8 Best 1500 Thread Count Sheets [2022]

How to Ensure a Luxury Product

Let me tell you, a 1500 thread count sheet set is just about the most dreamy way to get into bed every night.  If I am going to buy a 1500 thread count sheet set, to get the best quality that the number represents, I am going to make sure I check on several things right away.

My money will be an investment into the future, and you can bet that if I am paying hundreds of dollars for a sheet set, it is certainly going to pass my criteria test.

Here are the recommendations which I will describe later in this article:

  • Sweet Home Collection 1500 Thread Count Brushed Microfiber Deep Pocket Sheet Set – Buy these on Amazon.
  • Superior 1500 Thread Count Deep Pocket Marrow Cotton Bed Sheet Set – You can find these at Overstock.com.
  • 1500 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Stripe Sheet Set in Pink – A must-see at Luxury Egyptian Linens!
  • Luxury Embroidered 1500 Egyptian Cotton Bedding Set in Gainsborough Tint – Find these at DecorStylish!
  • 1500-Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Plush Deep Pocket Sheet Set – You can buy these at FredCo!
  • 1500 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Stripe Sheet Set in White – Find these at Royal Egyptian Bedding.

What to Look for in 1500 Thread-Count Sheets

blue and white patterned sheets

I rate my sheets on:

  • Softness and Texture
  • Durability and Longevity (ripping, pilling, shrinking)
  • Quality (stitching, seams)
  • Bottom sheet elastic
  • Materials Used
  • Ply, and Weave
  • Price
  • Breathability
  • Laundering – I have not run across any sheets of any type that need anything other than cold water gentle cycle washing by themselves, and tumble dry on extra-low heat (or no heat), or line dry if you have that luxury. Unless I state otherwise, this is the rule.

As far as ironing sheets go, I have never ironed a sheet a day in my life, and only came upon this when living on the island of Corsica where every single piece of bedding was ironed before being meticulously folded and stored in a huge armoire standing on the marble-floored hallway – much pride was taken once the bed was made about how nice it looked for the guest. I could take a lesson on that philosophy!

Raw Materials

This is going to be your most important criteria when buying sheets.  The raw elements will dictate everything else about the sheet-making process (which varies drastically depending upon quality).

The chances are, if you are getting a sheet set with a thread count of 1500, you are looking for all the criteria mentioned above.  Years, even decades of use without looking a day older than new, incredible softness that gets better with time, and dozens of times of “stuffing them into the washing machine” episodes.


A high-quality, lasting, and so soft cotton sheet set will need to be certified Pima, such as with the brand of Pima Cotton, and state 100% extra-long-staple Pima Cotton.

This is your finest cotton in the world.  The branding of Supima means it is 100% Pima cotton and has undergone more rigorous health and environmental standards in the process of cultivating to finishing the sheets.

OEKO-TEX certified means that no harsh chemicals have been used in the sheet-making process.

Egyptian cotton will need to say 100% Egyptian Giza 45 (no other number) extra-long-staple cotton or for something similar but less “elite,” you can look for 100% Egyptian long-staple cotton if you want it to be a high-quality, durable, and soft fabric comparable to Pima cotton.

This type of cotton is equal to the quality of Pima cotton and is only grown on a very small fraction of land near the Nile River.

Manufacturers often know that if they state the sheets are “Egyptian Cotton” and throw a high thread count on the packaging, people will think it means they are getting luxurious, long-lasting sheets.

This is not so, as Egyptian cotton just means the cotton was grown in Egypt.  Cotton grown anywhere can be weak, coarse, dirty, and difficult to spin and weave into a fabric without using multiple weak or synthetic strands to hold it all together.  Keywords are:

  • Long-staple cotton
  • Extra-long-staple cotton
  • 100% Pima cotton
  • 100% Supima cotton
  • 100% Giza 45 Egyptian cotton


This 1500 thread count sheet set sends up red flares right away because it is made with microfiber.  Thread count is rarely used with microfiber because the nature of the weave and fabric doesn’t allow an accurate quality representation.

GSM is used rather than thread count to show the density of fibers in the fabric.  GSM starts at around 55 and goes upwards of 100.  For a good quality sheet set, opt for around 100 GSM.

A 1500 thread count would be comparable to a GSM of 180 or more, which is what a heavy flannel sheet will rate.  The difference is that flannel is usually made from cotton, which is soft, and once you get a very dense microfiber – it tends to become very coarse, not to mention unbreathable.

These reasons will ultimately rule out microfiber as a fabric I would recommend for a “1500 thread count” sheet set. (Although, I did include one set to give you an alternative).

Something listed as a 1500 thread count microfiber sheet set won’t be giving you any of the benefits of having microfiber sheets and may make for a very uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Much of the reason that manufacturers would list thread count, and a crazy high thread count of 1500, is to immediately get your attention and make you think this is a luxury item. The price tag will tend to be very low, and that alone should let you know that this is not a quality item.


This natural, eco-friendly plant is super soft and breathable, hypoallergenic, and has a beautiful sheen and drape.  You will want to watch out for sheets that say they are bamboo but then in the fine print state that they are made from microfiber or rayon that is derived from bamboo.

These are not 100% bamboo sheets, in fact, they may not have any bamboo in them after all the processes and chemicals involved in making a synthetic fabric.

Experts know that the Bamboo thread count is optimal at about 300.  Anything higher than 500 will likely be a blend, less breathable and less hypoallergenic, and will be counterproductive to buying bamboo sheets in the first place.

Bamboo is naturally very breathable, light, and silky.  Adding density and synthetic fibers will make it coarse and dense – not like bamboo at all!

These factors will rule out a recommendation for bamboo as a 1500 thread count sheet set.

One-Ply Fabric

Always look for one-ply fabric because that will tell you that the raw materials and fibers used will be of at least average or good quality due to one fiber being long and strong enough to weave into another fiber with a single ply.  This is especially true with cotton.

Two-ply fabric usually means that the cotton fibers are below average, frayed, short, and delicate, and cannot hold a one-ply weave.  This may be fine for other uses, but I want the softest and most durable that I can get for sheets.

Two-ply indicates that two yarn fibers are twisted together before being woven into a sheet. Sometimes, the manufacturer will count both weak fibers as a thread when in reality, 2 or more fibers had to be woven into a thread to keep the fabric together!

This results in a falsely inflated thread count that is very high  – made with weak and short fibers that will pill, tear, and get less soft after washings.


Young family having fun making bed

There are a variety of different weaves, including sateen and percale, jacquard, brocade, jersey, flannel, and twill. The most popular are sateen and percale. A sateen weave has a luxurious and silky drape, while percale is crisp, fresh, and airy, especially ideal for people who get hot when they sleep.

A thread count of 1500 will only fit nicely with a cotton percale or sateen weave, and you will have to read much of the fine print if you are getting a flannel or twill or jersey weave with 1500 thread count as those will be heavier and less breathable, and sometimes not soft.

As well as thread count not usually given for these fabrics, but rather GSM or ounces for flannel (think 5-ounce flannel made in Portugal).

Bamboo will optimize its qualities at around a 300 thread count, and that is for 100% Bamboo.

My favorite weaves are percale and sateen.  I use percale because they have a one-ply tight and strong weave that gives them their crisp, tailored, glossy, and fresh features.  Hospitals suggest that percale is the best choice for people with skin allergies or sensitive skin.

Sateen is my go-to for a heavier, silkier, buttery drape that has shine and is breathable like percale but holds a bit more warmth.

Percale Weave

Percale sheets have a one over one under simple weave, which is looser than a sateen. This is the go-to for most people as it provides a crisp, clean, airy, light, and breathable sheet that gets softer every time you wash it.  It is also less likely to pill than sateen.

A high-quality 100% Pima Cotton sheet set will almost always feel better and be more durable than the astronomically high thread counts of 1000 and up that you see nowadays.  Those sheets will be heavy, less soft, probably a synthetic blend, and short-lasting compared to Supima sheets.

Sateen Weave

Sateen sheets are known for their silky soft butter texture that drapes over you and feels heavier than the feather-light percale. They have a tighter one over four-under weave that makes them a bit denser, lets less air escape, and is why the sheets are so smooth and lustrous.

They will be warmer than percale sheets, but I love warm sheets, and I can\’t resist the sateen weave. There is nothing like it to drape yourself in a velvet cloud!

Recommendation #1: Sweet Home Collection 1500 Thread Count Brushed Microfiber Deep Pocket Sheet Set

purple microfiber 1500 thread count sheets

Even though these sheets are microfiber, which is less breathable than cotton, they still have a bizarrely high and dense thread count of 1500. And thread count isn’t even how you measure the density of microfiber! It is measured in GSM.

  • Making a poor first impression does not bode well for these sheets.  But I did give them the benefit of the doubt and slept on them.
  • The sheets were soft, and I would give them an average-to-good rating for feel, but they were thin.
  • After washing, I noticed a slight pilling, and I wouldn’t expect these sheets to last very long – one to two years tops.
  • The bottom sheet gets kudos for the extra elastic cross piece that keeps it snug and tight.
  • I love this color and the huge array of other hues available.
  • The incredible price point of $25 does deserve a chance.
  • Overall, I would recommend these sheets for dorm rooms, children’s beds, and when you need a lot of sheets to keep changing the bed.
  • You can buy these on Amazon.

Recommendation #2: Superior 1500 Thread Count Deep Pocket Marrow Cotton Bed Sheet Set

Superior 1500 Thread Count Deep Pocket Marrow Cotton Bed Sheet Set

I am recommending these sheets because of their deep pockets, which are so necessary these days, and because the bottom sheet is fully elasticized, which keeps the fit nice and tight.

  • Reviewers praise the fit of the sheets and note over and over again how nicely they stay on the bed.
  • Over 200 reviews with over a 4-star rating.
  • Though it makes me hesitant that the sheet set says it has a 1500 thread count – and then does not specify if it is short, medium, long, or extra-long-staple cotton (something that makes a huge difference) the number of reviewers who commented on the great feel and top-notch softness of the sheet set gave me some piece of mind.
  • Also, it does have a fairly high price point, and that helps with representing the quality.

You can find these at Overstock.com.

Recommendation #3: 1500 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Stripe Sheet Set in Pink

1500 Thread Count 100 Egyptian Cotton Stripe Sheet Set in Pink

This dusky pink stripe looks so enticing that I just had to stop and smell the roses!

When I did and read the fine print, I couldn’t believe that hidden in the middle of a paragraph, it said that the sheets were made from 100% long-staple cotton fibers and woven into a single-ply sateen weave!  Why hide that?

This almost guarantees the softest sheet set you have ever had, with durability to match.

  • Almost 300 people rated these sheets 5-stars!
  • I love the 18 inch deep pockets and the fully elasticized bottom sheet!  2 big pluses!
  • These sheets are Organic, OEKO-TEX certified, and have many other endorsements and certifications!
  • Definitely looks like a great, long-lasting sheet set!

A must-see at Luxury Egyptian Linens!

Recommendation #4: Luxury Embroidered 1500 Egyptian Cotton Bedding Set in Gainsborough Tint

Luxury Embroidered 1500 Egyptian Cotton Bedding Set in Gainsborough Tint

Although this bedding set is priced per item, the craftsmanship and design of the embroidery are world-class and unique.

  • Having something that is one of a kind is luxurious enough in itself, but having bed sheets that are gorgeously crafted, silky soft, and are extremely durable is a gift!
  • There are other sumptuous colors to choose from, and though the description says 100% Egyptian Cotton, just looking at these fine specimens of sheet (and the price tag) tells me it has to be at least better than average staple cotton!

Find these at DecorStylish!

Recommendation #5: 1500-Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Plush Deep Pocket Sheet Set

1500 Thread Count 100 Egyptian Cotton Plush Deep Pocket Sheet Set

I am recommending this sheet set because of its 100% long-staple Egyptian fibers that are used to weave this into a single-ply sateen fabric!  3 of my quality favorites – cotton staple, ply, and weave!

This will get softer and softer over time, like stepping into warm butter.  It will be heavier than your average sateen fabric because of the 1500 thread count, and it will trap more warmth, but I sleep cooler, so I’m all for that!

  • This will be a very durable and strong fabric, and while eventually, it may pill here and there, it shouldn’t tear, thin, fade, shrink or look sloppy.
  • A fully elasticized bottom sheet helps get a tight, snappy, stay-on sheet that won’t pop off in the middle of the night.
  • This is OEKO-TEX certified to ensure there is no use of harsh, damaging chemicals.

You can buy these at FredCo!

Recommendation # 6: 1500 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton Stripe Sheet Set in White

1500 Thread Count 100 Egyptian Cotton Stripe Sheet Set in White
  • I own this sheet set in Ivory, and it is like slipping in between layers of butter.
  • It is made from 100% “long-staple” Egyptian cotton!
  • Another bonus – single-ply weave!  That means you will be getting a  strong, durable, light, and breathable fabric!
  • Bonus again – bottom sheet elastic goes all the way around and fits an 18-inch deep mattress!
  • Another selling point – it is OEKO- TEX certified, so no harsh chemicals are used!
  • Full 30-day return policy even on opened and used sheets – that’s how confident they are you will love them!
  • Find these at Royal Egyptian Bedding.

Recommendation # 7: Superior Egyptian Cotton 1500 TC Deep Pocket Sheet Set in Dusted Rose

Superior Egyptian Cotton 1500 TC Deep Pocket Sheet Set in Dusted Rose
  • Reviewers rated this a 4.7 out of 5.
  • The description was 100% Egyptian cotton.
  • Reading the fine print, I learned that sheets from QVC use a blend of long-staple and short-staple cotton fibers.
  • It told me that these sheets will not be as durable, long-lasting, or spill-proof as a 1500 thread count 100% Supima sheet set.  These sheets will also trap much more heat and, because of the short fiber use, they will also be less soft and won’t get any softer when washed.
  • I am recommending them because the reviews were so positive, and it is made with a 100% blend of short and long-staple cotton, and because it probably will last you several years.  There are great colors to choose from also.

See these beauties at QVC.

Overall Best Choice: Aneicia 1500 Thread Count Egyptian-Quality Cotton Sateen Sheet Set in Ocean Blue

Aneicia 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Quality Cotton Sateen Sheet Set in Ocean Blue

This is my top pick for any 1500 Thread Count Sheet Set.

It is 100% Egyptian cotton that states the fibers are long-staple, which will lead to much higher quality.

  • The weave is sateen, which should be at 1500 threads per square inch!  This is a heavy, silky draping sheet that will get softer and softer with each wash.
  • Machine washable and tumble dry low.
  • Beautiful hemstitching details give it style and elegance.
  • I simply adore this color!!
  • It has deep pockets to fit 18-inch mattresses.
  • Environmentally friendly with certification from OEKO-TEX.

The only downside was I did not read that the bottom sheet had elastic all the way around it!

These are great sheets, and the price point is unbeatable for the quality! Buy these at Wayfair!

In Conclusion

It is difficult and pricey to find an amazing set of sheets at a 1500 thread count.  Dozens of experts have said that there is no reason to have that high a thread count and that it can raise some red flags.

Unless you are sleeping in winter weather in Canada or northwards, or only have your heat set at 60 degrees in the winter when there is snow on the ground, the best best for you is to find cotton sheets that have between 300 and 600 thread count. Or flannel sheets.

Since cotton is pure and natural, you can’t beat breathability.  It contains your warmth in the sheets while letting off excess heat, and it keeps you cool and dry in the summer (percale) and warm and silky and dry in the winter (sateen).

You get what you pay for, and it is so important now more than ever to invest in quality that pays you back year after year.  It really is the gift to yourself (or others) that continues to give forever.

You will only know if you are getting the quality you want in a 1500 thread count set of sheets is to go with PimaCott or Supima.  These can both be traced back to the original farms and guarantee the quality craftsmanship of the entire process from plant to pillowcase.


Question: What is the Best Thread Count for Sheets to Buy?

Answer: Thread count is the number of sheets woven into one square inch of fabric.  You will need horizontal threads (weft, blue) and vertical threads (warp, purple/pink) for the weaving process.
These are the two elements used to weave a fabric.  The fabric differs when more than one weft or warp is used, or when the tightness of the weave is changed.
(If you have 100 threads across, and 100 threads down, that would be a 200 thread count).
The number where optimal benefits are received from cotton sheets is between 300 and 600.  Always use 100% Supima or PimaCott cotton for your sheets, and they will last you a lifetime and get softer and softer.
As you can see, there will come a time when there can’t possibly be any more threads stuffed into one square inch.  It simply is undesirable.  Lumpy, coarse, pilling, hot, uneven, and uncomfortable are just a few of the words used when manufacturers try to fit an exorbitant number of threads into a small space.
That’s when the fun comes in of imagining how to keep something soft and durable and smooth with an 800 or 1500 thread count fabric.  Twisting multiple fibers together to make one thread, using double-ply methods, using synthetics, etc., are some of the things that are usually done to keep that super high thread count front and center on the package.
That’s why, if you stick to the 100% Supima or Pima or long-staple cotton and thread counts between 300 and 600 (no more than 800!), you will love your sheets.  I will give some examples at the bottom of the page that won’t break your bank!

Question: Is 1500 Thread Count Too High, or is it Good for Sheets?

Answer: A 1500 thread count sheet set is really very high, and personally, I have found there to be more concerns to be wary of the higher the thread count.
There is almost no reason a sheet set has to be 1500 thread count.  And there are lots of reasons that a thread count of between 300 and 600 is luxurious and heavenly and will last you for decades.
The important things to look for in 1500 thread count sheets are 100% Supima or long-staple cotton and that it is one-ply. 
A good thread count for percale is 200-400. Percale will be light, soft, crisp, and airy.
A good thread count for sateen will be 400-600. Sateen is a tighter weave and a bit heavier, meant to drape over you like silk and have a butters softness.
They both get softer over time, will both last for many years and years.  Sateen will trap a little more heat than percale, but I love that.  Percale is the one you want if you switch your pillow over to the coolest side every night.

Question: Are 1500 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets Good?

Answer: Yes and No. Read the fine print, and make sure it says 100% Egyptian long-staple cotton, or “Giza 45 cotton” (no other number), or “extra-long-staple cotton.”
This is exceptionally important because there is a huge difference when it comes to any type of cotton, and Egyptian cotton is no exception.
The marketers are betting on just “Egyptian” as being the selling point.  Egyptian cotton simply means the cotton was grown in Egypt.  Just like anywhere else cotton is grown, they have a wide variety of qualities.
The fibers could be frayed, broken, weak, short, dirty, etc., and need synthetic fibers to create a thread that will weave into a fabric that won’t fall apart.
If, indeed, you are getting 100% Egyptian long-staple cotton sheets with a 1500 thread count weave, make sure it is one-ply.  This speaks to the strength of the fabric, the quality, and the breathability.
Once the sheets have passed those two tests, you are free to choose the sheets that suit you best, knowing that your money is a well-spent investment, and you are sleeping on extremely high-quality bedding.

Question: Why is it so Hard to Find Out What a Good Thread Count is for Sheets?

Answer: You are right. It is extremely frustrating and overwhelming to get a straight answer for bottom line thread counts.
Let me give you a bottom-line thread count answer, and then tell you the why of it
General guidelines for thread counts (originally coming from the SleepFoundation).
Egyptian Cotton: 300-400
Cotton Percale Weave: 200-400
Cotton Sateen Weave: 300-600
Bamboo: 300-500
Linen: 80-140. Thread count is rarely listed for linen as it doesn’t provide an accurate representation of quality.  Avoid anything higher than 300 for linen sheets.
Keep in mind that certain materials are not measured using thread count. Some notable ones include:
Silk: Measured in momme. this is the number of pounds in silk that is 100 yards by 45 inches. The best range is 17-22 momme.
Microfiber: Measured in GSM. Quality sheets are 90-120 GSM range.
Flannel: Measured in GSM, or ounces. Durable, heavyweight flannel sheets are in the 170+ GSM range or 5 to 6 ounces.  Lighter flannel sheets will be less durable, but lighter and more breathable.
Jersey: Jersey is a type of knit fabric where the weight may vary somewhat depending on the material used. Many jersey cotton sheets are around 150 GSM.
When finding ways to create sheet sets that are cheaper, there also comes an inequity of variables that go into sheet making.
We are no longer comparing apples to apples or even oranges.  It may be we are comparing cement to jello.  Or mums to Jasmine.
One thing you must think of first is the material used.  Is it synthetic or natural?
Synthetic fabrics are often made with harsh chemicals and usually do not have the softness, purity, or length of fiber needed to make ever-lasting sheets that you will want to sleep in forever!
Chances are, if you are thinking about thread count, then it is important to you to have a quality made sheet that is durable, soft, strong, breathable and that fit the bed!

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