What Is a Gusseted Pillow? Everything You Need to Know

Most people are okay with a conventional pillow that goes under their head while they’re sleeping. Some people use multiple pillows for more support. Why not get a pillow that does both?

Gusseted pillows are great options for people who want a raised position for their head and neck when they sleep. One of the best aspects of gusseted pillows is that they provide improved cushioning and comfort.

So what is a gusseted pillow? In this article, we explain what makes a pillow gusseted, how to use them, and how they compare to normal pillows. 

What Is a Gusseted Pillow?

The simplest way to visualize a gusseted pillow is to imagine it as a normal pillow with some height added in the vertical plane with some extra material (also called a gusset). 

The pillow basically comes with extra cloth on one side that makes the pillow bigger. It also gives the pillow a definite three dimensional structure. 

If you’re used to sleeping with two pillows under your head with one under your neck and one higher up, resting on the headrest, gusseted pillows are for you.

The extra material and structure on a gusseted pillow is great for people who need more cushioning and support for their head and neck when they sleep. If you have trouble sleeping with normal pillows, gusseted pillows can help. 

While body pillows can offer added support to your torso and legs, gusseted pillows are more suited to your head and neck. 

what is a gusseted pillow

FAQs About Gusseted Pillows

What makes a gusseted pillow special?

A gusseted pillow has an extra section in terms of thickness. This gives the pillow a distinct vertical look. While normal pillows will have two curved edges, a gusseted pillow will have an almost vertical portion that lies between the top and bottom half of the pillow. 

This makes gusseted pillows great for all types of sleepers. Whether you’re used to sleeping on your back, on your side, on your stomach or if you change positions throughout the night, a gusseted pillow will offer more comfort. 

What are the pros of using a gusseted pillow?

Gusseted pillows are inherently thicker because of the extra fabric. The gusset appears on all four sides of the pillow and offers you increased comfort and support. This leads to a better sleeping position and comes with its share of advantages: 

  1. Better sleep quality: You need a good night’s sleep to make sure your body is well rested and ready for the next day. If you don’t sleep enough, you’ll not only feel exhausted the next day, but will also suffer from long term health issues. Some issues that can arise as a result of poor quality of sleep include increased risk of obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure.
  2. Head and neck support: A lot of conventional pillows get flattened over time, which means that they no longer offer you the kind of support that was possible when they were new. Being in positions like these for hours when you sleep can cause neck pain or spasms.
  3. Reduced back pain: An unnatural sleeping position also puts pressure on your back and spine. When your head is weighed down due to a pillow of insufficient thickness, some part of the weight falls on your back. Gusseted pillows prevent the kind of back pain that can arise from these circumstances.
  4. Different types of sleepers: Only 11% of people fall asleep flat on their backs, while most people resort to more comfortable and instinctive positions in their sleep. This leads to people falling asleep on their stomach and sides as well. A gusseted pillow helps people who sleep in all kinds of positions get a good night’s rest. 

Are there any cons to using a gusseted pillow?

While thicker can be better when it comes to pillows, you might find the new sleeping position unnatural in the beginning. Here are some disadvantages that might come up with gusseted pillows: 

  1. Extra thickness: If pillows are thick, they should also be soft and comfortable. A pillow with too much stuffing will not flatten comfortably over time. This might cancel out the advantages to your head, neck and back mentioned in the points above.
  2. Losing shape: Because gusseted pillows come with an extra piece of fabric on all sides, you get a pillow that has a more structured shape than conventional pillows. So, while normal pillows can probably last you years before you have to change them, you might not get the same kind of longevity from a gusseted pillow.
  3. Price: Gusseted pillows are slightly more complicated than conventional pillows, which means that they come with a slightly higher price tag as well. Because of this reason, a lot of people choose to buy two normal pillows instead of a gusseted pillow. 

Bottom Line

Pillows haven’t just been getting more comfortable or innovative when it comes to the fabric or stuffing used to make them, but also in design. A gusseted pillow has an extra vertical section that not only increases its thickness, but also helps you sleep better, whether you sleep on your back, sides or stomach. 

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