How to Wrap a Pillow: Our Top Gift-Wrapping Techniques

Headed to a housewarming party? If you have friends who have just bought a new house or are moving into your city, a high-quality pillow can make for a great gift, albeit not the easiest to gift wrap. We know you don’t want to show up with a shabbily-wrapped present. For this reason, we’re breaking down how to wrap a pillow using wrapping paper or a piece of fabric. Although wrapping with fabric is much easier, wrapping paper is more common. 

So you’ve done your research and picked out the perfect pillow, now we have the easy to follow step-by-steps on gift wrapping. Gift wrapping a pillow can be a difficult task if you’re not putting it in a box first. The soft and squishy nature of the pillow can make the wrapping wrinkle and make it hard to make crisp folds. 

How to Wrap a Pillow

how to wrap a pillow

There are multiple methods you can use to wrap a pillow. These methods depend on what kind of material you’re planning to use. 

Method 1: Using fabric

If you’re wrapping a square cushion, an easy way to do it is by using wrapping fabric. Since this is made out of cloth, not paper, you can securely wrap up the cushion without having to use tape to hold it together. 

Step 1: Use a length of wrapping fabric that stretches past all four sides of the pillow. You’ll want it to be long enough to overlap when wrapped around the pillow.

Step 2: Place the pillow diagonally in the center of your fabric. Pull the bottom left corner of the fabric up and over the top of the pillow.

Step 3: Pull the top right corner over the gift and hold it in place. Crease the fabric along the right edge of the pillow and pull the edges tight.

Step 4: Grab the two pointed ends that are left and pull them together to meet over the center of the pillow.

Step 5: Tie the two pointed ends into a knot. Depending on how secure you want the wrapping to be, you can fold it into a single or a double knot. 

Method 2: Using Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is much more common and easily available, but gift wrapping a pillow with paper can be slightly trickier than using fabric. 

For this method, you will need a large roll of wrapping paper, clear tape and scissors. This method works for both small and large pillows. 

Step 1: Find a large, flat surface. If you have a roll of wrapping paper, roll it out and place the pillow about 10 inches away from the edge. Depending on the size of the pillow, you can either place it horizontally or vertically across the edge of the wrapping paper roll. 

Step 2: Fold one edge over the pillow and hold it in place. Make sure that your pillow is completely covered with the wrapping paper, as you will need to use tape in the next step to hold it in place. 

Step 3: Once you’ve held the far end of the wrapping paper in place, use some tape to fix the paper onto the pillow. Make sure that the wrapping paper is snug around the pillow, as leaving any space might make your final result look shabby. Depending on the size of the pillow, you might want to use two or three pieces of tape. 

Step 4: Using the wrapping paper roll, fold it over the pillow from the other side until it overlaps the first edge. Make a note of the length and cut along the edge with a pair of scissors. Once done, fix this edge over the other side with tape, again making sure that the fit is tight. 

Step 5: You should now be left with a half-wrapped pillow with two gaping holes on the side. To wrap these up as well, fold the two shorter edges of the holes inside to form triangles. You can use some tape here to keep these in place. Repeat the step on the other side. 

Step 6: Fold the triangle flaps over and tape them down – remember to make sure they’re tight. 

Using clear tape ensures that your gift looks perfect after it’s wrapped. Finish off wrapping your pillows by adding a card or a sticker to them with a thoughtful message. 

Still looking for the perfect pillow? You have many options from the best pillow brands to pick from that will make an excellent gift for friends or family. 

Bottom Line

Everyone appreciates a good pillow. It’s not uncommon for people to buy a pillow as a gift for someone special. If you know someone who’s in the process of furnishing their house, has moved into someplace new or just enjoys decorative pillows with embroidery – a pillow can make an excellent gift.

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