Parachute Duvet Review

Parachute Duvet Review

Parachute duvet is your best bet if you are looking for a snuggle-friendly comforter to survive harsh winters. Warm, breathable and extremely comfortable, these white duvets are no different than a cloud, offering you the ultimate sleep experience.

These luxury duvet inserts have earned a stellar reputation for being your unrivaled companion to survive chilly winter nights. While these require a significant investment on your part, Parachute duvet inserts offer a tremendous value for money that you won’t find anywhere else.

Parachute Duvet Review

Parachute duvet is the epitome of luxury when it comes to comforters. They are made with high quality materials and excellent craftmanship to offer you an ultimate sleeping experience. Keep reading to find out why should invest in one.

Parachute Down Duvet

Warmth & Comfort

Down duvets with a fill power of above 600 are generally known to possess superb insulating properties. Featuring a generous 750 fill power, Parachute down duvet is undoubtedly constructed to keep you warm even during the coldest of nights. The puffy and fluffed up look is no scam; it genuinely provides you with a snuggly comfort and cozy sleep that it’s overall appearance promises.

Contrary to popular belief, a higher fill power actually proposes more warmth per ounce of the down filling used. The said down insert therefore uses a smaller amount of down filling to provide you with a remarkably warm comforter. The resulting duvet is thus substantially lighter and comfortable than most others that boast similar insulating properties.

You have the option to choose between Lightweight and All Season. The all-season density, as the name suggests, can be used year long and is significantly more breathable than the lightweight one.

If you are a warm sleeper and intend to use this comforter for some season, make sure to use the all-season one so you don’t run hot during summer nights.

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Parachute down duvet is constructed using a blend of premium quality European white down and feathers. The higher ratio of down, that too featuring a remarkable 750 fill power, ensures that the duvet retains down’s inherently soft and extraordinarily warm characteristics.

Where most down duvet inserts are notorious for wearing down with time, Parachute down comforter comes with an extended durability period. Most of it is to be owed to the baffle box construction design that encases the down clusters within boxes and prevents it from moving around. These baffles are finished with double stitched seams, that are sturdy enough to hold the down filling in place.

Since the down is not allowed to move from its place, the comforter also prevents you from developing cold spots during night and thus delivers consistent warmth throughout. The softness to touch of the duvet  is owed to the 100% pure cotton sateen shell. The cover, unlike most synthetic ones, does not crunch or scratch you.

Moreover, it has special corner ties that are used to tie it with the duvet cover to keep your duvet in place. If you are weary of the effort involved to untangle the duvet from inside the covers, the high end construction of this Parachute duvet will come as a relief for you.

Parachute Comforter

Cleaning and Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, you can and definitely should wash your luxury down duvet in order to keep it clean and hygienic. If done correctly, washing your down comforter actually makes it softer and more comfortable. Doing so also rids the comforter of the slight feathery odor which accompanies it when you buy it.

The Parachute down insert should preferably be dry cleaned, though it is machine friendly as well. The duvet comes along with care instructions talking about do’s and don’ts, which need to be followed provided the life of your duvet is dear to you.

First off, washing your duvet in a washing machine requires you to have a machine that is large enough to comfortably fit it. In case you don’t have one, we suggest you head over to a laundromat and use a commercial sized machine instead of cramping your beloved duvet in a smaller machine.

Moreover, it is important that you wash your duvet on a delicate cycle, using a very gentle, liquid detergent. Any fabric softeners that are used will eventually damage your duvet, and should therefore be avoided. Once washed, make sure to dry the duvet on preferably air settings, or very low heat.

To avoid frequent washing, it’s important that you use your comforter with a linen duvet cover. A duvet cover helps keeping the insert clean; you can easily wash the duvet cover every few weeks.

Parachute Down Alternative Duvet

Warmth & Comfort

Parachute down alternative duvet is surprisingly warm for a down alternative option. The duvet’s hypoallergenic microfiber fill manages to provide warmth and comfort that a pure down comforter boasts.

The duvet consists of microfiber strands that are tightly knit together. This helps the duvet in trapping heat in a manner quite similar to that of down. Its snuggly comfort will therefore keep you comfortably warm during winter nights.

Down is known for its superior insulation; however that comes as a downside when looking for duvets that can be used year long. Down alternative options instead tend to work as a better all-season option. Parachute down alternative duvet is no different.

The duvet basically comes in two different options; the lightweight and all-seasons one. Lightweight duvet is ideal to sleep comfortably during chilly winters; for it is extraordinarily warm while being considerably light weight. The all-seasons one can be used throughout the year and offers moderate warmth instead.

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Parachute down alternative duvet is made of a hypoallergenic microfiber fill with properties quite similar to that of down. The strands of microfibers are tightly knit together in a way to trap heat, without adding to the overall weight of the duvet.

Similar to the down duvet, this down alternative option also features a baffle box construction. It is worthwhile to note that baffle box construction is considered one of the best duvet construction types. This is because it helps keep the filling from moving about as you sleep, thus preventing cold spots and ensuring uniform warmth throughout.

The duvet’s sateen case and double stitched seams as well are similar to that found in the down insert. It is what gives the down alternative duvet its soft and silky feel to the touch.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Since microfibers are synthetic and not natural filling materials, caring for your duvet is easier as compared to down. Unlike down or feather fillings, the down alternative duvet is less likely to clump and lose its fluffiness with a wash.

This down alternative duvet is machine washable. Since it too is pretty large, washing it would require you to have a commercial sized washing machine. If you don’t have one, you can take your duvet to a laundromat and use a larger washing machine for cleaning.

It is advised that you use a liquid mild detergent to wash the duvet. Keep the machine setting to a delicate cycle and dry it in a drier along with woolen balls to restore the duvet’s fluff.

We recommend using your Parachute duvet with a duvet cover to avoid the need for frequent washing.

Final Verdict

A lot of people ask if Parachute duvet is better than the ones offered by Brooklinen. Parachute outweighs Brooklinen in terms of fill power (750 vs. 700) as well as size (107*98 vs. 107*90). Despite the price difference that you’re paying for Parachute, it’s way better than Brooklinen in terms of the value for money.

The Best Duvet Money Can Buy

Redefine your sleep with Parachute.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Parachute a good brand?

Parachute bedding products are not cheap in any way, yet are most sought after for the incredible quality the brand ensures consistently in its each product.

Moreover, Parachute takes pride in claiming that all its high end products are environmentally friendly, in the sense that it requires no harsh or environmentally degrading chemicals to synthesize it.

The best part is, Parachute products, including Parachute linen sheets and Parachute percale sheets are known to get better and softer with time instead of degrading. This is because no artificial softeners are used in softening the duvet inserts. They therefore have an incredibly long lifespan and are highly durable.

Another point to note is the OEKO-Certification most Parachute bedding products have. While most other brands use chemicals in the production of even their organic beddings, OEKO certification provides guarantee that the brand uses no harmful or degrading chemicals throughout the manufacturing process of their products.

So one thing can be made certain; the Parachute products are worth the slight splurge, which automatically makes it a good brand.  Without any doubt, Parachute offers the best value for money.

Where is Parachute bedding made?

Parachute bedding is manufactured in the USA, though the raw materials are sourced from different regions. For example, the linen used in Parachute sheets is made of pure European flax, whereas the percale and sateen fabrics are made using the finest Egyptian cotton.

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