Idle Sleep Pillow Review

Idle Sleep Pillow Review

Idle Sleep is a bedding manufacturer based in Colorado, US. After the huge success of their state-of-the-art mattresses, the company came up with the innovative gel memory foam pillow that allows you to sleep cool throughout the night.

Featuring a remarkable Zoned Technology, with its characteristic gel infused memory foam to keep you cool, Idle Sleep managed to truly craft a masterpiece in the form of its idle sleep pillow.

Idle Sleep Pillow Review

The Idle Sleep pillow combines the softness of memory foam with the support of its unique Zoned technology to create a memory foam pillow that offers unmatched comfort. With its high quality design and materials choice, the pillow is truly an ideal choice for all sleepers.

Pillow Construction

This unique pillow is made of a single flat block of memory foam, which features a rather unordinary construction. Unlike most other memory foam pillows, the Idle Gel memory foam pillow offers a unique cooling technology that helps to keep your body’s temperature comfortable throughout the night.

The use of solid memory foam instead of the shredded one helps provide the pillow its higher levels of conformity to your unique body structure. The pillow with its state of the art Zoned technology, features small holes punched into it, which allow for improved air flow and more efficient ventilation.

The pillow’s cover is made using the luxurious soft Rayon from Bamboo Velour. This silky smooth and high quality cover is responsible for providing a plush sleeping surface that adds on to the pillow’s natural temperature regulating properties.

The Idle Gel memory foam pillow comes in the King and Queen size, so that you can choose the one that suits your needs best.

Does Idle Pillow Really Sleep Cool?

While it may come as a surprise to most memory foam pillow users, a cool and comfortable sleep at night is what this pillow promises and invariably delivers on. The Zoned Idle Gel Memory foam pillow is made using a highly unique and revolutionary gel infused flat block of memory foam.

While the gel infusion is what gives the pillow its exceptional cooling properties, it is however not the only feature of the pillow that helps you sleep cool. The pillow also flaunts a Zoned technology which is responsible for the pillow’s superior breathability.

Featuring a series of breathable holes and vents, the pillow ensures an unrestricted flow of air through the solid block of the memory foam. This helps the pillow in regulating your body temperature and therefore prevents you from waking up all sweaty and clammy.

Moreover, the pillow’s bamboo based rayon cover acts to add on to the pillow’s superior breathability. It has exceptional moisture wicking properties that aids in getting rid of moisture and sweat as you sleep at night. Doing so delivers an atypical cooling effect, thus helping you sleep cool.

idle sleep cooling pillow cover


The Zoned Idle Memory foam pillow is not your typical memory foam pillow. It is made using a flat block of extremely dense memory foam which is made super comfortable by incorporating its revolutionary Zoned Technology.

A highly resilient and firm surface can end up exerting your body’s pressure points. It therefore results in strains and aches all over your  body, particularly in the head and neck regions. An extremely soft surface on the other hand allows your head to sink in and throw your spine out of alignment.

The idle memory foam pillow however features a low medium-firm support with several holes punched within its soft memory foam’s solid block. These holes are crafted in a way to help cradle your head and neck and allow your body to naturally dissipate the body weight without exerting your pressure points.

The idle gel memory foam pillow is therefore often regarded as an ideal fit for side sleepers. However, thanks to its zoned technology and the resulting ability to support your head and neck at every angle makes it suitable for all sleeping positions.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Thanks to the pillow’s well crafted zones, it features remarkable ventilation and therefore does not need regular washing to keep it from stinking.

The pillow in itself is not washable. Washing the pillow can end up damaging the memory foam filling inside and thus ruin the pillow’s superior comfort. On the other hand, the pillow’s cover is absolutely washable.

The Idle memory foam pillow comes along with a rayon pillow covering which is removable and thus can be easily washed in a washing machine on a delicate cycle. It is recommended to always use your pillow along with the rayon pillow cover to prevent it from getting dirty and enable it to require least maintenance.

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Idle Pillow Sizes and Pricing

The zoned idle memory foam pillow comes in two sizes; queen and king. Both these sizes are made to compliment the queen and king sized mattress sizes respectively.

The queen sized idle memory foam pillow which measures 16”x29”, costs around $141. The king sized pillow on the other hand costs around $184 and comes in a grande size measuring 16”x35”.

Is Idle Sleep Pillow Best For Me?

Since the Idle Sleep pillow offers just the perfect blend of medium support and plush softness, it is genuinely considered fit for all.

However, the pillow is ideally considered by those who prefer to sleep cool. With its superior moisture wicking rayon cover and gel infused memory foam featuring Zoned Technology, the pillow ensures you never wake up to a sweaty and clammy surface.

Moreover, the Idle sleep pillow is also preferred by those who experience persisting neck or back pains. The ergonomic design of this memory foam pillow allows it to conform to the natural curvature of your neck. If you are a side or back sleeper, you would find this particular characteristic of the pillow rather enticing. The Idle sleep pillow is therefore your ticket to a comfortable night long sleep, free from every sort of neck strain and subsequent pains.

The bamboo derived rayon cover of the pillow lends it a super luxurious and silky smooth touch. If you prefer luxurious bedding products that offer superior comfort, you shall find this pillow to be especially crafted for you.

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