How to Wash and Clean a TempurPedic Pillow?

Keeping your tempurpedic pillows clean is necessary for a sanitized sleeping environment. However, tempurpedic pillows are made with delicate memory foam which can be challenging to wash, but keeping them clean is vital to preventing the spread of disease and bad odors.

Unlike ordinary pillows, tempurpedic pillows cannot simply be tossed in a machine for a quick wash, else it might cause the filling to disintegrate. Washing these types of pillows can be tricky and one little mistake may ruin it for good. Thus, we have compiled a list of fool-proof methods to clean your tempurpedic pillows without sacrificing quality and comfort levels.

Can You Wash a Tempurpedic Pillow?

Yes, you can. Though, not in the traditional sense. Tempurpedic pillows must never be washed in a washing machine or put through the dryer. This may completely ruin the filling and your pillow will become the breeding ground for bacteria and mildew. Handwashing is an alternative option, but you should go for it only if necessary.

When hand washing these types of pillows, avoid using excessive amounts of water or detergent as it may ruin the memory foam material inside. Hot or warm water may also speed up the disintegration of the filling. It is recommended to use room temperature or cool water.

Unlike synthetic pillows, tempurpedic pillows cannot withstand harsh twisting, scrubbing or rubbing. Instead, be as gentle as possible when washing them.

While washing your tempurpedic pillows is very much possible, it is challenging and time consuming. It demands a lot of care and precaution as the delicate filling may not be able to survive the brunt of washing and chemical detergents.

cleaning tempurpedic pillow

Step by Step Guide to Clean a Tempurpedic Pillow

Careless cleaning methods may render your tempurpedic pillows entirely useless. This is a waste of money and good pillows!

To clean these pillows, you must follow a proper guide to clear them from nasty, unwanted stains and pungent odors. Failure to follow a proper washing technique will destroy the filling and cause all kinds of bacteria and molds to grow and thrive inside your tempurpedic pillow.

This step-by-step guide to cleaning your tempurpedic pillows will allow you to make the best of them while also keeping them fresh and clean for a longer period of time.

Wash the pillow cover

The first rule to washing your tempurpedic pillows without interfering with the delicate textures of the filling is by cleaning the pillowcase. For this step, feel free to use the washing machine and save precious time in the cleaning process.

Most tempurpedic pillows come with zip-up, removable covers that can be easily washed. Covers are the most exposed layer of your pillows and harbor the most amount of germs and bacteria. Thus, this should be the first item to wash.

Once you have removed the covers, look for any tags for washing instructions and follow them as closely as possible. For the covers, you should ideally use mild detergent and set the washing machine on a cold setting.

It is crucial to remember to avoid using chemically strong stain removers or harsh chlorine products. When putting them in the dryer, put the dryer on a cool setting or hang them on a clothesline to air dry if you have time.

Spot-clean the spills and stains using a towel

Old stains are a nuisance but with the correct steps, you can clean them out.

Once the cover is out of the way and in the wash, you can start working on spots and stains on your tempurpedic pillow. A great way to eliminate stains is by using a small amount of 3% Hydrogen peroxide over a specific area. You can use a spray bottle with a narrow nozzle or a dropper to avoid covering the whole pillow with the chemical.

Next, use a clean white towel to soak up excess moisture and spray the area with a little water. Use the clean towel to suck out the water again and this will clean the hydrogen peroxide.

Then dip in clean paper towels in a mixture of boric acid and vinegar and gently wipe over old stains. Finish it off by spraying the areas with water and drying it out with clean towels to get rid of all moisture and chemicals. If you do not have all the items for this process, you can even use a mixture of mild soap and cold water on a damp, white cloth which can be used to rub out any marks from your tempurpedic pillows.

Get rid of unpleasant smell

The next step in cleaning your tempurpedic pillows is eliminating foul smells left behind as a result of using solutions like hydrogen peroxide. Additionally, pillows can gather pungent odors if unkempt.

A great way to rid your tempurpedic pillows off unwanted chemical odors is by sprinkling them with some baking soda and leave them as they are for a day. Shake off the baking soda or simply use a vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment to cleanse remaining traces of the powder.

For odors that prove more stubborn and resistant such as smells for pet urine, grease, or smoke, you can even use liquid enzymatic cleaner or ordinary vinegar. Be sure to dilute the mixture with equal amounts of water or cleaner mix to avoid making the mixture too potent.

Nasty smells can also be eliminated by placing your pillow in the warm sun for four to five hours.

Let it dry in open air

After the pillow cover has been thoroughly washed and the memory foam filling is free of stains, you can begin the drying process for your tempurpedic pillows. The best option for these pillows is air drying!

After hand washing or spot-cleaning any stains, roll your pillow in your hands gently and with utmost care. Simply leave it out in the sun or a well-ventilated room with good air circulation, or even next to a fan.

Remember to never put your tempurpedic pillow in the dryer. The intense warmth of the dryer and the tossing and turning will damage the memory foam filling. Intense scrubbing and twisting will ruin the delicate tempur material and you will not be able to benefit from the extra density of the foam.

To maintain its malleability, allow your tempurpedic pillows to breath and soak in fresh air. This will leave them smelling fresh and clean. Roll the pillow and unroll gently in the opposite direction when it is warm outside to expose your pillows to sunlight. This exposure will eliminate dust mites and bacteria and allow better ventilation.

Tempurpedic Pillow Care Instructions

The cleaning process for tempurpedic pillows can be time consuming and they require a gentle hand. The proper care instructions must be adhered to in order to increase the lifespan of tempurpedic pillows and keep them in shape for a longer period of time.

It is advisable to keep your tempurpedic pillows away from water as moisture destroys the delicate foam inside. Instead of washing them in a washing machine, you should only spot-clean them when required and put them in open air to dry. Spot cleaning memory foam is the only way to get rid of nasty stains on your memory foam pillow.

Be mindful when using electric blankets or heating pads. A good rule of thumb is to always keep them away from your tempurpedic pillows. Due to the temperature sensitivity of the filling, the excessive heat may interfere with its ability to react to body temperature and mold to your body shape.

If you stain your tempurpedic pillow, simply use a soft, white towel to press gently on the stain and soak it up. Avoid throwing it in the washer out of frustration because this will ruin the pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you air out a Tempurpedic pillow?

You can air out your tempur pedic pillow by putting it out on a warm sunny day. Fresh air is best for these types of pillows and will maintain their density and shape. It will also remove any pungent odors or moisture left behind. Try folding and unfolding the pillow like a sleeping bag for better ventilation.

You can also air them out by placing them next to a fan or in a well-ventilated room. Remove the cover and leave that to air dry separately.

While the temperpedic pillow should not be washed or dry cleaned, it can be left outside on a clear, sunny day for four to five hours.

Can you put a Tempurpedic pillow in a washing machine?

Absolutely not! Never wash Tempurpedic pillows in a machine. Not only will you lose good quality pillows, but this cleaning mistake will also result in a waste of water and detergent.

Tempurpedic pillows are delicate and should be spot-cleaned only. They must not be put in a dryer either as the heat and spin is bound to damage the filling.

If there is a particularly ugly stain that you wish to get rid of, it is better to use a clean towel or soft cloth to soak the spill. Ugly stains can be extracted using a dab of half vinegar and half water solution. Machine washing should be avoided at all costs.

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