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Fluffiest Down Comforters Used in Best Hotels (2021 Picks)

Luxury hotels make use of some of the fluffiest comforters, to offer their guests a cozy environment for their brief stay. If you find yourself longing for a somewhat similar abode that is both comfortable and puffy, you can recreate the luxurious hotel environment within your own bedroom by buying one of these hotel collection extra fluffy down comforters.

Fluffiest Down Comforters Used in Luxury Hotels (2021 Picks)

  1. Editor's ChoiceSleep Restoration Down Alternative Comforter
  2. Budget PickBeckham Hotel Collection Luxury Goose Down Alternative Comforter
  3. Hotel Down Comforter by Pacific Coast ®
  4. Parachute Down Duvet Insert
  5. Restful Nights® Down Alternative Comforter
  6. Pacific Coast ® Deluxe Oversized Comforter
  7. EnviroLoft® Down Alternative Comforter
  8. Pacific Coast ® Grandia Down Comforter
  9. Pacific Coast Ultimate Extra Warmth Comforter
  10. Antar Home Premium Goose Down Comforter
  11. SuperLoft™ Deluxe Comforter
  12. Eddie Bauer Striped Damask Comforter
  13. Royal Bedding Siberian Goose Down Comforter
  14. Snuggle Soft Year-Round Batiste Down Comforter
editors choice
Sleep Restoration's Down Alternative Comforter

Sleep Restoration Down Alternative Comforter


Super Fluffy Luxury Hotel Comforter Reviews

1. Sleep Restoration Down Alternative Comforter

The Sleep Restoration down alternative comforter, is the perfect companion for all seasons. Designed for maximum comfort, this luxury comforter will guarantee you get the best night’s sleep. In testing, it kept us cool on summer nights, and warm when the season turned to winter.

Sleep Restoration Down Alternative Comforter

The Sleep Restoration comforter is super plush, giving the bedding a down-like fill. It’s available in 10 different colors, each reversible. The comforter is made with synthetic feathers, giving you all of the benefits of goose down without the health or ethical trade-offs. The comforter is hypoallergenic and machine washable.

With a 4.6 rating (from 11,859 verified purchasers), and rave reviews from Cosmo, US News, and USA Today, it’s easy to see why this luxury comforter cracks the top of our list. Not to mention, retailing at just under $50, the price is tough to beat. Better yet – for a limited time, Sleep Restoration is offering a coupon to save an additional $16.00 on their Amazon page.

2. Hotel Down Comforter by Pacific Coast

The Hotel Down Comforter by Pacific Coast is ideally designed for people looking for the fluffiest down comforter available, which also allows them to sleep comfortably in a moderate climate. With a 550 fill power of top quality Hyperclean® down, the hotel quality comforter consists of exactly the right density of filling making it the best fluffy comforter.

Hotel Down Comforter by Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast is known for utilizing only the fluffiest of down clusters with multiple filaments in their bedding products. The Hyperclean® down therefore, in addition to being Hypoallergenic, also possesses the ability to expand and allow air circulation. This makes the comforter highly breathable and prevents you from experiencing an overwhelmingly warm temperature at night.

The comforter’s premium comfort is also attributed to the leak proof, tightly woven pure cotton cover. Not only does the special finishing of the comforter fabric prevent the down from escaping, but it also gives the comforter a highly soft and fine finish. The traditional box design that creates a grid-like pattern is responsible for keeping the down in place. This super fluffy down comforter therefore maintains an even consistency throughout and tends to last longer than most other similar products.

3. Parachute Down Duvet Insert

With its superior 750 fill power European white goose down, Parachute down comforter allows you to sleep every night in the luxury of a fluffy cumulus cloud. This hotel like comforter provides the softest feel, satisfying fluffiness, ample warmth, and adequate breathability. It makes for a perfect combination to triangulate your ideal balance of fluffiness-warmth-breathability ratio.

Parachute Down Duvet Insert

The extra fluffy down comforter comes with fill options; Lightweight and All-season. All season duvet inserts have higher fill power down than their lightweight counterparts, making them warm and cozy to withstand the frigid winter nights without being uncomfortable, heavy, and suffocative.

The duvet’s baffle box design makes it loosely quilted in a grid pattern to evenly distribute the filling within the comforter, allowing the down to reach its optimal loft without sliding down to the bottom. Its 100% sateen cotton shell offers a soft and silky feel, smooth to touch, perfect for anyone with sensitive skin and allergies.

When it comes to washing, it’s recommended that you dry clean your Parachute down comforter. You can also machine-wash it on a delicate cycle using a mild liquid laundry detergent. It should be tumble dried using wool dryer balls and removed immediately to maintain its premium fluff and silky smooth feel.

4. Restful Nights® Fluffiest Down Alternative Comforter

The down alternative comforter options are ideal for those who prefer the fluffiness of down, but have developed allergies which prevents them from using pure down comforters. The Restful Nights® Down Alternative Comforter in particular has a luxurious Grand Loft® European Fiberfill. The high quality filling provides great fluff ideal for a fitful sleep.

Restful Nights® Fluffiest Down Alternative Comforter

Featuring a generous loft, the European fiberfill indeed provides you with a sleeping-on-the-clouds kind of experience. However, the reason for the comforter’s fame is its true baffle box construction, which is responsible for keeping the generous filling in place. Since the fiberfill is not allowed to move within its cover, it maintains an even density throughout the comforter and prevents you from developing cold spots. Your comforter therefore offers uniform softness and does not form uneven lumps in certain areas inside the cover.

Where most down comforters are non-washable and their maintenance becomes a pain, this down alternative comforter is considerably less demanding. The superior down alternative fill in this comforter is machine washable and can be easily dried. The ability to maintain your comforter guarantees its longevity by enabling it to maintain its loft without flattening out.

5. Pacific Coast Deluxe Oversized Comforter

Are you tired of sleeping under a comforter whose filling keeps sliding towards the end to cause cold spots? Replacing your old comforter with Pacific Coast’s Deluxe overstuffed down comforter might be a good idea. The premium goose down fill inside a top quality pure cotton fabric with a baffle box design that ensures a super fluffy loft becomes your best bet at a fitful and comfortable sleep.

Pacific Coast Deluxe Oversized Comforter

Pacific Coast utilizes a combination of the baffle box design along with its signature Comfort Lock® on the borders. While the baffle box design prevents the lustrous goose down from shifting, the Comfort Lock® with its evenly spaced cross stitches ensures that the filling stays in place. The goose down is therefore able to achieve its ultimate loft within the baffle box design, and provides an extremely soft and luxurious coverage.

The striking 600 fill power of the Hyperclean® goose down is responsible for the comforter’s fluffiness, and the silky soft cotton cover provides a soft surface for you to sleep with. Made with Barrier Weave® down proof fabric, the cover prevents the high quality down from escaping the comforter. Your comforter therefore retains its loft and fluffiness for longer.

6. EnviroLoft® Down Alternative Comforter

Do you want the higher loft which is characteristic of premium down, along with an unrivaled softness, that too at a relatively cheaper price? The EnviroLoft Down Alternative Comforter features all that and more, making it a preferred choice among most luxury hotels.

EnviroLoft® Down Alternative Comforter

The comforter features a double needle edge sewn-through box construction, to prevent the filling from leaving the cover. The cambric cotton cover with its tightly woven structure further reinforces the leak-proof properties of the comforter. The luxury loft of the EnviroLoft’s down alternative comforter is therefore guaranteed to stay around much longer without losing its characteristic fluffiness.

Down alternative options tend to have lesser value of insulation properties as compared to pure down. Thus, being an all-rounder comforter, this down alternative option also regulates the temperature of your bed in a way to keep you comfortable throughout the winters and well into the summers. This makes the comforter fit to be comfortably used by both warm and cold sleepers.

7. Pacific Coast ® Grandia Down Comforter

Featuring a mighty drape along with a softness that outweighs silkiness of the velvet, the Pacific Coast’s Grandia Down comforter is the finest example of luxury at its best. If you want your room to showcase a turn of the century luxe characteristic of luxury hotels, this comforter is bound to be your best bet.

Pacific Coast ® Grandia Down Comforter

As with Pacific Coast’s signature bedding products, the Grandia Down Comforter also features the Hyperclean down, obtained from the highly fluffy goose down clusters. With a 550 fill power, the comforter’s ultra soft and comfortable loft will keep you snug throughout the night. This comforter has also been featured at many Ritz Carlton properties across the U.S.

If you reside in areas with extremely cold winters, the Grandia Down Comforter will serve you well. The down clusters that help trap your body heat and showcase superior insulation properties will keep you cozy and warm.

The Grandia Down Comforter presents an almost 20% greater drape as compared to other comforters. Not only does the grand drape give your bed a highly modern and fancy look, it also helps ensure that you stay covered with the comforter throughout the night. With it, the chilly winter nights wont have your feet sticking out because the comforter failed to cover you completely.

8. Pacific Coast Ultimate Extra Warmth Comforter

Not everyone is comfortable sleeping with multiple layers of clothing during the chilly winter nights. This Ultimate extra warmth comforter by Pacific Coast reduces the need to do so, by providing superior warmth that prevents you from sleeping cold. The comforter is therefore ideal for those who sleep cold and desire cloud-like softness to snuggle in.

Pacific Coast Ultimate Extra Warmth Comforter

Pacific Coast’s ultimate extra warmth comforter features Hyperclean® goose down with a superior 600 fill power. This higher fill power using a top quality down makes the comforter incredibly soft and provides gentle cushioning while you sleep. The extraordinarily light weight despite a visibly higher loft, makes this comforter unusually famous as a luxury bedding product in hotels.

Like most Pacific Coast’s comforters, this one also makes use of a true Baffle Box design along with a no shift border with Comfort Lock®. Your comforter therefore prevents cold spots from forming while enabling its signature softness to stay put for a long time. Combine that with Pacific Coast’s signature barrier weave fabric featuring 100% pure cotton, and you have a premium comforter that is favored by the top-rated luxury hotels in the world.

9. Antar Home Premium Goose Down Comforter

Need an ultra-warm comforter that shall keep you cozy in the coldest of winters? Antar Home’s puffy down Comforter might turn out to be your best bet. Pure goose down mixed with a small quantity of premium feathers, gives the comforter its characteristic fluff and underlying warmth. You wake up feeling well-rested and energized to take on the day.

Antar Home Premium Goose Down Comforter

Where most down comforters contain poor quality down mixed with a small quantity of pure natural down, the Antar Home Premium Ultra Warm Goose down Comforter with its 100% real filling is honest to the core. The presence of grey goose down with top quality feathers in a 9 to 1 ratio makes the comforter incredibly warm yet breathable. The comforter therefore prevents you from getting clammy during the night by enabling a continuous air flow.

Featuring a downproof 100% pure cotton shell, you can rest assured that the filling doesn’t escape it’s cover. After passing the highest level of tests by IDFL, the cotton fabric is guaranteed to prevent the down and feathers from escaping the shell. Your highly comfortable comforter is therefore more likely to last longer, without needing to be replaced any time sooner.

10. SuperLoft™ Deluxe Comforter

Pacific Coast has a reputation of using only the fluffiest down clusters in their pillows and comforters, and their SuperLoft™ Deluxe Comforter is an excellent proof. Made with an enviable loft and featuring the signature softness of pure white goose down, this comforter promises a great night’s sleep under the softest of covers you will ever encounter.

SuperLoft™ Deluxe Comforter

Most Pacific Coast’s comforters feature a signature baffle box design, however the SuperLoft™ Deluxe Comforter takes it one step further. While the baffle box design was responsible for keeping the filling from shifting within the covers, it is their SuperLoft™ design that allows the goose down to reach its optimum loft. Featuring a meticulously crafted tufting technique to create space for the greater loft, your comforter is made plushier and thus provides for a more comfortable sleep.

Pacific Coast offers a 30 Night Comfort Guarantee, which further proves the efficacy of the comforter in helping you experience a restful sleep. It also features convenient duvet loops to prevent the fill from shifting within the cover and thus providing a luxurious experience.

11. Eddie Bauer Striped Damask Comforter

If you live in a warmer region with winters not that intense, the Eddie Bauer Striped Damask thick fluffy comforter might work best for you. The elegant comforter with its sewn through construction is also used commonly by most luxury hotels to provide their guests with an unforgettable sleeping experience.

Eddie Bauer Striped Damask Comforter

This comforter is made up of premium goose down known for its hypoallergenic nature. This suggests that the down clusters are lab tested and proven to prevent you from developing allergies and dismissing dust mites, therefore can be safely used. The goose down clusters being inherently larger than that of duck down, account for a loftier construction of the comforter, with an enviable fluffiness to snuggle into.

Despite the outstanding 700 fill power, the comforter is known for its incredible light weight that saves you from sleeping under the pressure of a heavy comforter. Being lightweight, unlike most other options featuring a similar loft, enables the comforter to be comfortably used all year long.

12. Royal Bedding Siberian Goose Down Comforter

Royal Bedding Down Comforter is another one from the mid warm comforters range that can be used throughout the year for a comfortable and relaxing sleep experience. Featuring an elegant turn of the century look, the big fluffy down comforter gives your room the luxurious outlook which you find in top rated five star hotels.

Royal Bedding Siberian Goose Down Comforter

The Royal Bedding comforter features a mix of hand harvested white down and small feathers the quality of which is guaranteed. The super soft nature of Siberian goose down clusters gives the comforter its characteristic loft and underlying warmth. Feathers on the other hand mixes with down to enable improved air circulation, which prevents you from getting too hot during the night.

With a 500 thread count of pure cotton fabric, the underlying softness reinforces the luxurious loft of premium down and feather filling within the comforter. Stitched in a baffle box design, the leak proof cotton cover prevents any down and feather from escaping the comforter. You therefore experience a consistent loft every time you use it.

13. Snuggle Soft Year-Round Batiste Down Comforter

If premium bedding products are what you desire, this Batiste down Comforter locally crafted with the finest Hungarian white goose in the world, fits your needs perfectly. With its cloud-like softness, the comforter is ideally suited to provide for the most comfortable and restful sleep you have had in years.

Snuggle Soft Year-Round Batiste Down Comforter

Very few comforters can compete with the grandeur offered by a Snuggle Soft Year-Round down comforter. Featuring a remarkable 800+ fill power of ultra-clean goose down, the comforter is able to provide a superior loft that holds its shape for years to come.

With down comforters, people often find themselves getting unbearably warm during the night. However, the baffle box design of this particular comforter enables you to sleep considerably cooler throughout the night. Baffles help keep the down in place and prevent it from shifting. This allows not only the down fill to achieve its maximum loft, but also enables it to maintain a consistent density year long.

This luxury comforter features a pure long-staple Egyptian cotton fabric, which is known for its light weight and unmatchable softness.

fluffiest down comforter

What Makes a Comforter Fluffy?

The fluffiness of a comforter depends predominantly on the material of filling that is being used. The softer it is, the fluffier the comforter would be. Down is often considered among materials with the highest degree of fluffiness.

A comforter’s fluff also depends on its fill power, which is generally a measure of the ounces of filling used within. The higher the fill power of a comforter, the loftier yet lighter it is, since a smaller amount of filling is used to fill a larger volume of space.

What Kind of Comforters do Hotels Use?

Hotels are tasked with the difficult task of finding comforters that can work for a wide variety of guest preferences. Most luxury hotels therefore go generally for high quality hypoallergenic down fillings to prevent their guests from developing allergic reactions. With a promise to deliver a blissful night sleep, comforters featuring greater degree of loft and higher fill power are preferred.

Luxury hotels pay particular attention to the fabric for duvet cover. Most hotels therefore make use of only 100% pure cotton shells, preferably the high quality Egyptian one, which are known to be more breathable and enable guests to sleep cool through the night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hotels use comforters or duvets?

Hotels generally go for comforters rather than duvets. These comforters are then sandwiched between two layers of sheets, which adds to the already lofty feel of the comforter and provides ultimate comfort to the guests. Comforters are generally easier to maintain as compared to duvets which can only be dry-cleaned and not machine washed. Comforters are therefore preferred over duvets.

Do hotels wash the comforter?

Hotels typically sandwich the comforters between two layers of extra sheets, which is why the comforter rarely gets dirty. The guests who use the comforters generally come in contact with these sheets instead of the comforter itself. This is why hotels do not really wash comforters regularly. However if the comforters get visibly stained or dirty, they are sent to the laundry where they are thoroughly cleaned. Most often however, it is the comforter sheets which are regularly washed after being used by guests.

What kind of comforter does Marriott use?

Marriott hotels use luxurious down comforters that are filled with 90% down and 10% duck feathers. They are allergen free and the filling is enclosed in a 100% cotton shell which is very soft to the touch. These are light weight and free of any sort of allergens.

What comforters does Hilton use?

Hilton hotels use SuperLoft™ Tufted Design comforters made by Pacific Coast. These comforters feature a unique Baffle Box Comfort Lock ® design which keeps the down fill intact keeping you warm. With a 600 fill power and 400 Thread Count 100% cotton shell, this comforter is the epitome of luxury for guests staying in Hilton hotels.

What kind of comforter does Holiday Inn use?

Holiday Inn hotel uses hotel bedding made by Downlite. The comforter they use is EnviroLoft down alternative comforter which brings you the comfort of down in a polyester alternative. This non-allergenic comforter could be a great addition to your bedroom especially if you are allergic to down or other natural filling materials.

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