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Softest Pillow in the World - The Best and Most Comfortable Brands (2021 Picks)

Finding the softest pillow to rest your head on is not an easy feat, especially when the variety of soft pillows available in the market is so diverse. A night of comfort demands the softest pillow that gives you ultimate value for your money. Discussed below are some of the softest, luxurious and plushiest pillows available to you that shall help you choose the one that best fits your requirements.

Top 9 Softest Pillows in the World Rated Comfiest (2021 Picks)

  1. Editor's ChoiceSnuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow
  2. Parachute Down Pillow
  3. Double DownAround® Soft Pillow
  4. Holiday Inn Express ® Soft Support Pillow
  5. The Original Feather Pillows
  6. Down Dreams ® Classic - Soft Pillow
  7. Snuggle Soft Classic Feather Pillows
  8. The CBD Pillow
  9. Layla Kapok Pillow
  10. Snuggle Soft 850 Fill Power Goose Down Pillows
editors choice
Snuggle Pedic

Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow


Most Comfortable Pillow Reviews - Top Rated Brands

1. Pacific Coast Classic - Best Soft Pillow

This is a super soft pillow featuring pure down with its characteristic softness to allow for a peaceful sleep all night long. Featuring a rather traditional design with its elegant navy blue printed cording at the edges, the classic soft pillow is crafted with care to recreate the turn of the century luxe you are accustomed to find in luxury hotels.

Pacific Coast Classic - Best Soft Pillow

Pacific Coast has a reputation of choosing only the largest and softest down clusters to be used in their bedding products. The classic soft pillow is no exception. Featuring a 550 fill power of Hyperclean Down, the pillow flaunts a premium loft that reinvigorates your sleep experience. As with most down pillows, the classic soft pillow has high insulating powers, and provides a nice and cozy surface to rest your head on during the chilly winters.

If you desire a superior sink in experience, the classic soft pillow is your best bet. To reinforce the softness of classic down, the pillow features a down proof premium cotton sateen cover with a 500 thread count. The result is a plush and soft surface that helps you sleep undisturbed throughout the night.

2. Parachute Down Pillow

Crafted with premium 750-fill power European white down, the Parachute Down Pillow offers the most luxurious and soft-cushioned support for your head. The pillow covering is made up of 100% sateen cotton giving it a soft feel. The cover is also perfect for keeping the heat away and ideal for air circulation. It comes in three different firmness options making it an ideal fit for all types of sleepers.

Parachute Down Pillow

The soft option features a soft plushy feel that is ideal for stomach sleepers. Its softness supports the neck by holding it in a neutral posture while sleeping. The medium firmness variation is mostly used by side and back sleepers alike, as it contains a medium amount of fluffiness and support.

The firm option contains the most amount of down fill and offers maximum support. This one is recommended for side sleepers who prefer some extra loft to maintain their spinal alignment. By keeping the neck and head elevated at desired level, it prevents neck and back pains from occurring.

These extra soft pillows come with a 3-year warranty and a 90-day trial period, which makes return and exchange easier for customers if the pillow does not match their sleeping preferences.

The Parachute Down Pillow’s exceptional plush feel and its optimal support to the head and neck makes it feel like sleeping on a soft luxurious cloud.

3. Double DownAround® Soft Pillow

When it comes to providing the softest support, very few pillows can compete with Pacific Coast’s Double DownAround Soft pillow. Made in USA, it’s ultra modern pillow-in-a-pillow design and characteristic plush makes it one of the softest down pillows in the world. If you happen to be a side or back sleeper, the Double DownAround will work ideally for you. This is due to the pillow’s ability to offer a plush yet cushioning support which tends to stem from its pillow-in-a-pillow design.

Double DownAround® Soft Pillow

The Double DownAround Pillow consists of an inner core pillow filled with the top quality Resilia feathers, that are guaranteed to stay put for the lifetime of the pillow. It is the feather core which enables the pillow to offer firm support to your head and neck, thus preventing you from developing neck pains.

The outer pillow filled to the brim with Hyperclean Down is responsible for the pillow’s wool like softness. Featuring a 550 fill power, the Double DownAround pillow provides an amazing loft to rest your head on. Topped with a barrier weave down and feather proof cotton fabric that has an inherent silky soft feel to it, your pillow becomes the most comfortable pillow you could ever have.

4. Holiday Inn Express ® Soft Support Pillow

Being a highly moldable option, the Holiday Inn Express Soft Support is the cuddliest option out in the market. Instead of being hard and rigid, it is super soft and plush, making it ideal for those looking for a pillow that can be scrunched or molded according to one’s comfort.

Holiday Inn Express ® Soft Support Pillow

The Holiday Inn Express Soft Support Pillow contains a polyester fiberfill filling which is what gives the pillow its characteristic softness. The hypoallergenic nature of the polyester fiberfill makes it ideal to be used safely by those who suffer from any kind of allergy such as sinus or asthma.

Unlike a down or feather pillow, this soft and highly cuddly option does not act as a heat trap for you. So those of you who love to sleep cold can benefit from it. The polyester fibers are more or less breathable and thus allow better air circulation through the pillow, making them an ideal choice for people who are tired of sleeping hot.

Moreover, the fiberfill option does not produce undesirable sounds while you switch positions, ensuring that you sleep comfortably through the night. Being an option that works for all three sleeping positions, this pillow can be used to satisfy your desire for a really soft pillow.

5. The Original Feather Pillows

While pillow softness is a characteristic desired by all, not everyone prefers to sleep with a mighty sink-in experience characteristic of most down pillows. The Original Feather Pillow instead is a more dependable option that in addition to offering matchless softness also provides perfect support to your head and neck, thus preventing it from depressing within the pillow.

The Original Feather Pillows

The Original Feather Pillow is ideally suited for side sleepers who tend to sleep on their back or side. This is due to the superior firmness of the feather pillow which comes from the resilience of feathers to resist compression. This attribute also gives the feather pillow a slight advantage over the extremely expensive and mushier all down pillow.

Since most feather pillows tend to break down within a couple of years and have their quills poking through the covers, the Down and Feather Company has taken extra measures to prevent that from happening. By utilizing pure Hungarian Goose feathers, that too of the highest quality, they ensure that the feathers withstand high pressure and stay put for a longer while. The pure cotton cover keeps the feathers within, while providing a silky soft surface to sleep on.

6. Down Dreams ® Classic - Soft Pillow

If replicating the dreams from your hotel room is a target, Down Dreams Classic Soft Pillow becomes your best bet. Featured at many Embassy Suites Hotel locations all over the world, this classic soft pillow offers the perfect blend of firmness and plush, to enhance your sleep experience. With this pillow, you can recreate the hotel luxe within your room.

Down Dreams ® Classic - Soft Pillow

The pillow features a combination of Grey Duck Down and Grey Duck feathers, however, important to note is the pillow’s dual chamber design. Unlike most feather and down blends, the Down Dreams Classic contains both the down and feathers in their individual chambers instead of being mixed together. So, while the core is made of the highest quality of duck feathers, the outer chamber is filled with premium down.

The dual core nature ensures that the feathers, even if they somehow leave their chamber, will not be able to poke you through the dense down chamber. Moreover, the outer down chamber enables you to enjoy the softness of down, while the inner feather core prevents you from sinking within the pillow by providing appropriate support.

To reinforce the soft character of the pillow, a 100 percent pure cotton fabric is used to create the pillow covers, giving you a silky smooth surface to rest your head on.

7. Snuggle Soft Classic Feather Pillows

Combining the premium softness of down and the ultra-strength of Hungarian Goose feathers, the Snuggle Soft Classic Feather pillow is a real treat to sleep on. The classic plush and high malleability of the pillow enables you to mush it in any shape you want, making it your best snuggle partner during the night.

Snuggle Soft Classic Feather Pillows

A combination of down and feathers is desirable to those looking to cut down on the cost of buying a highly soft and comfortable pillow. Snuggle Soft Classic Feather pillow features pure Hungarian goose down and feathers in the 25 to 75 ratio.

Other than reducing the cost, feathers allow your pillow to become more breathable. They introduce air into the pillow and reduce down’s insulation properties, thereby preventing you from waking up sweaty and clammy during the night.

Where most down pillows tend to offer lesser resilience, causing your head to get wedged in the pillow and making it difficult for you to breath, the Snuggle Soft feather pillow is different. The ultra-firm yet highly soft attributes of the pillow guarantees that you sleep on a super soft pillow without getting nestled within. Moreover, a fine shell made of the Long-Staple Egyptian Cotton introduces a silky feeling and gives the pillow it’s characteristic softness

8. The CBD Pillow

Shredded memory foam is famous for its ability to provide an even and comfortable sleep throughout the night. Where a solid block of microfiber offers superior resistance, shredded memory foam within the CBD pillow provides advanced malleability. Traditionally, your CBD pillow can even compete with down’s cushiness, thus extending the ability to squish your pillow however you want.

The CBD Pillow

The ultra-supportive and plush gel memory foam pillow makes use of a medium density fill, to offer a comfortable loft. However, the CBD pillow also extends to you the ability to customize and adjust the loft of your pillow according to your particular need, making it ideally suited to support all sleeping positions.

In order to provide the CBD pillow its characteristic resilient support, the gel memory foam is mixed with a proprietary fill of down alternative microfibers. These are responsible for preventing you from developing neck pains from insufficient pillow support.

The CBD pillow derives its name from its use of patented technology that involves the infusion of micro-capsules containing CBD micro droplets, within the natural Rayon pillow cover. These droplets burst during the night to deliver a soothing effect by alleviating stress, making it well suited to deliver high quality of sleep experience.

9. Layla Kapok Pillow

The Layla Kapok is one of those few pillows that have successfully managed to replicate down-like softness by the smart selection of filling materials. When it comes to selecting the plushiest pillow ever to achieve a pleasant and comfortable sleep experience, the Layla Kapok pillow is undoubtedly down to none.

Layla Kapok Pillow

The highly durable kapok fiber harvested organically is known for its unrivaled soft support which promotes malleability of the pillow. When used in combination with the equally soft yet way more resilient shredded memory foam, the pillow achieves its characteristic resistance.

The plush support of the memory foam enables the pillow to conform to the shape of your head and neck. Moreover, it also prevents the filling from clumping by introducing air in between, and therefore enables you to sleep comfortably with a plushy support underneath your head.

The breathable viscose cover infused with copper fibers generates a cooling effect by drawing heat away from your body while you sleep. When used in conjunction with the softer than wool Kapok, and resilient memory foam, the result is a pillow the comfortability of which is practically unmatched anywhere else.

As a side note, the pillow comes with a five years guarantee. What’s better than a pillow the plushy support of which is guaranteed to last for years to come?

10. Snuggle Soft 850 Fill Power Goose Down Pillows

Are you tired of waking up with an excruciating neck pain by sleeping on your extra soft yet not very supportive pillow? Because the Snuggle Soft power Goose down pillow shall provide you with more softness coupled with equal resistance and support to enable you to sleep and wake up without developing annoying pains.

Snuggle Soft 850 Fill Power Goose Down Pillows

The Snuggle Soft goose down pillow is known for its cloud-like softness and plush. It features a tantalizing 850 fill power of pure Hungarian Goose Down, which means it tends to stay on a thicker side by providing a remarkable loft. This makes the pillow ideally suited for side sleepers who sometimes turn to their back or stomach.

The Snuggle Soft down pillow provides you options of varying densities to choose from, that is soft, medium, firm and extra firm. You can thereby opt for the one that works comfortably for your individual needs.

The Snuggle Soft pillow makes use of pure Hungarian Goose down. These are known to have extra large, three dimensional down clusters making the pillow ultra soft and extremely plushy. Unlike most low quality down pillows, the snuggle soft goose down pillow is free of any feather filling to prevent you from getting poked while you sleep, and to give an unadulterated pure down softness.

softest pillow reviews

What Type of Pillows Are the Softest?

The softest pillows usually feature a high fill power which accounts for their higher loft. They also compress well when pressure is applied to provide ultimate comfort and a wonderful sink.

Most soft pillows are highly malleable and can be molded into different shapes to customize their firmness. Their malleability enables them to be cuddled through the night. Moreover, such pillows tend to provide excellent support and are able to adjust their shape in a way to cradle your head and neck.

Down Pillows

Down pillows are the most favored one when it comes to very soft bed pillows. Their wool-like softness is attributed to the three dimensional spherical clusters of down obtained from goose or duck. The larger these clusters are, the softer the down shall be.

Down pillows that offer a higher fill power tend to be more on the softer side. A higher fill power is generally associated with a greater number of down clusters which in turn offers a higher loft, making sleeping on them more comfortable.

Feather Pillows

Feather pillows are made from the quill containing feathers which are obtained usually from the wings and back of goose or duck. These tend to be heavier than the same amount of down and therefore offer more resilience and support as compared to softness. Since feathers don’t tend to form clusters unlike down, they are less fluffy. However, a higher amount of feather filling can still achieve the softness that you desire from your pillow.

What to Consider When Buying Soft Pillows

When buying a soft pillow, first and foremost, the filling type and material. Not all fillings give pillows a fluffy feel, and some are designed to provide resilience and support more than softness. Goose down is one example of a soft filling.

Next up, you need to check the density of your pillow. Varying sleeping positions have different standards of density and loft of your pillow, and you should therefore choose the loft that suits your sleeping position. Even better, opt for an adjustable pillow where you can add/remove filling to make it suitable for your comfort level.

Moreover, a soft pillow should have only a certain degree of malleable properties. This ensures that it will neither lose its loft nor shall it become too firm to outweigh its softer properties.

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