Sleeping With Socks On – Should You Wear Socks To Bed?

Sleeping with socks on may seem like a weird thing to do. There are many absurd superstitions and various studies surrounding this notion; some say it causes several health complications while others have used scientific reasoning to explain it’s surprising benefits.

According to some old wives tales, tying socks around your neck will fix a sore throat and wearing wool socks to bed will cure fever. Another superstition warns that wearing socks while sleeping can give you nightmares which may be true if you are a hardcore socks-hater.

Whether you love wearing socks to bed or not, we are going to reveal some astonishing benefits of going to bed with your socks on.

The Science Behind Wearing Socks To Bed

How many people have you seen who love to twirl in the blanket and make a human burrito of themselves?

You might think they do this for fun but turns out, it actually helps them sleep a lot better!

It happens due to a process called Vasodilation, through which the veins under your skin become wider, allowing more blood flow to your skin and increasing rate of decline of temperature in your inner body core which helps you sleep fast.

When you sleep with your socks on, this exactly same phenomenon occurs which enhances the blood circulation and keeps you all cozied up during the night.

Benefits Of Sleeping With Socks On

When you are in bed with warm feet, this is a clear signal to your brain that it’s sleep time. And sleeping with socks on is the best way to keep your feet warm in bed. But it doesn’t stop here. Let’s take a look all the benefits of wearing socks in bed.

Prevent Hot Flashes

Going to bed with socks on can be very helpful in controlling hot flashes. If you are undergoing a menopause phase, hot flashes must have disrupted your sleep to a great extent.

The most common symptoms often faced by women are extreme surge of heat in the upper body. There are grueling palpitations, redness on the face and excessive sweating after your body chills out. Adding to that is increasing heart beat and not to forget, baffling anxiety.

The excessive heat is the result of your temperature controlling hormones going crazy. This is when socks come to the rescue as they will help lower your body’s core temperature.

hot flashes and night sweats

Improved Blood Circulation

Long periods of inactivity, such as sleeping, can make your legs go numb. Wearing socks to bed can provide some help in keeping your blood circulation in check.

Wearing socks made of natural fibers like cashmere or merino wool will keep your feet warm and cozy, making you relaxed and the blood running smoothly. These may be more expensive than cotton or synthetic fiber but they are definitely worth every penny.

On the contrary, wearing too tight socks will have a negative effect as they restrict the blood flow. Avoid wearing compression socks to the bed as these drive blood away from the feet.


This is a simple yet crucial advantage of wearing socks at night. Thermoregulation is the process in which your body maintains the internal temperature of the body. If youry body temperature rises above or goes below the normal body temperature, i.e. 37 degree celsius, thermoregulation helps to control it through vasodilation, vasoconstriction and sweating.

Wearing socks can be helpful with the process of thermoregulation by bringing more blood to feet and making your skin gain heat, which helps to reduce your core temperature.

Helps with Cold Feet

Cold feet at night in bed can make you irritable. Since cool temperatures can constrict your blood vessels resulting in poor blood circulation, you will stay awake to keep your feet rubbing against the bed for some warmth.

Wearing a pair of cozy socks will help keep your feet warm in bed allowing you to sleep fast.

Reduces Raynaud’s symptoms

Raynaud’s disease is a rare disorder in which a person experiences pain and swelling when their hands and feet get cold.

The usual symptoms include  fingers turning white to blue and then becoming red as blood rushes back to the fingers. This condition happens as a result of narrowing blood vessels, which makes the feet and hands go numb and bloodless.

If you experience any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor. Wearing socks to bed with this condition can be extremely helpful in controlling numbness as it will increase the temperature of your skin, allowing blood to stay near the surface.

Better Sex

Although wearing socks in bed may seem like the least attractive to your partner, the science behind it says otherwise. According to a BBC report based on a 2005 study, researchers found out that people who wore socks during sex had their chances to reach orgasm increase by 30%.

The reason being simple: cold feet would turn them off and warmth from the socks allowed better circulation of blood. Another study conducted by University of Groningen also revealed that when tested with socks on, 80% of women achieved orgasm while on the other hand, only 50% of the women  were able to achieve orgasm with bare feet.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Wearing Socks To Bed?

There are no direct side effects of wearing socks to bed, unless caused by the quality or type of socks you have worn. It is a healthy practice in cold climate zones , and for people prone to having cold feet.

To avoid any indirect side effects, make sure you are not wearing socks that are too tight. Compression socks, in this respect, can be dangerous for your health as these cause constriction in blood circulation. Go for breathable, softer and more loose materials that will keep your feet warm and enhance blood circulation.

If you have an infant, avoid using heated blankets, hot water bottles or any type of heated socks for them. Just put normal socks on their feet and it will help them sleep well.

family sleeping with socks on

Frequently Asked Questions

Does sleeping with socks on cause nightmares?

Sleeping with socks may cause nightmares to some individuals if the socks are too tight, making them uncomfortable and signalling their subconscious to wake up and remove them. The belief about nightmares is a famous urban legend and there is no scientific evidence to support this theory.

Do wet socks help you sleep?

Wet socks may help you sleep better by improving blood circulation of feet and controlling your core temperature. It is also known to cure common cold, although there is no scientific proof to support this claim. It, however, remains a popular remedy for controlling hangover, helps in digestion and improves immunity as well.

Is it OK to sleep in compression socks?

It is not ok to sleep with compression socks because it might restrict the blood flow in your feet when you are lying down, therefore causing numbness, swelling and irritation. You may wear them if your doctor has recommended but even then you should not go for a size that is too tight. Compression socks are only recommended for people that are unable to fall asleep due to restless legs at night.

Is it better to sleep with or without socks?

Sleeping with or without socks comes as a personal preference. If you are someone who has difficulty falling asleep while wearing socks, you should avoid them. Some people may find socks irritating which may hinder their sleep. On the contrary, if you experience cold feet at night or suffer from a disease like Raynaud’s condition, going to bed with socks on will definitely help you sleep better and faster.

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