6 Bamboo Charcoal Pillow Benefits You Should Know About

Science tells us that a good night’s sleep guarantees better health and pressure relief. To get that all-important deep sleep, people often focus more on their mattress than they do on their pillows. Yet, both are equally necessary for quality sleep. There are thousands of pillow types out there, with bamboo charcoal pillows among them. You may be new to this type of pillow, but you should know that a charcoal pillow benefits people as they sleep in a variety of ways and offers everything we need for a comfortable sleep.

This type of pillow is an excellent choice for most people, and charcoal pillows even make for a great gift because of their numerous beneficial properties.

That said, before we dive into the charcoal pillow benefits, let’s find out more about what charcoal pillows are.

bamboo charcoal pillow benefits

What are Charcoal Pillows?

Charcoal pillows are pillows that have been treated with an activated charcoal-infused gel layer. The charcoal memory foam pillow has all of the numerous benefits of bamboo charcoal, further ensuring the best possible sleeping experience.

The bamboo-based materials and charcoal infusion aids in odor absorption and is completely machine washable. These organic pillows have been designed to not only serve as a comfortable place to lay your head at night, but to promote healthy sleep, as well.

Bamboo charcoal pillows come in shapes adapted for side, back and stomach sleepers. So, there’s a great charcoal pillow for you no matter what position you prefer while you rest.

Charcoal Pillow Benefits

Now that you know what charcoal gel pillows are, let’s take a look at the charcoal pillow benefits and why they’re worth using. 

Bamboo Fiber Pillows are Hypoallergenic

These natural pillows are a great nighttime solution for people with allergies, thanks to the super-clean comfort they offer.

The activated charcoal of the bamboo fibers is known to drastically minimize skin irritations and allergy flare-ups. Since no allergenic materials are used in the production of the pillow, it only complements your skin care products and helps you make the most out of a night’s sleep.

Aids in Odor Absorption

Body odors and smells may actually impact the quality of sleep. If you’re getting choppy sleep, or are having trouble falling asleep at night, it could be a bad odor keeping you awake.

One of the benefits of a charcoal pillow is that it’s a very potent odor absorber. The pillow’s ventilated memory foam used alone or with a breathable mesh pillow cover serves as an odor-absorbent material that keeps the air clean and odor-free while you sleep.

Charcoal Pillows are Breathable

It’s virtually impossible to reach the comfort levels for good sleep if your pillow isn’t made from a breathable material. Breathable material allows for continuous air circulation, removal of excess moisture and an optimal temperature. All of these things are key if deep sleep is to be achieved.

When we fall asleep, our bodies create a warm and humid environment around us. This is because, in sleep, we release more perspiration and body heat.

If you use a pillow made of materials incapable of handling the sleep environment you create, your attempt at a good night’s rest may be interrupted. Bamboo charcoal pillows provide a three-in-one firm pillow solution to that problem.

These pillows offer continual air circulation and the charcoal efficiently removes moisture, keeping your pillow dry and cool at all times. Sweaty sleepers, in particular, can truly benefit from the amazing absorption properties of a charcoal bamboo pillow.

Bamboo Charcoal Pillows Possess Antibacterial Properties

This is arguably one of the most important charcoal pillow benefits worth noting.

With the immersion of Covid-19, we’ve become all too aware of how important hygiene can be to our health. The activated charcoal-infused gel layer of your bamboo pillow helps you take hygiene to the bedroom.

The charcoal in a charcoal pillow contains antimicrobial properties that help you stall the growth of harmful organisms in your bed. 

More than just helping you ward off harmful microorganisms, charcoal gel pillows can also serve as an acne-fighting pillow. This is because the bamboo-derived material the pillow is made of can effectively limit the growth of pathogenic microflora on the skin.

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow is Thermoregulatory

When you’re sleeping in a cool environment, your night rests become more rewarding. The three-in-one design of bamboo pillows makes temperature regulation not just possible but also easy.

These pillows enhance your level of comfort by encouraging body temperature regulation. They’re the perfect pillow choice for people who want to increase their night sleep quality. Unlike traditional pillows that strictly follow your body temperature with minimal to no changes or improvements, you get fully-functioning air circulation channels with charcoal pillows.

A bamboo charcoal pillow works to keep your head cooler when nights are warm, while also ensuring that you won’t freeze when it’s a little colder outside.

Breathability and body temperature regulation work hand-in-hand when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. However, many types of pillows offer the former without enough of the latter. Bamboo fiber pillows are one of the few pillows for sleeping that provide you with a sufficient amount of both for a truly comfortable night in bed.

Bamboo Charcoal Pillows Are Durable

bamboo charcoal pillow benefits

Considered one of the greatest bamboo charcoal pillow pros, you can use these pillows for longer than your standard pillow.

Not only do these pillows prevent breathing allergies from dust mites, illnesses from microbes and get you to optimal sleeping temperatures, but you’ll also get years of use out of them. Many of these pillows come with a 5-year warranty!

Provided you clean them with gentle detergents and a delicate cycle when washing your pillow(s), charcoal pillows tend to last a really long time.

On top of that, since no toxic material is used when making organic bamboo charcoal pillows, they’re 100% eco-friendly. It’s not everyday that comfort meets environmental sustainability like this.

Are Bamboo Charcoal Pillows Safe to Use?

Seeing how great these pillows are for reducing allergic reactions, promoting continual temperature regulation and enhancing sleep overall, charcoal-infused pillows are perfectly safe to use.

The only drawback we could find with these pillows is that they may take a bit longer to dry after washing them. Beyond this, the charcoal pillow benefits outweigh any negatives.

Bottom Line

The charcoal pillow benefits listed throughout our article point to these pillows as being a big step towards quality sleep. After a hard day’s work, the last thing you need is sleep deprivation from a bad pillow. With bamboo charcoal pillows, you can avoid exhaustion and so many potential health issues. 

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