Should You Get an Air Mattress from Walmart? Here’s What to Know

If you are a camper, you know how important it is to have a good night’s sleep and get ready for the next day’s adventures. Years ago, camping used to be synonymous with a night of discomfort, but the emergence of air mattresses has significantly changed that. Air mattresses have become the best choice in terms of comfort and convenience for camping, and you can find them at a lot of retailers. In fact, you may find yourself with a Walmart air mattress in your shopping cart with some other necessities.

Besides camping, air mattresses can serve other purposes, too. If you have guests coming over and not enough space to accommodate them, they are a great alternative for quick and temporary bedding. 

What is also great about air mattresses is that they are really affordable. Both Walmart and Amazon offer different types of mattresses, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget. Read more to find out which beds from Walmart and Amazon would be a great option.

What is an Air Mattress?

Before jumping into the topic of specific air mattresses from Walmart and Amazon, let’s first break down what an air mattress is. Most air mattresses are inflatable mattresses made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or a textile-reinforced urethane plastic. It is also often referred to as a ‘blow-up bed’, as it is filled with air by an electric or manual pump. 

Air mattresses may not be as comfortable as traditional mattresses, but they have come a long way in terms of getting a good night’s sleep. When deflated, they can be folded and packed in their bag for easy carrying or storage. 

Like traditional mattresses, there are different types and sizes of air mattresses: twin, full, queen and king. Moreover, features like material, height, weight or inflation method are what differentiate them. 

What Can You Use an Air Mattress For?

Since they are easy to pack and carry, air mattresses are primarily used for camping. Compared to folding camp beds with metal support and hammocks that need ropes, air mattresses are pretty easy to use and set up. Simply unroll a mattress and inflate it. As there are different types and sizes, you can easily choose one that fits inside your tent. 

But, their use goes beyond camping. If you have an air bed at home, you will always have a place for guests sleeping over. It provides adequate comfort and support as temporary bedding. After use, you can easily deflate it and store it until the next time you need it. 

Air mattresses are also used for hospital beds and home care. They are filled with air and made of soft materials, can alleviate pressure points, improve mobility, and promote relaxation, all while not causing damage to the skin and back.

What to Look For in an Air Mattress

Although all air mattresses serve the same purpose, it does make a difference which one you choose. They are not all the same when it comes to quality, comfort, size, and price. Here are some things you should pay attention to when buying an air bed:


If you want to have an air mattress that will last, you need to look for one that is made of thick and sturdy materials. The top and the bottom of the mattress should be covered with fabric that is not slippery. Suede-like materials are great for both sides, as they will keep the mattress from sliding on hardwood floors. 


Before buying a mattress, make sure that it comes with a pump so you won’t need to buy one separately. There are manual, battery-operated, and built-in pumps available.

Inflation Time

This is also an important factor when choosing an air mattress, as you would certainly not want to spend an hour inflating a mattress. Choose the one that inflates and deflates your mattress within a few minutes. It is usually listed on the package. 


When deciding which mattress to buy, think about what you will use it for. If you need it for camping, low-profile mattresses are better, as they are easier to roll up and carry. But, if you need it as a temporary bed at home, taller mattresses are more comfortable. 


This feature is also dependent on the intent of the mattress. Camping air mattresses usually consist of a single chamber and do not provide as much support as larger mattresses with vertical and horizontal chambers. These larger mattresses help distribute your weight more evenly while preventing compression and leakage. 

The Best Walmart Air Mattresses

When it comes to air mattresses, Walmart has some great options in terms of quality and affordability. Here are a few of the best options:

Intex Standard Dura-Beam Air Mattress 

Walmart Air MattressAlthough Intex offers a variety of air mattresses of different sizes and prices, this one is among the best-selling models. This 10″ king standard mattress can be used both at home and for camping. Designed with built-in non-stretch fibers, it can provide great body support. It is compact and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere you want and easily store it when not in use. It features a 2-in-1 inflation valve which allows for easy inflation and deflation. However, a pump is not included, but considering its low price, it pays off to buy a pump separately. The weight capacity limit of this mattress is 600lbs. 

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Coleman SupportRest Elite Air Mattress

Walmart Air MattressAnother very good option for an air mattress comes from Coleman. This mattress features an antimicrobial-treated sleep surface that resists odor, mold, mildew, and fungus, making it a safe place to rest. Being made of reinforced, sturdy construction and a velvet-like plush top, it provides both great support and a soft feeling of comfort. It supports up to 300 lbs. 

Contrary to the previous example from Intex, this mattress features a built-in 120V performance pump that inflates and deflates in under two minutes. It is 20″ high, which makes getting in and out of bed super easy. With the included carrying bag, you can easily pack it, move it, and store it anywhere. 

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Beautyrest Queen Air Mattress

Walmart Air MattressAlthough you may notice that this mattress is much more expensive than the previous two examples, it offers some great features that really justify the price. Thanks to the durable offset coal structure, this 20″ high mattress offers the comfort and support of a traditional mattress. It also features a zippered luxury cover that is removable and washable. 

The mattress is crafted with a patented Polyfusion fabric technology so the bed resists leaks, stretching, and punctures. It has an inset pump that inflates and deflates the mattress in minutes. It supports up to 800 lbs and includes an oversized bag for easy storage. 

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The Best Amazon Air Mattresses 

Besides Walmart, you can also find high-quality air mattresses on Amazon. Here are some best-selling options:

Ez Inflate Double High Twin Air Mattress 

Walmart Air MattressWhether you are looking for an air bed for camping or a sleepover, this mattress can satisfy all your needs. Ez Inflate 16″ high air mattress is made from durable, triple-layered, waterproof PVC material and can hold up to 300 lbs. With an ultra-soft and flocked top, you can feel comfortable all night long. It is created with coil beam technology for added support and stability. 

This mattress features a built-in electric pump, so it inflates in only 90 seconds. It also includes a carrying bag, so you can take it anywhere and feel like you’re sleeping at home. 

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EnerPlex Queen Air Mattress

Walmart Air MattressThis mattress is designed to last. It features a triple-layered puncture-resistant PVC material, leak-free technology, and non-slip bottom. This 16″ mattress has a sturdy coil beam construction and a plush premium quilted top to provide a really comfy rest.

The built-in pump allows fast inflation and deflation, so you can achieve your desired level of firmness in minutes. It’s also waterproof, which makes it easy to maintain. As with previous examples, this mattress has a carrying bag included. 

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KingKoil California King Air Mattress 

Walmart Air MattressSince this is a California King bed, it makes sense to have the highest price. This bed is built for maximum support. It features air-filled coils and internal layering that naturally support the body and provide the comfort of a traditional bed. 

The suede top offers comfort and always keeps bedding in place. With the built-in 120v / 210w ac pump, it reaches full inflation in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds. But, you can always inflate it to your desired level. 

It folds down for easy transport and storage, and it includes an oversized bag, too.

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Bottom Line

Whatever you need an air mattress for, there are a wide variety of options available either from Walmart or its main competitor, Amazon. With options like these, we’re confident you’ll be able to find one that fits your needs.

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