What is a husband pillow? (Explained)

Sitting back and relaxing with a book or watching your favorite television show is a great way to unwind after a long day. However, if you worry about your posture or experience back or lumbar pain, it can be hard to get comfortable or feel supported while resting. Enter a husband pillow. 

These cozy pillows are perfect for relaxing while sitting upright and come in styles to fit both your needs and your home decor. But, as great as they are, we know they come with plenty of questions. For starters … Why is it called a husband pillow? Is it actually comfortable? Should I believe the hype? The answer to that last one is simple: yes, you should. 

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about husband pillows and whether they’re right for you. 

What is a husband pillow? 

A husband pillow (also known as a husband cushion, hubby pillow, or reading pillow) is a large, upright pillow with a wide back and armrests. Its primary benefits include back and lumbar support from the backrest and comfortable arm support from the armrests. Armrests are also what allow the pillow to sit up on its own, preventing it from collapsing under the weight of its user. 

Most husband pillows have shredded memory foam filling. This type of filling is breathable and is what provides the sturdy support for your back and lumbar region. Depending on your husband pillow, you may also be able to add or remove fill to customize to your preferred density. Aside from shredded memory foam, some husband pillows come with feather fill or a mixture of feather and down. 

Removable covers also add a touch of convenience to your husband pillow, making it easy to toss in the washing machine rather than spot-cleaning. Also, husband pillows come in several sizes. When on the hunt for your pillow, check the dimensions to ensure you’re purchasing the size that best suits your needs and living space. 

Convenient for everyday use, husband pillows are portable and can be moved wherever they’re needed. They are perfect for leaning back and relaxing while reading, watching television, playing video games, and more. Also, some pillows have variances in style that include an attached neck pillow, warming and massage features, or pockets to hold your phone, television remote, or our favorite—snacks. 

Why is it called a “husband pillow?” 

Husband pillows get their name from their cozy, supportive arms! Similar to the way a husband’s arms would surround his partner, the arms of husband pillows wrap around and support you while sitting up. 

While the nature of their name is traditional, husband pillows have also been dubbed “reading pillows” by modern users, who want the comfort of a supportive pillow, without the antiquated origin story! 

Are husband pillows comfortable? 

Yes! Whether you work from your bed, are a pregnant or nursing mother, are ill and on bed rest, or simply want more support while lounging, a husband pillow will provide soft, cushioned comfort for your body. 

Husband pillows are built to be supportive, which makes them perfect for maintaining posture and resting your back. The fill (which is often shredded memory foam) and armrests of your pillow keep it sturdy and great for unwinding after a busy day or for getting in some needed R&R. 

What is the best pillow for sitting up in bed? 

The best pillows for sitting upright or relaxing in bed are husband pillows and wedge pillows. Husband pillows have arms and backrests. Wedge pillows are triangular-shaped and their slight incline makes it easy to sleep, sit, or rest while elevated. They also provide lumbar support to maintain your posture while sitting upright. 

If you need support for your arms and shoulders, we recommend using a husband pillow! Similar to wedge pillows, a husband pillow will support your back and lumbar region. However, the additional support it gives your arms and shoulders makes for a comfortable, relaxing experience. Some husband pillows also come with removable top cushions that provide neck support. A husband pillow is also great for good posture and provides much-needed support and comfort for your back. 

Want to find the best husband pillow for you? Check out our favorite husband pillows guide! Or, here’s our favorite husband pillow on Amazon.

How do I prop myself up in bed with a pillow? 

With a husband pillow, propping yourself up is easy. Set your pillow on your bed, nestle in between the arms, rest your back against the backrest, and voila! You’ll experience instant support, comfort, and easy relaxation! 

Husband pillows are essentially backrest pillows with arms and come with plenty of benefits. They’re great for your posture, are perfect for sitting up in bed, and are an amazing way to rest your back, arms, and shoulders while working or engaging in your favorite off-duty activities. 

Now, you’re a husband pillow expert! You know their benefits and how to use them, so you can decide what’s best for you and your needs! Go forth, rest, and relax. 



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