This variety of pregnancy pillows is less versatile than the ‘U’ shaped pillow, but it provides the same level of comfort for side sleepers. When sleeping, it is entirely up to you whether you prefer the long side of the pillow to rest against your back or alongside your belly.

How to sleep with a wedge pillow during pregnancy?

Comfortable and compact, the wedge pillow fits snugly under your pregnant belly and helps to prop your side up while you sleep, relax, or even sit. Their small size makes them a perfect fit for all bed sizes and even for sofas if you are thinking of a cozy nap. If you come from extreme climates, then you can place a heating or ice pack next to the pillow as your side presses against it and relaxes you.

Simply place the wedge pillow under your bump while sleeping on the side for comfort and support. Any lingering aches in your spine or pelvic area will disappear once you sleep on it as it keeps the weight of the body in check and provides adequate support.

How to use a pillow with a bump hole to sleep on your stomach during pregnancy?

There are some varieties of inflatable body pillows with a bump hole that you can use for comfort and support when sleeping during pregnancy. The Cozy Bump is one such popular variety that is approved by OB/GYN and chiropractors for their many relaxing effects.

This type of pregnancy pillows allows you to lie on your belly and significantly aids in reducing lower back aches for those who enjoy sleeping on their stomachs but cannot do so due to their growing bumps.

The pillow gently and tenderly cradles the belly and provides space for the bump to snuggle. It adds a gentle pressure to the hip which stretches the back and relieves it of discomfort. Pillows such as The Cozy Bump can be inflated with a pump, and you can climb up gently while positioning your tummy inside the bump hole. The large pillow also comes with space to relax your head without the need for an added pillow.

How to use a full-length body pillow during pregnancy?

The full-length body pillows are designed as long and plump to provide the body with cushioning and support. The greatest advantage of these is that you can wrap your arms around the top half and tuck the bottom half between your legs. This helps with distributing your body’s weight over the pillow and keeps your spine and pelvis from being pressed down.

Although this type of pillow does not provide support for the back from behind, it is still a fantastic option for those pregnant women who enjoy sleeping on the side and cuddling throughout the night. The full-length body pillow cannot be tucked under the belly or put behind the back, but it lets you snuggle your plump belly against the length of it which aids in a relaxing slumber.

The full-length body pillows are five to six inches high and are a great fit for women of all heights. Experts also recommend using this type of pillow during the second semester due to its benefits in ridding backaches and hip pains when the belly is growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you start using a pregnancy pillow?

You can start using a pregnancy pillow at any point during the cycle. There is no expert-approved fixed time when you should start using them. In fact, many healthcare providers recommend that you should begin using pregnancy pillows as early as you see fit, so you can experiment with different positions and styles to see which best fits you.

Alternatively, you can start using a pregnancy pillow when switching positions during sleep becomes uncomfortable. It is not until twenty weeks of pregnancy when the baby bump begins to really expand. This might cause stiffness, soreness, and even cramping in the ligaments of the body due to a rapid increase in weight. This is a good time to begin sleeping with a pregnancy pillow so you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Can you sleep on your back with a pregnancy pillow?

You can sleep on your back with a pregnancy pillow in the first trimester, but as your baby bump begins to grow, this position may become uncomfortable. Your second trimester is when you should begin sleeping on your side as the back sleep position causes immense pressure on the uterus, intestines, and your blood circulation.

Sleeping on your back, with or without a pregnancy pillow, may then cause severe back pains, indigestion, bloating and swelling, low blood pressure, and even hemorrhoids. This is why it is recommended by doctors that pregnant women should prefer sleeping on their sides during the second and third trimesters.

Why do you put a pillow between your legs when pregnant?

Pulling a pillow between the legs when pregnant aids in smooth blood circulation to the uterus without any strain or pressure on other organs, such as the liver. Due to the sheer weight of the belly, some women may experience constant backaches, hip pains, swelling, and restlessness. This can be remedied by tucking a pillow between the knees that aids in weight management and comfort.

Where do you put your pillows when pregnant?

You should place some extra, soft pillow next to you in bed for cuddling and easing the pressure off your back and pelvis. You can also make use of a full-length pregnancy pillow for this purpose in case there is not enough space on your bed. One pillow can be snuggly fit under your belly, and another can go between your knees to elevate your torso and support the back and hips. Avoid adding extra pillows or cushions behind your head as this might cause neck aches.

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