What to Know About the Layla Pillow Before Buying It

Here at Pillow Insider, we’re obsessed with pillows. A comfortable and supportive pillow is your ticket to a good night’s sleep and we’re dedicated to helping you find the perfect one. As part of our mission, we seek to provide you with comprehensive reviews of the most worthy bed pillows on the market. They’re made with high-quality materials, designed for comfort and support, and backed by reliable customer service. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the Layla pillow.

What is the Layla Kapok Pillow? 

Layla’s most popular pillow is the Kapok pillow. Marketed as a luxury pillow, it’s filled with a unique blend of natural Kapok fibers and shredded memory foam. This combination creates a cushioning effect and a pillow that conforms to the contours of your body to deliver a customized degree of comfort and support. 

These bed pillows feature a soft cover with Layla’s signature hexagon stitching. The cover is made from a blend of copper-infused polyester and viscose material to help disperse body heat during the night. 

What makes the Layla pillow unique is that it has a zipper opening on one end from which you can access the stuffing inside. By adding or removing stuffing, you can adjust the firmness and loft of your pillow. Each pillow comes with a drawstring fabric bag you can use to store extra stuffing that you remove from the pillow. 

Who Should Consider Getting One? 

If you suffer from neck pain, a memory foam pillow like the Layla pillow could be a great choice. Memory foam contours to the shape of your body, helping to keep your neck and spine in proper alignment during sleep. When filled with shredded memory foam versus solid memory foam, these pillows are also customizable to your preferences for loft and firmness. 

The Layla pillow may also be a good choice for sleepers who tend to run hot. The pillow is filled with natural Kapok fibers which are light and airy. Combined with the copper-infused cover, this pillow helps disperse body heat to keep you at a comfortable temperature all night long.

If you prefer a softer pillow, Layla bed pillows might not be a perfect fit. While the firmness is adjustable with the addition or removal of fill, it won’t have the same fill as a down or down alternative pillow. This pillow is also fairly expensive, priced around $100 for a single pillow.

Is the Layla Pillow Worth It? 

As a user of the Layla Kapok pillow myself, I have to say it has some great features but it’s not quite the right fit for me. 

I love the attractive honeycomb design of the pillow, though it’s not visible if you use a pillow case. Regardless, the shredded memory foam material compresses nicely and offers the right degree of support. I appreciate that the pillow has a zipper opening so you can add or remove stuffing to adjust the loft and firmness. 

The trouble I had with the pillow is that once it compressed, it didn’t regain its shape quickly. I found myself re-fluffing the pillow during the night. Upon contacting Layla’s customer service I was advised to put the pillow in the dryer which helped some, but I still wasn’t completely satisfied with the experience. 

To make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase, Layla offers a 120-night (4-month) sleep trial. As long as you’ve used the pillow for at least two weeks, you’re eligible for a hassle-free return.

Our Recommendation: Becky Cameron Pillow Collection 

While the Layla pillow is certainly an excellent choice and may be a perfect fit for some sleepers, it’s worth weighing your options before making a choice. 

Product Information

  • Fill Material: Down alternative
  • Cover:  Cotton
  • Sizes: Queen, king
  • Return Period: 90 days
  • Features: Cooling, hypoallergenic, stain resistant

Featuring a 100% cotton cover with gel-infused cooling fibers, the Becky Cameron pillow is filled with plush down alternative. These materials deliver the perfect degree of firmness that balances comfort and support for a good night’s rest. 

Becky Cameron pillows do not contain allergenic materials, making them a good option for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, or sensitive skin. Whether you’re a back sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper, these pillows offer a no-shift construction that keeps the pillow in place throughout the night. 

Hot sleepers will enjoy the cooling comfort of Becky Cameron pillows. The breathable cotton cover helps disperse body heat and it is conveniently machine washable and dryer safe.

Not only are Becky Cameron pillows designed with quality and comfort in mind, but they’re available at an affordable price point. For roughly half the price of a single Layla pillow, you’ll receive a set of two standard Queen or King pillows. These pillows come with a generous 90-day return policy, just in case they don’t happen to be an ideal fit.

Bottom Line 

If you’re looking for a high-quality pillow that is designed for comfort and support, the Layla Kapok pillow is certainly a good option. It’s well-liked by most customers and comes with the backing of Layla’s responsive customer support team. 

Should you prefer the feel of down alternative to memory foam or seek a lower price point, however, Becky Cameron pillows are worth a second look. A two-pack of pillows is roughly half the price of a single Layla pillow and they offer similar benefits in terms of cooling and comfort.

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