When to Consider Getting a Kids Backrest Pillow

While it may seem like only yesterday you were thinking about getting a pillow for your baby’s crib, now you’re considering getting a kids backrest pillow for your toddler — time really does fly.

In this guide, we’ll explain how a backrest pillow can be a great addition to your child’s room, as well as our recommendations for the best ones to buy.

What Is a Backrest Pillow?

Backrest pillows are sometimes called “reading pillows,” since you can put them against the headboard so you can sit up in bed comfortably. They’re the large pillows that have arms sticking out that you might have seen.

A backrest pillow can come in handy in a lot of situations — especially when you’re adjusting your pillow and straining your neck to watch a good movie.

Unlike a regular pillow, the backrest isn’t made for sleep but provides comfort while sitting on your bed. Considering getting one for your toddler or teen is an excellent way of thinking ahead and preventing some unhealthy habits. The right backrest pillow can help prevent your child from developing neck or back issues, as they won’t have to curl up into a ball to watch their favorite show or read a book.

The backrest pillow, when used correctly, gives proper alignment to the upper body. When sitting, kids tend to slouch and put their necks forward, especially when immersed in their screens. This can lead to poor posture and pain. Backrests provide the necessary support for your kid’s back and head when sitting upright. It’s a great way to maintain an ergonomic posture and develop healthy habits whenever resting. 

When to Get a Kids Backrest Pillow 

Kids Backrest Pillow

With school or preschool on the horizon, the time your child will spend seated will only increase. Ensuring your child has the most ergonomic chair and desk setup is crucial. Instilling good sitting habits is vital to keeping the spine healthy and preventing scoliosis and kyphosis (when the spine hunches forward extremely). 

These days, kids are spending most of their leisure time sitting. Poor posture can lead to pain and a higher risk of injury, so it’s recommended to be sure your child is in the most ergonomically suitable position at all times.

If you have a teenager, they can place their backrest on the floor, against their bed, and text or play games without straining their neck. You can get a fun-looking backrest for your toddler to be comfortable while watching a cartoon or having an afternoon snack with their friends. Your kid can curl up in the backrest for a quick nap, and your baby can even hold it for support and learn how to stand up.

How to Choose Your Kid’s Backrest Pillow

Unlike traditional pillows, the backrest needs to be firm and structured to provide proper alignment and support (as well as comfort and relief). Here are some other factors that you should consider when choosing the best backrest pillow for your child. 

  • If your child reads a lot or holds a tablet, keeping their arms unsupported in the same position for an extended period can cause strain and fatigue in the upper body. With a backrest, your child can relax and enjoy whatever they do. It’s always better to opt for the ones with arms so your kid can be fully relaxed when holding something for a longer period of time. 
  • A good backrest should be comfortable when your kid leans on it, and it should also support the natural spinal curve while keeping the body from slouching forward and down. This proper support encourages a healthier posture. You can also place a pillow under the knees to make it easier on the lower back. 
  • Depending on your child’s age and height, you want to choose the correctly sized pillow. Ideally, it should cover their entire back, so make sure you know your child’s proportions before buying one. 
  • We’ve discussed placing the pillow against something such as the bed, wall, or couch. However, if you want your child to be able to use it in the middle of the room – without any support – it needs to work as a standalone. For that, you want to check the pillow’s weight, as it should be somewhat heavy and/or have a means of gripping on the floor. 
  • Make sure that the pillow (and/or pillowcase) is washable as you will likely need to clean it on occasion, depending on the frequency of use. 

Our Top Choices for Kids Backrest Pillows

Yoweenton Lovely Sloth Back Pillows

Kids Backrest Pillow

The Yoweenton back pillows are structured and stuffed with polypropylene PP cotton, which simply means they’re very soft. You can choose different covers, most of which are washable (both by machine and by hand). The cover itself is velvet, pleasant, and soft to touch. The pillow is very light, so your kid can move it around easily. Check the size before getting one and make sure it’s a good fit for your kid. This one is great for smaller kids or toddlers, but it doesn’t mean you can’t give it a go every once in a while yourself.


Downluxe Kids Reading Pillow

Kids Backrest Pillow

We love Downluxe’s attention to detail and how they increased the height of the armrest to provide even more comfort and support. Both kids and adults tend to lift their shoulders, which creates tension and can cause pain, so this is a great way to fully relax the arms. The pillows are made of shredded memory foam. The exterior is simple and elegant and can easily fit your decor with a touch of elegance. It has three pockets – left, right, and in the back, so your kid can put their book, phone, remote, or tablet, which in our opinion is super convenient. With the top handle, you can easily move it around your home. 


Animal Adventure Soft Landing

Kids Backrest Pillow

We have a feeling your toddler will love Animal Adventure friends from the jungle. They’re perfect for kids and babies over 18 months. You can choose your kid’s favorite animal and add a colorful touch to their room. They’re easy to move, and with the back pocket, your kid can store their favorite books, tablet, or anything important to them. The backrests are also washable.


Paw Patrol Chase Kids Back Resting Pillow 

Kids Backrest Pillow

We know how much kids love the Paw Patrol show, and if this is the case with yours, this backrest pillow is a great choice. Give your kid the company of their favorite fictional buddy as well as the comfort and support they need while watching the show. This backrest is comfortable and cozy, super soft, and made of polyester. The pillow is small and topped with a handle, so your kid can take it to their friend’s house or whenever you travel. You can clean the fabric easily with a wet cloth, too.

Bottom Line

Your child will love their backrest pillow, no doubt. The best part is that you can use it when you’re binging your favorite TV series, too. No matter which one you choose, having a kids backrest pillow in your house will always come in handy for both your child and you.

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