Waking Up Too Hot Or Too Cold In The Middle Of The Night? Here’s The Fix.

Sometimes you run too hot, other times you run too cold. We’re here to help with some of our favorite sleep products that will help you stay cozy all night long.


1. These cozy AF thermo-regulating bamboo sheets from Hotel Sheets Direct are sure to keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s not.


A stack of while bed sheets

Bamboo sheets are very similar to silk sheets — and are often up to 5º cooler than cotton sheets. Not only are bamboo sheets cool, they absorb and dissipate sweat so that it evaporates. This allows you to cool down, sweat less, and sleep better all through the night.


“Absolutely the softest, most comfortable sheets I have ever slept on.†– Jessy Pants, Amazon


2. This Snuggle-Pedic memory foam pillow is not only super breathable for a cooler, calmer sleep — but works great for snorers too.


Snuggle Pedic


The Snuggle-Pedic uses patented Kool Flow technology, which allows cool air to travel through your pillow all night long. It’s perfect for sleeping on your back, stomach, or side. They’re also machine washable, super easy to care for, and stay plump & fluffy way longer than most other pillows.


“Best. Pillow. EVER.†– Jillian, Amazon


3.  Or this full body pillow, if that’s your thing! (If you’ve never tried one, I promise you won’t be disappointed.)


A woman lays on a bed snuggling a white body pillow

The Snuggle-Pedic full body pillow is just like the neck pillow above, but bigger! It’s comfortable, cozy, and perfect for expecting mothers or side sleepers that want something to cuddle the heck out of. 


“Worth every penny, maybe even more.†– Daisy Dukes, Amazon


4. A reversible Goose Down Alternative Comforter will keep you cool, comfortable, and give your bedroom that contemporary look all year round.


Sleep Restoration

The reversible goose down alternative comforter is filled with plush, down-like fiber fill to provide the best, allergy-friendly year-round comfort. Comfortable in the winter, comfortable in the summer — and reversible color options to choose from.


“I was very nervous to order this as I usually pay around $100 for a nice bedspread. This is by far the nicest I have ever had.†– Kc, Amazon


5. The Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket is the ultimate solution for those hot summer nights when you still want a layer to cozy on up to.


Elegear Cooling Blanket

The blanket is made of Japanese Arc-chill Cool Technology Fabric on the top side, which quickly absorbs human body heat on even the hottest summer nights. It’s perfect for sleeping, chilling on the couch, and everything in between.


“As blissful as the cold side of your pillow.†– Madison Price, Amazon


6. And if price isn’t an issue, The Buffy Breeze will be the coolest addition to your sleeping arrangement since air conditioning.


M Arjmn L Ac Sl

The 100% eucalyptus, temperature-regulating comforter is cool-to-the-touch and designed for hot sleepers. It’s also hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to dust, mites, and mold.


“I am just the right temperature all night, so cozy, and not waking up with sweaty bedhead which we love.†– Monica Trevino, Amazon


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