8 Best Farmhouse Comforter Ideas For A Cozy Bed [2022]

Everybody loves the idea of hanging out in a warm and cozy bed while the rain pummels an old farm-style roof. The ranch adventure is a popular and romantic idea that has been spun by the great Western adventures that made America what it is today. 

Nothing says Western quite like a warm and inviting bed that has been draped in farmhouse-themed bedding. The comforter is the pivotal, make-or-break element in this bedding set. 

When I decided to redo my bedroom in a farmhouse style, I instinctively knew I had to start with a great farmhouse comforter as this would be the more expensive but eye-catching piece of the décor theme. As soon as my mind was made up, I became quite overwhelmed by the huge selection of farmhouse comforters that are available online. 

After my initial “browser”-shopping adventure, I settled down and seriously looked at my options and what would work in my unique farmhouse-themed room. Join me as we travel out west for adventure and glorious style under the covers.

What Is Farmhouse Style?

Farmhouse style is a rather eclectic style that combines many different layers for a rustic finish. You may have a striped comforter that combines with a plain flat sheet, a softly textured fitted sheet, printed scatter pillows, and a richly woven drape or blanket. Stripes, tones, textures, and motifs would then be captured in the remainder of your bedroom’s décor. 

rustic farmhouse living room

The Makings of a Great Farmhouse Comforter

With the huge selection of farmhouse comforters available from online retailers, it can be difficult to know what to look for. I realized that the following would be my visual considerations:

Base Colors

Whichever color scheme you decide to go with, most farmhouse themes are muted in color, relying on texture, layers, and design elements to create an interesting, yet soothing appearance. Be sure the base colors of the comforter offer you options that you can repeat in matching sheets, drapes, and pillowcases. 

Design Elements

A clever home decorator would look at the design elements already present in the comforter. This is the natural focal point in the bedroom for ideas to inspire the remainder of the decor scheme. Choosing a farmhouse comforter with great patterns, iconic prints, or classy features like plush pleats can help create the rustic handmade theme of the rural lifestyle that is so highly romanticized. 


While your comforter may be plain, it needs to hint at texture or allow for other layers such as the sheets or blankets to be texture-rich. Farmhouse-themed sheeting doesn’t scream with patterns or loud colors, so the texture is the next design element you can really play with. Try combining different textures, from smooth to heavily woven and ribbed, achieving a natural and harmonious contrast. 

I Would Also Consider the Following Considerations:


A comforter needs to be soft to the touch, give a sense of warmth and a feeling of quality. Whether you choose microfiber, 100% Egyptian cotton, or Rayon made from bamboo. Your comforter should be pleasant to touch. 


Be sure to choose something that will be low maintenance. A comforter should be washable, easy to dry in the dryer, and require minimal ironing. 


While the comforter is the centerpiece of the farmhouse bedroom theme, it shouldn’t require a mortgage to buy it. Being price-conscious will allow you to splurge on other elements that you will layer with the comforter.


Be sure that the quality of the comforter is optimum. Never buy a comforter that seems to be made from thin and low-quality fabric. If you can, turn the hems and seams inside out, checking for missing stitches, the quality of the thread it was sewn with, and the durability of the fittings if the comforter cover is removable.

How to Care for Your Farmhouse Comforters

Caring for your farmhouse comforter is an investment in prolonging its use and life. A good-quality comforter will come with extensive care instructions that the manufacturer recommends. You should also try to limit how often you need to wash your comforter by not lying on it during the day, not eating in bed, keeping pets off your comforter, and shaking it daily to remove any loose particles before they become stains.

Using a duvet cover is also a great way to protect your comforter. Hanging your comforter outside for some fresh air and sunlight is a great way to ensure it remains fluffy and hygienic. 

When you do need to wash your comforter, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the comforter has a polyester or alternative filling as down comforters should be dry cleaned by a reputable cleaning agency. Polyester and Rayon can be washed.
  2. Use a delicate wash cycle for your washing machine, and add a small amount of a mild detergent. Always use cool or lukewarm water. 
  3. Before you wash the comforter, be sure to check for any damage. If the seams are unraveling, these need to be repaired before you wash it. 
  4. Be sure to use a machine that has a large enough load capacity to turn the comforter without undue friction.
  5. After the initial wash, wash again in plain water with no soap as comforters tend to hoard soap. 
  6. Pop the comforter into a dryer, but add dryer balls or tennis balls to help fluff it. Remove from the dryer every 20-30 minutes, shake well to fluff the fibers, and redistribute the padding. This will help the comforter dry better too. Don’t try to rush the drying process by increasing the dryer’s temperature settings. Rather stay patient and let the comforter dry slowly.
  7. Store your comforter in an old, 100% continental pillow casing, or wrap it in a cotton bed sheet. Never store your comforter in a plastic bag. 

My Selection Criteria for the Best Farmhouse Comforters

When I began looking at farmhouse comforters, I was overwhelmed by the huge selection available, and it was quite a challenge to make up my mind which of these I liked. So I came up with the following criteria for choosing the best farmhouse comforters:


A farmhouse comforter needs to have great visual aesthetics. This means you need to pick something that will be a statement without it becoming boring over time. Remember that the design needs to be inclusive of the layers that you will be adding in bedding and drapery. 

Considering that farmhouse comforters often have trimmings in the form of buttons, loops, pinch pleats, or ribbons, it is important to choose a design that is practical too. If you have small dogs or kids, then a design that has small décor components won’t be a great choice.

In this selection, I chose the most effective designs that will create a great overall farmhouse feel.

Farmhouse styled bedroom


A comforter is a pricey investment, so choosing a quality comforter that has a high thread count of 300+ is best. Also, consider the material as this will add or detract from the quality. Some materials may feel soft, but they may lack colorfastness. Others look great, but they wrinkle constantly.

In this selection, I chose high-quality comforters that can withstand daily care and monthly washing if necessary.


While being able to order the most expensive comforters online is a dream of mine (and of yours too, I’m sure), I am not a Rockefeller, so I have to opt for what is affordable. If the quality and design are truly extraordinary, I don’t mind spending a little more, but overall, I’d rather buy less expensive comforters that leave some money for the other décor elements. 

I selected comforters that are affordable, rating each according to a cost scale where:

$ > $50 to $150

$$ > $200 to $280

$$$ > $290 to $400


Other users of a particular comforter are often the best resource for judging the quality, style, feel, and care of a comforter. All of the comforters selected for this ideas guide are highly rated, achieving at least a four-star rating. 

Matching Sets

Having a matching set to accentuate your comforter is a great way to save on the time and money involved in making up your own décor sets. Some of the comforters in this guide have matching bedding sets that you can also purchase to complete the farmhouse look. Where these are available, I mention these and link to them too, so your shopping experience is as satisfying as mine was. 

8 Best Farmhouse Comforter Ideas Selection

Best Traditional Cabin Look Comforter: Madison Park Signature Urban Cabin 8-Piece Queen Comforter Set 

Farmhosue Stfyled bed in front of reclaimed wood wall

Price: $$$

The Madison Park Signature Urban Cabin 8-Piece Queen Comforter Set ticks many boxes to achieve a great log-cabin look. It has a great rating at 4.8 for style on Bed Bath and Beyond. The soothing plaid design is base-neutral, which means you can expand your décor scheme without much fuss. 

The brown and black shades of the plaid create a textured effect that draws the eye to the bed, where the additional shams and detailed pillows create a warm and inviting atmosphere. And best of all, you get everything you need for the bed in the set as it’s fully inclusive. 

In the queen set, you will find a 92” x 96” (W x L) comforter with two 20” x 26” (W x L) standard shams. In addition, you will also find two 26” x 26” (W x L) European shams, a 22” x 22” (W x L) square scatter pillow and a 20” x 20” (W x L) square throw pillow. The additional 14” x 20” (W x L) oblong throw pillow completes the look. 

The comforter is generous, and it is also easy to care for. Being 100% cotton, you can easily wash it as the comforter shell can be removed. Reviewers rated this comforter set high as the fabric is thick and soft. The inner filler is made from polyester microfiber, which can also be washed should the need arise. The outer shell is a cotton jacquard. 

To complete the farmhouse look, simply add some plain or appropriately striped bed sheets and a textured drape or knee blanket and you’ve traveled to a log cabin in the woods, ready to have some warm milk by the fireplace. 

I loved this comforter set. The different matching shams are a nice touch, and it took a lot of the headache out of setting up the bed. The comforter is quite heavy with the polyester fiber inner, but I like this as I have a weighted blanket that I usually sleep under. 

Most Affordable Neutral Stripe Farmhouse Comforter: Lush Decor, Gray Comforter Farmhouse Stripe 3 Piece Reversible Bedding Set

White and Cream Striped Bedding styled in farmhouse bedroom

Price: $$

While I love the plaid look, I adore a tasteful stripe pattern too. The Lush Decor, Gray Comforter Farmhouse Stripe 3 Piece Reversible Bedding Set, Full Queen is hugely popular, and it is one of the best neutral stripe farmhouse comforters out there. With a rating of 4.3, it is a popular buy. 

Available in three color options of muted gray, blue, and red, this is a really pleasing comforter to add to a guest room. 

The front of the comforter is 100% cotton, while the back is polyester, which gives it softness. The comforter is also fully reversible, and the back features a finer pin-striped pattern. This makes for an interesting contrast when you flip the comforter top over. The comforter inner is polyester fibers, which are fluffy and suitable for all seasons. 

Both the comforter and the two matching shams are fully washable in cold water and can be tumble-dried. 

Complete the look with matching striped bed sheets or plain sateen sheets for a color splash. A stunning ivory white bedsheet will match nicely, and I added a few extra shams and pillows for extra comfort and that “slip under the covers” feeling that a well-padded bed has. 

Reviewers did remark that the gray stripe has a slight lavender tinge to it, but if you want a gray décor theme, then simply add gray shams and décor elements and the comforter will appear grayer striped. 

While I did have to cut a few left-over threads from the stitching, this is often standard with comforters. I still enjoyed the feel and appearance of this farmhouse classic.

Best Farmhouse Patchwork-Look Comforter Set: Woolrich Plaid Bedroom Comforter

Blue and Grey Plaid Farmhouse Cmfoter on bed with Antlers Mounted Above Bed

Price: $

When I saw this comforter set, I instantly fell in love. The Woolrich Plaid Bedroom Comforter Alternative Hypoallergenic All Season Ultra Soft Microfiber Bedding Sets, King, Grey/Blue has a truly handmade look to it. It has a tasteful plaid pattern that is reminiscent of the West, where leftover cloth was converted into classic bedding by homesteading wives and daughters who laid each stitch with love. 

There are four color variations: gray/blue, navy, brown, and gray, but the gray/blue combination is simply stunning. You can also choose from three sizes, ensuring great coverage for your bed size. 

The comforter is 100% polyester, which makes care a breeze. Simply pop it into your washing machine in cold water on the gentle setting and tumble dry on the low setting, fluffing in between to prevent lumping. 

Since the filling is sewn to the cover with box quilting stitches, the comforter will retain its shape and fluffiness. The set comes with two matching shams, and the comforter is reversible with a plain chocolate brown backing. 

I found the comforter to be soft to the touch since it’s plush microfiber, and it was very comfortable to sleep under, though I would recommend using a flat sheet to ensure that less washing is needed of the comforter to prolong its life.

Most Suitable Farmhouse Textured Comforter Set: Warren Microsuede Comforter Set

Red, Brown and Cream Colorblocked Farmhouse Comforter and Pillows

Price: $$

Target certainly hit the bullseye with this luxurious comforter set. The Warren Microsuede Comforter Set embodies farmhouse style with its textured micro suede finish. In true farmhouse tradition, the comforter is made from pieced-together micro suede. Pintuck pleats give additional structure and elegance to this very pleasing comforter. 

What I also really liked was that the comforter comes with its own bed skirt, shams, and three decorative pillows (complete with embroidered details). This really is a case of simply adding the sheets and you’re done. 

Made from 100% polyester, the comforter and pillows are all fully washable in cold water on a gentle cycle. The fabric is soft to the touch, and it responds well to daily shaking and fluffing. 

When the comforter arrived, I had to iron out a few creases, but other than that, it was a simple matter of placing the shams and pillows, draping my favorite lap blanket, and voila! I really enjoy how this comforter sets the farmhouse tone, and building a soothing and tranquil room décor around it was a breeze. 

Best Clipped Stripes Farmhouse Comforter Set: INK+IVY Rhea 100% Cotton Comforter

Farmhouse Comforter and Bedding with striped pattern

Price: $$

The soft-touch stripes that have been clipped to create a luxurious feel of the INK+IVY Rhea 100% Cotton Comforter, Clipped Jacquard Stripes Modern Luxe All Season Down Alternative Bed Set are really ideal for farmhouse style. When this comforter arrived, I couldn’t wait to lay it out on my bed and simply run my hands over the fluffy stripes. 

Available in two sizes, the California King and the Full or Queen set, this comforter set is a feast for the eyes and your hands. Made from 100% cotton percale, you can be assured of the softest touch. The lightweight filling is hypoallergenic, which is great news for those who are sensitive to down fillings. 

The cotton percale fabric has a chenille feel with the cut tufts that bring softness to the overall feel. The comforter has a reversible side, which is plain, opening up some options for when you want a quieter bedroom. In the set, there are also two sham pillow casings, which are said to be a bit snug, but standard pillows can easily be sized down to fit.

According to customer reviews, the comforter is not really washable, despite the manufacturer’s guide saying it is. The safe option is to dry clean it. However, I did manage to wash it successfully by placing the comforter in a mesh bag before washing, using a mild detergent (and just a few drops of it), and the gentlest setting for a short time. After that, I was careful to open the dryer door and fluff my comforter several times before the cycle had finished. 

Taking care will ensure the comforter lasts. 

Best Farmhouse Floral Comforter Set: 8pc Brookton Reversible Farmhouse Floral Comforter Set

Reversible White and Navy Floral Farmhouse Bedding and Pillows

Price: $

Farmhouse style and plaid may be synonymous, but floral is also a definite winner with farmhouse décor. The 8pc Brookton Reversible Farmhouse Floral Comforter Set Charcoal – Threshold offers simple elegance and bountiful layers. Sealing the deal, the price is a real winner!

This is a full set with a comforter, two shams, two Euro pillows, two decorative pillows, and a full bed skirt. The comforter offers many different options for draping with a classic pin-stripe backing. On the front, plain seersucker white panels are joined with a floral layer and a solid gray bottom section. Add in a monotone bed sheet in an accent color and you’re in bedding bliss. 

The pillows complete the farmhouse look with button details, coordinating prints, and gray textured panels. I added a silver faux fur pillow to complement the overall scheme, and by adding a few classic silver and pewter pieces to the bedroom, the feeling of an old but stylish farmhouse began to emerge.

Best Native Print Farmhouse Comforter: INK+IVY Alpine Cotton Comforter Set

Blue, White and Grey Chevron Bedding on bed

Price: $$

When I think of farmhouse style, I can’t help but picture elements of the great tribes of the plains combined to create an authentic experience. The INK+IVY Alpine Cotton Comforter Set – Modern Cabin Lodge Chevron Design, All Season Down Alternative Cozy Bedding with Matching Shams, Navy achieves this with a classic design. 

The comforter features classic heather printed broken chevron pattern in a choice of four shades: aqua, blush, navy, and yellow. The comforter is 100% cotton, with a 100% polyester filling. When reversed, the comforter backing is a plain base color to match the chevron print. 

Hidden bar tacking results in a clean duvet look. And while you can purchase matching Euro shams and decorative pillows, the set comes with two standard shams. 

Made from cotton and polyester, the comforter and shams are fully washable, as long as you follow the wash instructions. Some customers have recommended dry cleaning the comforter and not washing it. This may be because not all washing machines have the same quality wash settings. 

I popped mine over to the local dry cleaners, who managed to get the comforter nice and fluffy, without having to iron it. With packaging, it did arrive a bit wrinkled. 

I have to admit that I really loved the colors, pattern, and texture of this comforter set. I haven’t attempted to wash mine in my machine yet and having read quite a few reviews stating that it shouldn’t be washed, I am not in any rush to try. Looks like I’ll rely on the dry cleaners for now. 

Most Modern Farmhouse Comforter Set: VCNY Home Farmhouse Princeton Reversible Comforter Set

Grey and White Striped Farmhouse Bedding in Clean Room

Price: $

While I like the classic woodlands cabin farmhouse look, I also wanted to see and feel what a more modern farmhouse design comforter would be like. Enter the VCNY Home Farmhouse Princeton Reversible Full/Queen Comforter Set in White/Grey with its sophisticated appearance of intersecting stripes. 

The queen and king-size comforter sets include the comforter, two standard pillow shams, a 12” x 16” throw pillow, and a 16” x 16” throw pillow. The pillow shams have decorative ribbons, as does the foot edge of the comforter, creating a contrasting look to the masculine stripes. With the reverse side of the comforter being a plaid-like stripe pattern, there are several options for how you can drape your bed in this stylish comforter. 

Made with soft microfiber, this comforter set is soft-touch, and it has a polyester filling that is suitable for all weather. The lightness of the comforter makes it suitable in summer, but in winter, you may need to add a blanket or quilt for extra warmth. 

For me, the idea of adding a blanket is not a problem as it gives me an additional layer I can add to the farmhouse look. I found the lightly weighted blanket I had bought the previous season was a perfect match, and it looked stunning on the bed with the striped design. 

The Final Verdict

I love comforters, and I love farmhouse style. The two make for a brilliant combination, but my real problem was which of these fabulous farmhouse comforters to rate as my overall winner. I wanted to consider the price, and I definitely wanted to award my overall best to a comforter that has a complete set, which makes adding sheets the last finishing touch. 

In the end, my choice ended up not being the cheapest set, but it was the most complete farmhouse bedding set. The Madison Park Signature Urban Cabin 8-Piece Queen Comforter Set simply had me in awe. This particular set has a special touch with button details, different and exciting pillows, shams, and embroidery details. 

When you choose your favorite farmhouse comforter, be sure to not only go with the look but keep the quality, versatility, and sheer comfort in mind.

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