5 Best Yellow Comforter Ideas For A Lively Room [2022]

Yellow is a color that is known to brighten a space and fill you with a sense of lightness and satisfaction, so why not bring this joy into the bedroom in the form of a comforter? This combines all the creature comforts of a comforter with a stunning color, so you feel like you are wrapping yourself up in the petals of a daisy.

A comforter is a blanket that is a step up when it comes to its luxurious texture and the level of comfort it provides. It is all one piece and doesn’t require a cover, so they are super easy to maintain, which is a huge positive if you have a busy lifestyle.

These specialized blankets are made up of two elements, the cover fabric and the fill. The fill is sewn between the cover fabric to secure it in place, making comforters very durable and long-lasting.

Today, we will assess what makes a great comforter, how to style a yellow comforter in particular, and then show you some available options that might catch your eye.

What Makes a Great Comforter

There are a few aspects to consider when it comes to a comforter, so you get the best possible option for you. When it comes to fabric, the outer material can be made from cotton, polyester, linen, and even bamboo if you prefer a sustainable option. Inside, you will either find real down, which is natural goose or duck feathers, or a down alternative made from hollow-core microfiber.

The factor that sets comforters apart is their fluffy, airy texture. This is acquired by combining a good fill with sewn-through box stitching to create little pockets that the fill sits in.

These pockets are then overfilled to achieve the signature thickness that makes these comforters so comfortable. The stitching will ensure that the fill doesn’t shift while it is being washed, and no leaking will occur, so your comforter will last you as long as possible.

How to Style a Yellow Comforter

Styling yellow is something that can take a little more thought than a more neutral color, but once you’ve figured it out, you can get super creative with it. This bright and summery color is a great pop of color for a very neutral room and can be used to uplift a more minimal space.

On the other hand, you could go more eclectic and combine the yellow with an array of other vibrant, especially warm-toned, colors through other soft furnishings like throws, pillows, and rugs to make the room something really special.

If cottagecore is more your vibe, then a buttercup yellow comforter is a great place to start when designing a homey and cozy space. It can be paired with knickknacks, patterned cushions, and plenty more textural elements to really get the cottage feeling across.

It may seem, at first glance, that yellow is an intimidating color to work with, but as you can see, the world is actually your oyster when it comes to styling if you know what to look for.

The criteria we are going to be using to analyze these comforters today are overall comfort, value for money, the materials used, and the breathability of the fabric.

Now, with all that knowledge in hand, let’s take a look at some beautiful yellow comforters.

Top Picks

SunStyle Home Lightweight Comforter Set

SunStyle Home Lightweight yellow Comforter Set

Starting with the most affordable option, we have the SunStyle Lightweight Comforter.

This buttercup yellow comforter has a very soft, microfiber exterior that is made with unique peach skin processing that feels incredibly soft against the skin. Inside is an innovative 7D down alternative that is filled in whole pieces to help it spread as evenly as possible. The fill is very breathable and makes the comforter useful all year round.

To prevent clumping, the comforter has utilized sewn-through box stitching that makes this piece very durable and also visually appealing. This stitching has also been cleverly used to add to the aesthetic of the comforter by being stitched in a waving pattern across the squares, so it is attractive and useful all in one.

This is available in twin, which comes with one pillow, and queen, which comes with two pillows. It is machine washable and suitable to be tumble dried on low.


  • Affordable
  • Decorative strong stitching


  • Only available in 2 sizes

Decroom Comforter Set

Decroom Mustard Yellow Comforter Set

If you want a really bright yellow then this vibrant Decroom comforter is definitely for you!

Rendered in this stunning color, the outside fabric is made from a very soft microfiber that is super comfy to curl up underneath. Inside it is overfilled with a premium polyester fill that is kept in place with durable box stitching.

The overfilling allows it to capture a lot of air to make this comforter very light and endlessly comfy. If you need a little break from the bright mustard shade, this design is also reversible with a dark grey on the other side, so you get two shade options for the price of one.

This gorgeous comforter is available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king. This option is machine washable and can be either tumble-dried or air-dried.


  • Reversible
  • Overfilled and light


  • Very bright
  • Not yellow all over

Andency Yellow Pinch Pleat Comforter

Andency Yellow Pinch Pleat Comforter

Maybe something with a little bit of flair and texture is more your speed? Then this Andency design is for you!

This beautiful comforter is in a pale yellow that will perfectly fit in with more vintage or chic design styles. The blanket’s construction and its quilted nature have been cleverly used to create this pinch pleat, so you get strength and aesthetics all in one comforter. The pinch pleats create a very appealing texture across the surface of the blanket is pretty without needing any added frills or patterns.

Not only is it visually appealing, but it is very functional too. This Andency option is an all-seasons comforter with a microfiber outer fabric and a down alternative inside. The way this has been filled makes this comforter visually fluffy to give you some indication of how comfortable this would be to sleep under. This is a really high-quality design for the mid-range price, so it is one to consider.

This option is available in twin, full, queen, and king and comes with two matching pinch pleat pillows. It is machine washable and can be tumble dried on low.


  • Pinch pleat design
  • All-season
  • Fluffy


  • Less versatile design
  • Not sewn through quilting

Bedorm Yellow Flowers Comforter Set

Bedorm Yellow Flowers Comforter Set

A plain comforter might be simpler to style, but if you want a comforter to base your design around, a patterned option like this Bedorm one might be right up your alley.

This lovely comforter has a pattern of yellow flowers on a white background on one side and a white geometric pattern on the other against a butter-yellow base. This gives you a lot to work off with your room design, regardless of which side you choose. The flowery side would work well for a vintage or cottagecore style, while the geometric side suits a more contemporary interior design.

The exterior is made from skin-friendly brushed microfiber and is filled with a microfiber hollow fill that traps air very effectively. Although this comforter doesn’t use quilt stitching, it still has strategic stitching that will keep the filling in place wash after wash.

When you first receive your comforter, it may be wrinkly and flat from the packaging. This can be remedied by placing it in the tumble drier to straighten it out and fluff it up.

This floral comforter is available in twin, queen, and king and comes with a pair of reversible pillowcases. It is machine washable and can be ironed on low when necessary.


  • Reversible
  • Attractive patterns


  • Pattern isn’t as versatile to style

A Nice Night Shaggy Comforter

A Nice Night Shaggy Mustard Yellow Comforter

This one may be a little out there, but if you favor a more eclectic style, this shaggy Nice Night Comforter is worth a second look.

This is the most expensive option of the lot, but you get a very unique design for the price. This wild design has a silky, yellow microfiber on one side with shaggy, faux fur of the same shade on the other. The microfiber is cool and breathable to prevent this fluffy comforter from getting overly sweaty.

However, due to the nature of the faux fur, this comforter would be best for cold climates and winter. The fabric is fade and shrink resistant, so this comforter should be very long-lasting. The last element that stands out from this crazy design is the stitching.

As we have seen previously, the stitching for a comforter is very important to keep the fill in place. This stitching goes a step further by adding to the design as it is stitched in large waves that traverse the entirety of the comforter.

This one is only available in king and queen, but it does come with two matching shaggy pillowcases. It can be machine washed and air-dried.


  • Unique
  • Very fluffy


  • Very hot
  • Only available in queen and king
  • Expensive

Best for Decorative Purposes

If you want a comforter that really brings a lot of design to the table, then look no further than the Andency Yellow Pinch Pleat comforter. This luxurious feeling comforter makes use of a clever sewing technique to make this design really stand out.

It is unique, beautiful and serves as a great base for any sophisticated room design. This one proves that you don’t need to be over flashy or throw patterns everywhere to get a truly beautiful design.

Best Value for Budget

The most affordable comforter we have here is the Sun style comforter, and you get a good design for the price. It is a simple comforter in a very attractive color that can suit a huge variety of design styles making it super versatile. The added effect from the waving stitching makes this comforter a little bit more special while remaining a budget-friendly option.


As you can see, yellow is not quite as intimidating to bring into your bedroom design as it initially appears. Any one of these vibrant comforters will keep you sleeping in style all year round for relatively reasonable prices.

Out of all the options we have here today, the Bedorm patterned option is the one I would recommend. It is fluffy and soft and comes with two distinct patterns that allow you to easily change the look. You get two great yellow designs for the price of one with this one, so how could you go wrong?

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