What is Terracotta Bedding?

Earth tones are warm and rich. They make you feel comfortable. Browns, oranges, and tans create an inviting ambiance that makes you and your guests feel at home. Terracotta is a beautiful color that works wonderfully as an accent to an earth tone color pallet. Here we’ll take a closer look at terracotta bedding to help you determine if it might be the perfect fit for your bedroom decor scheme. 

If you’re redecorating your bedroom, consider an earth tone pallet. The right combination of earth tones can create a contemporary aesthetic with just the right touch of hominess. Choose a neutral tone like warm brown or tan for the walls and select deeper, richer colors for accent pieces like furniture and bedding. 

Why Should You Consider Terracotta Bedding? 

terracotta bedding

When choosing a color palette for the bedroom, you have an unlimited array of options available to you. From solid colors to classic patterns and everything in between, there’s a bed set for every style and preference. 

Before you choose something on a whim, think about the kind of ambience you want to create in your bedroom. The bedroom should be a haven for rest and relaxation, so you may not want to fill it with bright, overwhelming colors. Earth tones like brown, tan, and green help create a comfortable atmosphere but they pair well with brighter colors like terracotta if you want to bring an accent color into the mix. 

Terracotta is a warm color associated with comfort and security. A cozy terracotta comforter or sheet set might be just what you need in your bedroom. 

Tips for Shopping for Bedding 

Having the right mattress is the key to getting a good night’s sleep but quality bedding makes a difference as well. Bedding comes in all colors and materials, so there are plenty of options to choose from. So, how do you narrow them down? Start by considering some important factors to determine what kind of bedding you want and go from there. 

Here are some factors to consider when shopping for bedding: 

  • It should be comfortable. It may seem obvious, but you want to choose bedding that’s going to be comfortable and that means high-quality materials. Higher thread count gives bedding a softer feel but it also makes them more expensive.
  • It should be breathable. Even if you’re shopping for winter bedding, you want it to be breathable. Cooler temperatures are ideal for sleep and if you tend to run hot, thick or heavy bedding might not be the right choice. 
  • It should be hypoallergenic. Many people suffer from asthma and allergies which can be aggravated by the wrong bedding material. Look for materials that are resistant to dust mites so you can breathe easy all night long. 
  • It should be well-made. In addition to high-quality materials, look for quality construction. The seams should be stitched well to keep them from coming apart and the sizing should be appropriate for the size of your bed.

What it really comes down to in the end is personal preference. Before you start shopping, decide what size bedding you need and determine whether you need extra-deep sheets or not. Consider the whole color scheme in the room to make sure your bedding matches the furniture and wall color as well. 

The Best Terracotta Bed Sheets

If you’ve settled on terracotta as the ideal color for your bedding and you’re ready to start shopping, Amazon is a great place to kick things off. You’ll find a wide range of sizes for clay colored bedding in all sizes. Take a look at our top four picks below to get started. 

Smoofy Boho Terracotta Duvet Cover 

To give your home a lived-in look, you may be going for a bohemian aesthetic. This Smoofy boho terracotta duvet cover is a great option because it is brightly colored and accented with tassels around the outer edges. 

This comforter set comes with a premium brushed microfiber duvet cover and two tassel pillow shams. It is available in three sizes – twin, queen, and king – and is machine-washable for convenience. As an added bonus, it’s economically priced. 

Cosy House Collection Terracotta Bed Sheets 

Complement your earthy bedding with a set of terracotta bed sheets. These Cozy House Collection sheets are cool and breathable, made from fade-resistant polyester. They’re smooth and silky with a brushed microfiber feel. 

This set of bed sheets is available in seven different sizes, twin through split king. In addition to the terracotta sheets, this set comes in over a dozen other colors and half a dozen patterns. They’re affordably priced and backed by a lifetime warranty.

CLOTHKNOW Burnt Orange Comforter Set

Duvet covers are great if you already have a duvet or a comforter and you want to give it a facelift. If you’re starting from scratch with bedding, however, this burnt orange comforter set is one worth considering. It comes in four standard sizes and includes two pillow cases.

This comforter is made from super-fine fibers to give it a smooth and silky feel. The fabric is lightweight and breathable and it is machine-washable for easy cleaning. Use this comforter to bring a pop of color to an earthy aesthetic to your bedroom or to match an existing sheet set.

HoneiLife Floral Cotton Duvet Cover

If you love the idea of terracotta bedding but you want to break up the color a bit, a patterned comfort could be the perfect compromise. This cozy comforter features a floral pattern with white blossoms over a pastel terracotta background. Available in three sizes – twin, queen/full, and king – this comforter also comes with two pillow cases. 

This comforter set is made from premium cotton fabric that is lightweight but durable. A convenient hidden zipper makes it easy to insert the duvet into the cover and simple to remove for washing. The natural floral pattern has just the right amount of color to bring a hint of freshness to your bedroom. 

Bottom Line

If you’re going for a natural look in your bedroom, earth tones like terracotta should be a perfect fit. A mixture of warm browns and tans accented with deep greens and bright oranges will give your bedroom a contemporary look and a comfy cozy feel. 

Terracotta bed sheets are a great way to bring a pop of color into your bedroom without distracting from your earthy color palette. Any of the four options reviewed above would be an ideal fit.

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