Why We Think the SnugglePedic Body Pillow Is a Sleep Game-Changer

I’m not going to lie. Before researching and testing body pillows for this snuggle-pedic body pillow review, I was incredibly skeptical about the idea of using one. When I thought of body pillows, I thought of the stereotypical idea of pregnant women using body pillows for more support. So why would I — a 30-year-old man with zero sleep issues or body ailments — have any interest in using a body pillow? Well, because it’s more comfortable than anything I’ve ever used before and a big bonus for Snuggle-Pedic… they’re made in the USA!

Personally, I’m a side sleeper — and after sleeping with a Amazon body pillow every night for nearly a month, it has been an absolute game-changer. It’s provided so much more support than I’ve thought possible. Honestly, I feel like I’m being cradled from head to toe throughout the night.

In fact, it even takes a top spot as one of our picks for the best body pillows. So what’s the big deal about the SnugglePedic Full Body Pillow and why is everyone saying you need to get one? Let’s dive in.

SnugglePedic Body Pillow

Using the body pillow was as if I was training my brain to know “okay, this is what bedtime is supposed to feel like.” I’m very quickly able to get comfortable, whether it be on my side, back, or sometimes even my stomach. I tried using the pillow in all sorts of ways and it never really disappointed or lost shape. If I absolutely have to find one, my only complaint would be that normal pillow cases aren’t going to fit. You’re going to need a specific body pillow case, which Snuggle-Pedic has available on Amazon.

Micro-vented bamboo fabric with Kool-Flow Technology regulates temperature
Shredded memory foam never loses shape
54 inches long by 20 inches wide dimensions and foldable
Designed by a chiropractor

Bottom Line

Here at Pillow Insider, we love SnugglePedic products. They’re the perfect blend of comfort, quality, and affordability that you love to see in bedding products these days. And when it comes to the body pillow, my opinion is no different. It’s absolutely the way to go.

I highly recommend giving the SnugglePedic Full Body Pillow a chance. It’s greatly improved my sleep quality in the last month of testing it out, to the point where I’m now going to have to get another because the current one now belongs to my partner.

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