What is a Hybrid Mattress?

Just a few decades ago mattress shopping was as simple as stopping into your local mattress dealer’s brick-and-mortar store. You’d peruse the stock and maybe sit or lie down on a few mattresses before making your final selection. Today, while brick-and-mortar mattress stores still exist, you’ll find a vast array of options online that go well beyond the traditional innerspring mattresses of yesteryear.

Not only are there a variety of modern mattress materials to choose from, but you’ll also come across hybrid mattresses that utilize more than one type of material. Here’s what you need to know about hybrid mattresses including what they are, what benefits they provide, and how to choose one.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

As previously mentioned, a hybrid mattress is a mattress made with two or more different materials. What the term “hybrid” generally refers to is the use of multiple types of support. Many hybrid mattresses feature an innerspring or pocketed coil system with foam or latex comfort layers over top.

Here’s a quick look at what a hybrid mattress might look like inside:

  • Base Layer – Typically made from foam, latex, or wool, the base layer provides padding and stability for the upper layers of the mattress.
  • Support Layer – This layer creates the bulk of the mattress’ height, generally 6 to 8 inches, and often consists of springs, continuous coils, or individually pocketed coils.
  • Comfort Layer – Usually made from cushioned materials like foam, latex, or gel, this layer is the one you rest on. The firmness of these materials determined the firmness of the mattress.
  • Pillow Top – Not all hybrids incorporate a pillow top, but many do to provide cushioning.

Depending on the type and density of the materials used, hybrid mattresses come in varying levels of firmness. That being said, hybrid mattresses that incorporate a coil support layer tend to be a little firmer than all-foam mattresses, but foam comfort layers can give the mattress a softer feel.

Hybrid Mattress Design

Hybrid Mattress Benefits

Now that you have a better understanding of what a hybrid mattress is, you may be wondering whether they’re any good. Generally speaking, hybrid mattresses are incredibly popular among modern consumers. In fact, a 2019 report by Furniture Today revealed that nearly twenty percent of participants preferred a hybrid mattress over an innerspring model.

But what makes a hybrid mattress such a good choice? Here are some of the benefits:

  • Low motion transfer – Most hybrid mattresses incorporate some kind of foam which offers strong motion isolation benefits. Pocketed coils also tend to absorb motion more efficiently than traditional innerspring mattress foundations. This is great news for couples and light sleepers.
  • Comfort and support – Hybrid mattresses offer an excellent combination of comfort and support. Pocketed coils account for most of the mattress’s support and firmness while memory foam comfort layers conform to the contours of the body to relieve pressure.
  • Cooling properties – Traditional memory foam mattresses tend to trap body heat which can be a problem for hot sleepers. By incorporating different types of foams and, in many cases, a coil base, hybrid mattresses tend to breathe better and dissipate body heat.
  • Easy maintenance – Hybrid mattresses are generally very easy to maintain. While you need to flip or turn traditional spring mattresses to avoid wearing down the springs, pocketed coil systems are much more durable and memory foam comfort layers help prevent sagging.

As great as hybrid mattresses are, they aren’t the perfect pick for every sleeper. In terms of downsides, hybrid mattresses tend to be pretty pricy, and they are much heavier than the average spring mattress. The good news is, if you choose a hybrid mattress, you won’t need a box spring as long as you place the mattress on a flat surface and, due to their construction, hybrid mattresses are pretty durable.

How to Pick a Hybrid Mattress

Shopping for a new mattress isn’t something you should rush. A new mattress is a significant investment, and you’ll want to use it for 7 to 10 years to get your money’s worth. That being the case, it’s important to take your time finding the hybrid mattress that’s right for you.

Here are some tips for picking a hybrid mattress:

  • Consider the pros and cons of shopping in-store versus online. It may be a good idea to find a hybrid mattress in-store simply so you can try it out and see how it feels, but you’re likely to find the most options and the best deals online.
  • Think about your preferred sleeping position. Hybrid mattresses are great for side sleepers and combination sleepers, but your preferred sleeping position will impact the ideal level of firmness you end up picking.
  • Consider the benefits of continuous coils versus pocketed coils. Continuous coils are incredibly durable but may not offer the same motion isolation benefits as pocketed coils. Both are very supportive.
  • Check the company’s warranty and trial information. If you’re going to buy online, you’ll probably end up choosing a company that offers an in-home trial. These can be as short as 30 days or as long as 18 months. Make sure you have enough time to really get a feel for the mattress and don’t forget to check the warranty as well.
  • Determine whether you need a box spring or now. Most hybrid mattresses have a coil base and don’t require the use of a box spring. That being said, you will want to make sure the mattress is properly supported with some kind of flat foundation like a platform bed with slats.
  • Be smart when it comes to comparing prices. You should be prepared to pay more for a hybrid mattress than an all-foam or spring mattress, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to break the bank. Shop around holidays to get the best discounts online.

Our Favorite Hybrid Mattress

Some people believe that the pricier the mattress, the better sleep it provides. However, paying thousands of dollars for a mattress isn’t always a viable option to test that theory. Enter, The Vibe Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Vibe has created a mattress of unbelievably superior luxury at a fraction of the cost.

what is a hybrid mattress type

With 3-layer construction, including a 2-inch top gel-infused memory foam, this has every bit of plushness of your standard memory foam mattress but without the night sweats. Its porous construction, breathability and temperature regulating cooling gel keep your bed from absorbing and retaining your heat through the night like some memory foam mattresses. Meaning you get orthopedic support and that plush comfort all packaged in one compressed non-oversized delivery box. Because you remain supported, comfortable and cool all night long, you’ll be able to sleep restlessly on a Vibe Mattress and wake up well-rested every morning knowing that you got that luxury at an unbeatable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a hybrid mattress cost?

Hybrid mattresses tend to be more expensive than all-foam or spring mattresses because they incorporate different types of material. Prices vary depending on quality and construction, but you should be prepared to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 for a queen-size hybrid mattress.

How high are hybrid mattresses?

The height of a hybrid mattress depends on the thickness of the coil base as well as the number and thickness of the comfort layers. Most hybrid mattress are between 11 and 14 inches high.

What foundation do you need for a hybrid mattress?

Though hybrid mattresses generally don’t require box springs, you do need some kind of flat, supportive foundation. A platform bed, adjustable bed frame, or slatted frame should be perfectly fine for a hybrid.

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