Neem Oil for Bed Bugs – Does it Work?

Use of neem oil to control bed bugs is a pretty well-known technique.

Neem Oil based pesticides are commonly used in farming to kill a variety of insects such as mealy bugs, beet armyworms, aphids, the cabbage worm, thrips and so many more. This is the only EPA approved biopesticide that can be safely used indoors. In domestic use, neem oil is an effective solution to deter bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, sand flies and mosquitos.

Before you begin any DIY treatment at home, it is important to understand the extent of infestation and how it can be controlled using several different neem-oil based treatments and precautionary measures.

Let’s discuss the use of neem oil as an insecticide and repellent against bed bugs , and as a treatment for its itches and bites.

Does Neem Oil Kill Bed Bugs?

Neem oil can kill bed bugs when sprayed directly on them. It is an effective solution if the infestation hasn’t started and you can spot the bed bugs easily.

It’s vital to understand that bed bugs are extremely tiny and can hide in places where a spray is difficult to reach. For best results, you have to make sure that neem oil reaches every nook and corner of the infested area.

You may also have to use some other preventive measures such as steam cleaning and vacuuming to remove the hidden bed bugs and kill their eggs.

Keep in mind that bed bugs are well-adapted to hide from repellents; they can survive and multiply till the insecticide has lost effectiveness. Your neem oil regime should be very consistent and timely so that bed bugs don’t spread from room to room.

neem oil for bed bugs

Can Neem Oil Prevent Bed Bug Bites?

Neem Oil is a great ointment and excellent treatment for bed bug bites. You can use a neem oil spray to prevent being bitten by bugs during travel or staying at the hotels.

In case you get bitten, use an ointment or medicine containing Neem to soothe the burn and prevent swelling. Neem Oil has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can heal an itch while keeping the bugs away.

You can also use a soap containing 20% of neem oil or moisturize your hands and feet with neem-infused lotion which will act as a bed bug repellent.

How To Use Neem Oil For Bed Bugs?

Here are some ways you can use neem oil against bed bugs:

  • Use concentrated Neem Oil with at least 4 oz of water and ½ of soap to make a spray that can be used all over the bed, mattress, curtains, pillows and rest of the furniture. Make sure you cover every corner.
  • You will have to spray Neem oil diligently three times on your mattress or furniture for the first three days once you spot bed bugs. After that, use it 3 times every other day till the 18th day. This will help prevent the spread by breaking the cycle of eggs.
  • Use a combination of neem oil and an essential oil that can be sprayed on your clothes and belongings.
  • You can take the Neem Oil spray with you in your DIY bed bug prevention kit and spray it on your hotel mattresses and worn clothes while traveling.
  • You can use the neem oil spray to disinfect your suitcases and vehicle.
  • Use neem oil based lotions or sprays to protect yourself against the bed bug bites.

neem oil spray prevent bed bug bites


What is cold-pressed neem oil?

Cold pressed Neem Oil is directly extracted from the seeds of the neem tree through a process called cold extraction.

A neem tree is found in tropical zones of South Asia and Africa and contains several insecticidal and medicinal properties that can ward off bed bugs and heal itches and bites.

Is neem oil harmful to humans?

Neem oil can cause severe reactions like seizures or eczema in some people with extreme sensitivity.

Put a small dab on your skin to see if you get any allergic reaction like redness or itching. You may dilute the neem oil with a carrier oil like jojoba or coconut oil, or avoid using it completely if you are strongly allergic.

Before using it on a child, consult a doctor. Neem oil should not be consumed as it is toxic.

Make sure to keep babies and pets away from it.

What kind of bugs does neem oil kill?

Neem oil can kill over 200 species of insects. For this purpose, it is used in gardening and farming in combination with other chemicals.

It can easily kill cockroaches, snails, mosquitos, sandfly, housefly, termite, Aphids, Mites, Scale, Leafhoppers, White flies, Caterpillars, Mites, Mealybugs, Thrips, among other insects.

Can neem leaves kill bed bugs?

Neem leaves can safely kill bed bugs if you crush a few fresh leaves and spread them over the furniture. Let the leaves stay until they have dried and then replace with fresh leaves.

Also, you can boil fresh neem leaves and disinfect your clothes using that boiled water. Avoid washing light colored clothes in the neem water as they might get stained.

You can also use Neem water for taking a bath before getting into bed. This will protect you against bed bug bites.

What kind of bugs does Diatomaceous earth kill?

Diatomaceous earth can kill bed bugs, roaches, spiders, fleas, slugs, silverfish, beetles,  ants, ticks, centipedes among many other species of bugs and pests.

Diatomaceous earth is very safe to use at home and chemical free solution to remove insects. Buy the pesticide grade Diatomaceous Earth and not the pool or food grade earth as those may harm you.

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