Is Sleeping with Pillow Over Your Head a Good Idea?

When you think of sleeping with a pillow over your head, the first image that comes to mind is that the sun is too bright in the morning and you’re trying to shield yourself. Or maybe your surroundings are too loud (sleeping with a snorer, anyone?)

However, a lot of people actually enjoy sleeping with a pillow on top of their head. Whether it’s a question of comfort or better quality of sleep, sleeping with a pillow over the head is a common position that a lot of people choose to sleep in. 

In this article, we cover the best ways to sleep with a pillow on your head, the pros and cons of this position and the best ways to do it. 

Why Do People Sleep with a Pillow Over Their Head?

Besides trying to block out light or noise, there are a lot of different reasons why people sleep with a pillow over their head. Excessive noise or light can wake you up and mess with your quality of sleep, and a pillow can help block out both of these environmental factors. 

Here are some other reasons why people love having a pillow on their head when they sleep. 

sleeping with pillow over headUninterrupted Sleep 

If you randomly wake up in the middle of the night several times, it might be your brain telling you that there’s something going on in the background. Even though there might be no external factors involved in this, your sleepy brain might be interpreting signals incorrectly. 

Using a pillow on your head might help cut down on these signals and help you get more uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.


Sleeping with a pillow on your head just offers a type of comfort that you don’t get any other way. Think of the kind of cozy environment you’re in when you have thick covers on your body. Placing a pillow on your head extends this zone of comfort to your entire body.

This kind of whole-body comfort can also be found with body pillows, as they provide a comforting feeling around your whole body. If you’re considering buying one, check out this handy guide on the best body pillows of 2022.


If you’re sleeping somewhere extremely cold, you might lose a lot of body heat through your head. Placing a pillow over your head can prevent your body from getting too cold by trapping this heat.


When you have a pillow over your head, your surroundings are muted. This can help you focus on your breathing, which will not only help you sleep better, but is also known to help with mental health by offering you the same benefits you get from meditation

FAQs About Sleeping with Pillow Over Head

If you haven’t tried sleeping with a pillow over your head, you might have several questions about what you should expect from this action. Some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic are answered below. 

Are there any health benefits to sleeping with a pillow over your head?

Yes, there are actually several health advantages of sleeping with a pillow over your head. Here are a few of them: 

  1. Reduced time to fall asleep: Placing a pillow over head is a good way to block out ambient noise and light, so if you have trouble with insomnia or get easily distracted by your surroundings, sleeping with a pillow overhead can help reduce the time it takes to settle the brain into sleep mode.
  2. Extra warmth: For people who feel cold easily, sleeping can be difficult in the winter months. A lot of body heat is lost through your head. Maintaining the temperature of your body can be made easier with just a simple pillow on your head.

Are there any disadvantages to sleeping with a pillow over your head?

While this position might be a good call for a lot of people, it has another side which might not work for everyone. There are some disadvantages that you should keep in mind before you adopt it. 

  1. Headaches: While pillows can sometimes prevent headaches by improving blood circulation to the brain, they can also give you a headache if they’re too thick or heavy. You might also not be used to the extra weight on your head when you sleep, which might cause some initial discomfort.
  2. Sweating: For people who run hot, putting a pillow on the head can cause excessive sweating or cold sweats in the middle of the night. 

What type of pillow should I use for my head?

If you want to sleep with a pillow over your head, you need to choose a pillow that is soft, light and clean. Since the pillow is going to be in contact with your face, you need to ensure that it’s clean so that it doesn’t cause pore blockage. It should also be very breathable. 

The Bottom Line

Sleeping with a pillow on your head comes with some health and comfort benefits. It can help you fall asleep faster, keep you warmer and possibly even prevent snoring if you sleep on your side. There are also some cons to this method, as you might suffer from headaches or cold sweats.

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