This Simba Hybrid Pillow Uses NASA Technology to Regulate Your Body Temperature

You don’t need to be a NASA scientist to know how important a good night’s sleep is. Nor do you need a degree to know that a comfortable pillow is at the heart of a good night’ sleep. But high-tech mattress and pillow specialists, Simba, have used NASA technology to produce one of the most comfortable pillows you can find.  Only available since the autumn of 2017, this pillow promises to turn traditional thinking about pillows upside down. You won’t be using this one for fighting!

Simba Hybrid Pillow

Simba have proven with their top quality mattresses that there is a demand for exclusive, class-leading bedding. This top-of-the-range hybrid pillow follows the tradition of superior quality, clever technology combinations and science-based solutions to solve sleep-related problems. We are used to seeing hybrid approaches to mattresses with multiple layers of material introduced to make a purposeful combination. But this comes from one of the first manufacturers to present such a complex, blended approach to a “humble” pillow.

Simba Hybrid Pillow NASA

Source: Simba

The mixture presents a super-smooth, cooling, comfortable pillow which is designed to complement the Simba mattress. You don’t need a Simba mattress, this unique hybrid pillow can be used whatever you’re bedding.

The Simba hybrid pillow costs £95 but you can save £50 off your first purchase if you act now.

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At the heart of the innovation are hundreds of “nanotubes” – memory foam tubes. This core is designed in such a way that individuals can add or remove tubes to tailor the height and firmness to suit themselves. The pillow adapts to every sleeper with a little preparation on your part.

Simba Pillow Construction

Source: Simba

Further comfort comes from the two layers of duck down which are encased in fine-thread cotton layers to ensure there is no leakage of filling.  This fine thread cotton fabric is present in all of Simba’s products. It delivers a super-smooth, super-fine natural fabric. The duck down provides softness and flexibility to protect your delicate surface.

And then another tier of unique magic is added where your body feels it most.  A layer of temperature-responsive OUTLAST® helps to regulate body temperature. It works by absorbing heat from your head and neck areas, storing it in the material and then gradually releasing it to ensure your body keeps an even, moderated temperature throughout your sleep period. No matter what the outside temperature. A cool, even temperature is one of the most important aspects to getting a good night’s sleep.

But the cleverness does not stop there. That grey “seam” around the middle of the pillow acts as a vent allowing air to circulate through the nanotubes – one more tool to help regulate the temperature of your peacefully sleeping body.

The Company

Simba started life as a spinner of cotton, providing high quality cotton threads to other manufacturers of products like mattresses. Their family-owned business was so successful they decided to move towards making their own mattresses. But not just any old mattress. They created an affordable, adaptable, comfortable mattress that broke the mold. It was a mattress “engineered” for sleep. And they are now applying this same rigorous, scientific, engineering-based approach to pillows. A combination of Simba’s hybrid pillow and one of their award winning mattresses make the perfect combination.

No matter what position you sleep in or how frequently you change position during the night, Simba’s new pillow will work silently with you to ensure you have the perfect sleep solution. It has the ideal level of firmness to suit you. It has a unique blend of technologies to offer comfort and strength. It has some advanced technology hidden inside it to help your body regulate its temperature to deliver a perfect night’s sleep – all night, every night.

Add some top quality pillow slips to blend this high tech creation into your own bedroom décor and you may never want to leave your bed again.

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