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Marriott Pillow Review – What Pillows Do They Use?

At Marriott hotels, you do not just get excellent hospitality, but absolute comfort throughout the night as well thanks to the luxury Marriott pillows. Now you can enjoy the same five-star hotel-like comfort at home by purchasing these pillows and enhancing your sleep quality.

Whether you are looking to buy these pillows for a luxurious sleeping experience or you just want to elevate the interior of your guest bed room with a pinch of style and allure, our Marriott pillows review will surely pique your interest.

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What Pillows Does Marriott Use?

Marriott Hotels pride themselves for providing their guests with expensive luxury and unmatched relaxation in the form of their special pillows. Suitable for most sleepers, the pillows at Marriott hotels are designed for all night long tranquility and adequate support for those who prefer sleeping in specific positions.

Marriott hotels use the Pacific Coast Down Surround Pillow (Down and Feather Pillow) that oozes premium comfort for all sleepers with its unique construction, and the Pillowtex Triple Core Lyocell Pillow that provides sleepers with strong body support. Each type comes equipped with unique designs, features, and filling that maximize comfort and relaxation.

Marriott hotel bed

Marriott Pillows Reviews

Keeping reading to find out more about my experience with the pillows Marriott uses at their hotels.

The Marriott ® Down and Feather Pillow Review

Manufactured by Pacific Coast (Hollander Sleep Products), the Marriott ® Down and Feather Pillow defines premium luxury standards. If you are in the market for that true expensive Marriott experience, I suggest betting your money on this dream pillow that will change your sleeping experience forever.

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With its unique pillow-in-a-pillow construction that adds an extra layer of feathery bounce to the design, the Down Surround Pillow offers medium level firmness. Being a back sleeper myself, I find it almost impossible to find a pillow that keeps my neck and shoulders from aching all day.

I was astonished to see the fantastic support and comfort this pillow provided throughout the night without creating any excess pressure on my shoulders as I slept on my back. It is also an excellent choice for side sleepers as it keeps your body perfectly aligned when sleeping in this position.

The unique dual-chamber design offers sleepers with a seamless mixture of supportive feather filling and cloud-like soft down. It features an inner chamber that is laced with 90% waterfowl feathers and an outer chamber that is composed of 70% white down and 30% lyocell, maximizing comfort levels. The delicate and expensive filling coupled with the cotton fabric casing provides incomparable softness and will leave your head and neck sunk into the cushiony embrace.

Marriott Hotel Down and Feather Pillow

This pillow features a 230 thread count, barrier-wave 100% cotton fabric that is soft to the touch. It can easily be machine washed on the gentle setting and tumble dried on low speed. You do not need to spend unnecessary time on pillow care and tedious spot cleaning methods with this. Simply toss it in the machine on a low setting and enjoy a fresh, minty clean pillow in no time.

This pillow can be purchased in standard, queen, and king size, depending on your needs and available bed space. However, I advise you to fluff this pillow frequently to ensure its original shape and to enjoy that lavish and luxurious Marriott hotel experience.

To keep it clean for a longer period of time, I also suggest investing in a pillow protector for it. Most luxury hotels keep their expensive down pillows encased in a protector to avoid frequent washing and maintain its fluff and shape.

The Marriott ® Down and Feather Pillow is a supremely comfortable pillow that offers a range of benefits at a fair price. It embodies luxury and absolute comfort that will enhance your sleep thanks to its light weight and soft texture.

Pillowtex Triple Core Lyocell Pillow

If you wake up with dull aches around the neck and shoulder areas, it is because your synthetic pillow lacks the right amount of support and comfort needed to ease off pressure when sleeping. The Pillowtex Triple Core Lyocell Pillow is specifically designed to keep pressure and stress buildup from weighing down on your shoulders, neck, and spine. It embraces the sleeper in a soft yet firm and supportive embrace throughout the night.

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It is difficult to feel rested and productive all day long when you have got a poor night’s sleep. This pillow can solve that problem in no time, especially if you are a side or back sleeper. These positions can often put excessive stress on the shoulders and misalign the spine, resulting in dull pain around the body. The Pillowtex Triple Core Lyocell Pillow eliminates this added weight and ensures a comfortable night’s rest.

Similar to the Lyocell/Feather pillow featured in many Marriott hotels, this pillow offers medium firmness. Its unique filling consists of an outer chamber packed with lyocell microfiber and an inner chamber that is filled with 5% white duck down. This unique blend of filling and inner/outer layer maximize the sensations of satin softness and plushness.

This special pillow also comes with a fabric encasing that is made of 230 thread-count 100% cotton, making the pillow easy to clean and maintain. In addition to this, the Pillowtex Triple Core Lyocell Pillow is excellent for side and back sleepers as it firmly supports the spine when sleeping in these positions. However, if you prefer sleeping on your stomach instead, I advise that you look for a thinner pillow.

I was thoroughly impressed by the unique design and absolute comfort it offered throughout the night. It is easily available in standard, queen, and king size for different sleepers. Enjoy the five-star Marriott experience and rid yourself of those persistent aches by switching to this pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Marriott pillow is best?

Both the Down Surround Pillow and the Pillowtex Triple Core Lyocell Pillow offer a range of benefits depending on the sleeper’s specific needs, bed space, and comfort requirements. If you are looking for a plush, satiny pillow that encases your head and neck in a soft embrace, while also oozing expensive luxury and comfort, you should invest in the Pacific Coast Down Surround Pillow.

On the other hand, if you suffer from backaches, neck aches and dull pain around the shoulders and head, then I recommend choosing the Pillowtex Triple Core Lyocell Pillow instead. Its unique supportive style, medium firmness and delicate filling ensure support for your head, neck, and shoulder all night long, keeping your spine aligned. This is a fantastic option if you are a side or back sleeper as these positions might intensify the pressure on your back and neck.

Can you buy Marriott pillows?

You can easily buy Marriott pillows online at Pillows.com. You will also be able to go over all the features, firmness levels, filling type, quality and pillow care instructions. It is advised to always read the product description carefully and thoroughly before you make the purchase.

Who makes Marriott pillows?

Marriott hotel pillows are made by Hollander Sleep Products LLC, parent company of Pacific Coast Feather Company. Pacific Coast is famous for manufacturing premium quality bedding and five star hotel pillows used in popular luxury hotels across the world. You can learn more about Pacific Coast Pillows in this review.

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