Here’s Why the Sunbeam Heated Blanket is a Great Choice

When you’re at home relaxing and feel cold, what do you usually do? You can turn up the thermostat, but that could run up your heating bill. You can cuddle up beneath a regular blanket, but what if one layer is not enough for your body to reach its ideal warmth? If you’re looking for a warming option that beautifully balances both your electric bill and number of layers, look no further than a Sunbeam heated blanket.

But with so many options out there, it can be hard to narrow it down. The good news? We’ve done the research for you, and today, we’re taking a closer look at one of the best brands on the market: the Sunbeam Heated Blanket. Time to get warmed up.

sunbeam heated blanket
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What Is a Heated Blanket?

Of course, we know that you must have an elementary understanding of what a heated blanket is, but the purpose of this section is to inform you a little deeper as to how it works and how it can be beneficial. You may be surprised to learn that the benefits actually go beyond keeping you warm.

Energy Efficient

As we stated before, while heated blankets usually do plug into an electrical socket, they still use much less energy than your thermostat. You won’t have to heat an entire room in order to stay warm. Additionally, many heated blankets come with an automatic shut-off feature, so you don’t have to worry about the blanket overheating, or running all night long, after you fall asleep.

Mood Booster

By sleeping with a heated blanket, you could actually boost your mood because warmth naturally calms your body and mind. When it is cold, your body has to use energy to keep your body warm, which could cause you to feel stressed or anxious. The heated blanket expels all that heat energy so you don’t have to.

Sleep Better

Because your body is expelling less energy to keep itself warm, you can fall asleep faster. Plus, changes in temperature at night could interrupt your sleep, however a heated blanket helps create a consistent temperature the whole night through.

Pain Relief

The application of heat has always been a known remedy for aches and pains. A heated blanket can help lower tightness in your muscles and reduce cramping. It isn’t made to soothe major pains, however it does help promote blood flow in your body, which can help with minor aching areas.   

As with most electrical products, there are a few cautions to be aware of to ensure safe heating.  

Machine Washable

Most heated blankets are not machine washable because of the wiring inside them. However, you can get a removable cover to put over the blanket when you’re using it and simply wash that separately.  

Fire Hazard

Any electrical appliance could pose a fire risk, if not used properly. You should never leave a heated blanket on for an extended amount of time. Fortunately, most heated blankets today feature an automatic shut-off mechanism to prevent any overheating. 

Pets Safety

Not all heated blankets are safe for pets, especially if your little furry friends like to claw, scratch, or chew on things. However, a heated blanket is a great way to actually help relax pets that get agitated or excited often. Just be sure the blanket you choose is labeled as pet-safe.

How to Choose a Heated Blanket

The first thing you should know when starting your search is that heated blankets are NOT heating pads. Usually a lot smaller, heating pads look to deliver warmth to a very specific part of your body. Heated blankets are much larger to cover you entirely. When choosing your blanket, be sure to look out for the following:

Heated blankets that feature timers allow you to decide how long the heat stays on. This also goes hand in hand with an automatic shut-off mechanism for top safety.

Speaking of safety, you should definitely confirm that your blanket meets all necessary safety regulations. A cheaper blanket may not have gone through the appropriate, rigorous tests that other brands perform. This is very important for ensuring the safety of the heating unit and its ability to provide a consistent temperature.

Heated blankets come in a variety of materials like cotton, polyester or fleece. Whatever one you choose to go with depends on your preference. We recommend investing in a quality material to ensure the best comfort.

The temperature range for your heating blanket is something to consider because different brands and types have different options. Also, pay attention to the type of controller that comes with the blanket: the legibility of the numbers, what buttons or dials are used, and if the controller is detachable.

The Sunbeam Heated Blanket

Now, if you are not one for researching over and over, we took the liberty of suggesting an ideal choice: the Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket. It packs plenty of high quality warmth and features into one soft sleep cover.


Sunbeam has crafted this blanket out of an ultra durable polyester that is brushed for extreme softness. It is an ideal weight that won’t suffocate your body.   


The cord that plugs into the wall is a long 10 feet, allowing you to plug it in any socket and not have to worry about it reaching you. 


As an added convenience, the controllers are backlit for easy viewing. The twin and full size models come with one controller while the queen and king sizes come with two that allow you to customize both sides of the blanket.


Choose from 10 heat settings from low to high for your ideal level of warmth. 


This awesome feature lets you gradually and safely warm up your blanket to your desired setting before bed. Simply press the button about 30 minutes before you go to sleep and be welcomed to dreamland with a fresh, toasty blanket. 


This blanket features a safe, automatic shut-off switch that prevents overheating. It also has an automatic heat adjuster that “senses” how warm or cold it is and adjusts its levels accordingly. 

Bottom Line

When choosing a heated blanket, there are some quick key points to always keep in mind:

  • There are many wonderful benefits of using a heated blanket beyond the obvious warmth factor. You could help save your energy costs, boost your mood, or enhance your sleep cycle. And let’s not forget the possibility of easing any aches and pains on your body.
  • Always check out the features listed for whatever heated blanket you’re looking at. Safety regulations, timers, material, and temperature range are all top factors to scrutinize.
  • The Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket is our number one choice if you don’t feel like doing any further research. It checks off all the important boxes we have discussed.
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