Pure Parima Sheets Review

If you are one to avoid the silky feel of sateen bed sheets, the matte and smooth finish of Pure Parima Hotel Collection Percale sheets is going to work wonders for you. It will add to your room that hotel quality touch that you have been meaning to recreate from your favorite hotel.

Through these exceptionally well-constructed sheets, you get to experience the softness of 100% pure Egyptian cotton. Sleeping on the crisp, cool, and supple percale sheets once will make it impossible for you to replace them with any other bedsheet material and sleep comfortably.

If you are looking to buy bed sheets that make you feel like a million bucks from the first moment your head hits the hay, Pure Parima Sheets are your best bet. Let us take a deeper look at the various factors that make these Pure Parima Hotel Collection Percale sheets such a hit.


The Pure Parima Hotel Collection Percale sheet set makes for an ideal gift set. This is owed primarily to the sheet’s top-notch packaging that truly serves justice to the intricately woven sheets nesting within.

This particular percale sheet set box came packed within a recyclable card box. This reinforces the company’s high regard for environmentally friendly solutions.

Within the card box, you are greeted with a simple yet rather elegant-looking, all-white box. Pro-tip; this stylish packaging can even be re-used as an organizer for your household items! As you open the box, you find your sheets with a beautiful matte finish nestled within a cotton bag that is embroidered with the company’s logo.

Your package will generally contain a fitted sheet and a flat sheet, along with two pillowcases, all of which contain the brand label and the accredited gold seal number side by side.


The cool and crisp feel of your cotton percale sheet is no accident. It has in fact been designed to stave off those sweaty nights for people located in warmer regions. Pure Parima Hotel Collection Percale sheets are therefore your best bet if you prefer to sleep cool.

The fact that these sheets offer a cool feel to the touch is attributed significantly to the fabric’s percale weave which results in a significantly more breathable and airy set of sheets than the sateen ones. These sheets are also lighter in weight and thus bring in an “air of calm” within your bedroom.

The use of longer Egyptian cotton fibers in the construction of these sheets ensures that your percale sheet set is finished with a soft yet crisp look. The same cotton fibers add to the durability of your cotton sheets, enabling them to last many years. Add to this the matte finish of all percale sheets, and you have a sheet set that contributes significantly to the regality of your bedroom’s interior.

pure parima packaging


To understand why the Pure Parima Hotel Collection Percale sheets stand out among their competitors, one needs to take a deep look at its methods of construction and the material used.

First off, all Pure Parima products make use of pure Egyptian cotton, which is grown in the ideal agricultural conditions of the Nile River. They even have a certification from the Egyptian Cotton Association to prove their claim. Now this means that the cotton that comes from the Egyptian part of the world will be fine and supple, thus resulting in a better end product.

Not only that, but Egyptian cotton is also hand-picked to put less stress on the fibers. The resulting cotton fibers are nice and long, which means they don’t need to be spliced together as much as shorter fibers would otherwise be. This results in the smoother and soft feel of the percale sheets that we have already discussed above.

Moving on to the construction methodology, the sheets make use of a characteristic percale (one-over-one-under) weave. Featuring a luxuriously high 350 thread count, the sheets flaunt a smoother finish with fewer gaps between individual fibers.

Additionally, the Pure Parima Hotel Collection Percale sheets also boast an exquisite single-needle stitch, giving your pillowcases and flat sheets a seamless and neat look. The fitted sheets that come along with the flat sheets have a deep 18” pocket that can fit even the high mattresses to give a hotel-quality look.

Cleaning and Maintenance

As far as the cleaning and maintenance of your percale sheets is concerned, there is little for you to worry about. These ultra-durable sheets are pretty easy to care for.

Prior to laundering, try to spot clean any stains using a small amount of detergent, in order to achieve the best results. When washing your sheets, try not to overfill your laundry machine – wash one sheet at a time. It is best to use soft and mild detergents while staying away from harsh chemicals and bleaches. Also, make sure to never pour the detergent directly on top of your sheets to avoid staining them. Wash your sheets on a medium cycle.

Once washed, it is best to line-dry your Pure Parima Hotel Collection Percale sheets. However, if you want you can even use a dryer on low heat settings. Remember, your Egyptian Cotton sheets are prone to destruction if you overexpose them to heat.

It is best to remove your sheets from the dryer when they are still slightly wet. Since the percale sheets are generally prone to wrinkling, applying low heat in the dryer will shake these wrinkles out. You can even spread the slightly wet sheets over on your mattress directly. This too helps to keep those wrinkles at bay and gives a nice and smooth finish.

To ensure your sheets stay fit for use for an extended period of time, you need to store these sheets within a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area. You can simply store them within the fabric pouch that these sheets originally came in, to prevent the sheets from degenerating over time.

Start sleeping cool today by investing in these ultra luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets.

100% Certified Egyptian Percale Cotton

Start sleeping cool today by investing in these ultra luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets.

Final Verdict

I’ve been using these sheets for a couple of weeks now, and I have to say that they are very nice. They feel soft and smooth, and they don’t make my skin itch, which is something I can’t say about all of the bed sheets I have tried in the past.

The only problem with these sheets is that they have a tendency to wrinkle up during the night, so you might want to iron them before putting them on your bed. Other than that, there are no issues at all.

There is little to nothing that these percale sheets fail to offer in terms of luxury, comfort, and stunning aesthetics. Not only that, but they offer a greater value when compared to the price they charge you for the sheets. So, if you are one to sleep cool and easy, atop a wonderfully supple and exquisite set of bedding, these Pure Parima Hotel Collection Percale sheets will make for an ideal option.

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