What Color Throw Pillows You Should Use for a Dark Grey Couch

Dark grey is a pretty popular color for couches these days because it doesn’t show stains quite as easily as light grey. The grey look is also timeless and versatile since it matches just about every other color. Neutral dark grey couches are also pretty easy to style a room around. The only question is, what color throw pillows for dark grey couches? Well, there are quite a few colors that will work great with the dark grey hue, so we are going to help you decide on what color throw pillows for dark grey couch to buy.

What are Throw Pillows?

Throw pillows are also referred to as toss pillows, scatter cushions or cushions. These types of pillows are mostly decorative but can offer a bit more comfort since they are very handy for stuffing behind your back when you watch TV. 

Throw pillows are ideal decor items because you can just throw them on the couch for an instant style upgrade. Not to mention, when you get tired of the look of your living room, all you have to do is switch the cushion cover with a fresh hue and your living room will look completely different.

The standard size for a throw pillow used to be 18 x 18 or 20 x 20 inches in size. But, nowadays, pillows are available in all different shapes and sizes. There are so many different types of throw pillows, like memory foam pillows, down pillows or gel pillows.

Pillows also come in different shapes, like square, rectangular, circular, cube, cylinder or even custom-made. They can be upholstered with just about any fabric under the sun so you can add them to any room no matter the theme.

What Color Throw Pillows for Dark Grey Couches

Throw pillows are a good place to start whenever you want to refresh the look of a living room, bedroom or even an office space. This is also a good decor element to begin with if you haven’t decided on a specific color palette or theme yet for a certain room.

When you are choosing new colored throw pillows for a dark couch, it is always best to focus on something that is either a lot lighter, or a lot brighter than the couch itself. When you focus on a color that is too similar to dark grey or too muted, there will be no dramatic improvement because the pillows will simply blend in with the couch.

The contrast between light and dark or neutral and vivid will help brighten up your interior spaces and can give the room a fresh look.

Since dark grey is such a neutral and flexible color, you can combine it with just about any color. We do however feel that the following color themes will work best if you want to create a living room that fits in with the latest interior decorating trends.

Light Grey Pillows

If you want to maintain that neutral grey sofa look in your living room but need to make your dull couch look a bit more interesting or inviting, then light grey is a terrific scatter color to focus on.  

Light and medium grey couch pillows match very well with dark grey. Pillows with decorative patterns or artwork on the front are also good choices.

Bright Yellow Pillows

what color throw pillows for dark grey couch

Bright and sunny yellow is a perfect cushion hue to focus on if you want to create a room that feels light and happy. Bright yellow has made a big comeback in the living room and bedroom trends This vivid color matches well with dark grey and will put a smile on your face every time you set foot in the room.

Pastel Pink Hues

Velvety pink cushions or furry pastel pinks are classic hues that will always be trendy and attractive. The light pink hues offer a feel of softness while furs or velvets can help add more texture to a couch.

Bulky Chevron Patterns

Chevron throw pillows in just about any color will certainly add some interest and appeal to your dull couch. Since dark grey is such a neutral color, you could even contemplate stacking your sofa with a variety of colors in chevron patterns like turquoise and salmon. This can break down that uniform look and create a fun vibe in the room.

Striped pillows or geometric patterns can also be a good alternative for your grey sofa if you are not fond of chevron patterns.

Textured Cushions

what color throw pillows for dark grey couch

A bit of texture always goes a long way, especially if your couch is a solid grey color with a smooth fabric. Textured cushions are a great solution for those who want something new but don’t necessarily want to change the overall color scheme of the room. 

Adding texture, such as light furs, pastel bulbs, tufted crisscross boho patterns or knitted patterns, can give your couch a lot more dimension and can make it look softer and more inviting.

Bold Color Cushions

If you are tired of the same old dull grey look in your living room then it is time to spice up your couch with some accent pillows. Choose a vibrant color you love and stack your grey sofa with cushions in that specific bright color. 

Warm and Cozy Neutrals

If you prefer neutrals but want to break that dull grey look just a little then it is best to focus on cushions that are not grey but still neutral. Creamy white pillows, neutral tans, deep browns or dull olive colors can help spice up the room just a little bit without ruining your neutral vibe.

Bottom Line

You have a lot of options for what color throw pillows for dark grey couch to buy. With these tips in mind, we’re confident you can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose.

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