Pacific Coast Pillows Review

When it comes to supplying premium quality pillows to luxury hotels, Pacific Coast’s 125 years of hard-earned experience in creating top-notch down and feather bedding, is practically unrivaled anywhere else in the United States.

Pacific Coast Feather Company Review

Being an American pillows manufacturer that represents quality and excellence, it maintains high standards by employing the finest craftsmanship. Doing so has enabled them to maintain their exemplary merits to date, ever since their inception.

#1 Down & Feather Bedding
Long-lasting Pillows
30 Night Comfort Guarantee
Made in USA
Pacific Coast White Goose Down Soft Pillow

Pacific Coast Luxury Down Pillow

The luxury down pillow is one of Pacific Coast’s best hotel collection pillows, which as the name suggests, is known for its opulence and grandeur. Made of all white goose down with a 700 fill power, the pillows are unusually soft and fluffy, enabling you to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

The ability of the luxury down pillow to conform its shape to support your neck and head, yet stay resilient without flattening out, accounts for the product’s superior reputation.

Moreover, Pacific Coast makes use of the finest European goose down that has been cleaned of all allergens before stuffing the pillow. This pillow is hypoallergenic which makes it suitable for use if you are prone to allergic reactions.

The luxury down pillow, though convenient for all sleeping positions, can deliver superior results if the density is smartly selected. The pillow is customizable which means you can add or remove down fill to adjust to your comfort level. As a rule of thumb, a soft density pillow works well for stomach sleepers, medium density provides solace to the back sleepers while a firm pillow works great for side sleepers.

Pacific Coast White Goose Down Soft Pillow

This pillow by Pacific Coast can easily compete with a cloud bed in terms of the degree of softness it offers. Made of a 100% goose down, without any feather filling disguised as down, Pacific Coast’s white goose down pillow features an astonishing 600 fill power that accounts for the higher loft and greater degree of fluffiness.

Pacific Coast’s white goose down pillow is enclosed in a striking 230 thread count fabric, which is topped with a 305 thread count 100% pure cotton zip cover. This accounts for the superior comfort offered by this ultra-soft pillow. Since all these materials are machine washable and dryable, regular maintenance will ensure that your pillows last you a lifetime.

Goose Down is considered one of the ideal pillow filling materials because of its larger down clusters. These larger down clusters are able to trap more heat and therefore provide more insulation at night. Since down is also a highly breathable material, it has the ability to regulate temperature, so that you sleep warm in winters and cold in summers.

Moreover, even the larger down clusters have minimum weight, making your pillow extremely lightweight. These Goose Down pillows are also rather easy to maintain. If you feel the pillow has gone slightly flatter than you would prefer, all you need to do is fluff your pillow with your hands or tumble dry it.

SuperLoft™️ All Down Pillow

The SuperLoft™️ All down Pillow is another soft and extremely fluffy pillow by Pacific Coast. Where the navy blue printed cording gives the otherwise plain white pillow its aesthetic appeal, the product’s pure cotton cover with 500 thread count gives it the silky feel, which ensures that you sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Unlike other down pillows, the SuperLoft™️ Down pillow does not become clammy and uncomfortable during the night, while allowing you to sleep cold.

What gives this down pillow its characteristic name is its impressive pure down fill that has been cleaned of allergens and dust mites. The higher loft makes the pillow unusually soft, providing your bedrooms a luxurious feel and allowing your head to sink comfortably. The pillow is soft yet supportive with a certain degree of resilience which makes it ideal for sleeping with neck pain.

Overall, the SuperLoft™️ Down pillow has earned quite a few positive customer reviews and is a favored product among people willing to spend some extra bucks for a high quality product.

Slumber Core®️ All Down Pillow

Slightly different from the products reviewed above, the Slumber Core®️ all down pillow employs two inner pillows, strategically placed inside, to allow your guest’s spine to retain its natural alignment.

Each one of the inner pillows is made with a concentrated amount of down, making them firm enough to support your head and neck in the perfect way possible. If you have chronic neck pain especially during sleep, this pillow is exactly what you need.

The rest of the pillow is filled with hyper clean pure white goose down, that gives the down pillow its characteristic softness and sink-in features. The down with a fill power of 550, is also responsible for keeping the inner pillows in position, so that they do not get displaced as you switch sides.

This pillow is guaranteed to last longer, due to its fabric weave that has been woven tightly to prevent the down from leaving the fabric. Also, it’s longevity reduces the regular maintenance and replacement costs.

Double DownAround®️ Pillow Review

Pacific Coast Double DownAround Pillow

The Pacific Coast Double DownAround®️ Firm pillow offers a revolutionary pillow design that corrects most of the issues highlighted in conventional down pillows.

Down pillows have been widely criticized for their inability to provide genuine support to the head and neck. However Pacific Coast’s Double DownAround® combines superior pillow-in-a-pillow design with the highest quality of material to provide extra support while you sleep.

The DownAround®️ features a supportive inner pillow containing Resilia feathers, which is surrounded by top quality down with a 550 fill power that provides the pillow its characteristic comfort and softness. The signature blue cording seamlessly finishing the down pillow, gives your bedroom the luxurious look.

The pillow’s hypoallergenic qualities means you do not have to worry about developing allergic reactions by sleeping on it. Since these pillows are machine friendly and can be dried, maintaining them isn’t a big deal.

Hotel Symmetry®️ Pillow

Hotel Symmetry®️ Pillow consists of a blend of original down and springy feathers in a 50/50 ratio. This works to significantly reduce the pillow cost by bringing down the amount of down fill, without compromising on the overall quality.

The feathers that go inside are hyper cleaned Resilia feathers, which are known for their superior quality. These feathers go through a rigorous cleaning where they are rinsed up to eight times to remove allergens and dust. You can thus rest assured that you won’t have to deal with any allergies after you start sleeping on this pillow.

Most feather pillow users complain of the feathers poking through the pillow covers and leaving the pillow to reduce the overall loft. Pacific Coast however makes use of a barrier weave fabric, which involves a tightly woven cover that stops down and feathers from leaving the cover. The pillow therefore retains its shape and design for a longer period of time, and continues to provide you with an extremely smooth and soft sleeping surface.

Hotel Touch of Down™️ Pillow

The Hotel Touch of Down™️ Pillow is proven to block dust mites and allergens that can cause allergic reactions. This is what makes it a preferred pillow choice among the luxury hotels.

The Hotel Touch of Down™️ pillow resembles the Double DownAround®️ pillow in that it too has an innovative pillow-in-a-pillow design. This inner pillow is made of tightly curled Resilia feathers that provide just the right amount of resilience through their springy yet soft nature, allowing you to sleep comfortably through the night.

The inner pillow is surrounded by the highest quality of down that has a fill power of 550. Pacific Coast is known for using only the fluffiest down clusters in their pillows which ensures a soft and fluffy support.

Since the top and bottom pillow fabric have been sewn together, the pillow adopts its tapered look which makes it an ideal choice for Hilton hotels, Marriott hotel and many luxury chains worldwide.

Consumer Reviews

Based on customer reviews, the best thing about Pacific Coast pillows is their fluffy and soft feel. They not only feel great but offer great support for head and neck as well. Also, these pillows last a lot longer than other traditional pillows people bought.

The Best Down and Feather Pillows

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How Do You Wash a Pacific Coast Pillow?

Washing your pacific coast pillows is easy as pie. Here is how:

  1. Add two pillows into a front or top loader washing machine, preferably one that comes without an agitator.
  2. Use a very small amount of low sudsing laundry detergent while washing your down pillows, so as to prevent them from damaging the fill. You can even add a small amount of non-chlorine bleach for pillow whitening however avoid using fabric softeners.
  3. Whether you use cold, warm or hot water is up to you, however hot water can damage the pillow fibers. It is recommended to use cold or warm water instead.
  4. Put your washing machine to a fast spin, so that the moisture is sucked out of your pillow.
  5. Once done with the first round, add another rinse cycle to ensure that any detergent residue caught in your pillow can be efficiently removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy pacific coast pillows?

Pacific coast pillows can be bought online on their official store here.

Are pacific coast pillows good?

Pacific Coast pillows are generally recognized as the best pillows overall, due to the rigorous standards adopted for obtaining the ideal quality of down and feathers. Pacific Coast uses down that has larger clusters, which gives the pillows their fluffier and comfortable character, while the feathers used are pure Resilia, that provide a blend of resilience and softness. The high end luxury brand is made reliable because of their ability to never compromise on the quality of pillows that they supply.

Where are pacific coast pillows made?

The Pacific Coast pillows are made in the US, through six manufacturing plants established in North America. The company has its headquarters in Seattle, from where it operates and supplies the best quality pillows and bedding to a majority of hotels around the world.

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