How to Put Together a Metal Bed Frame In 4 Easy Steps

Once you have chosen a mattress that will keep you comfortable throughout the night, the next step is getting a frame for it. A proper bed frame has just as much to do with comfort and cleanliness as it does decor. Most bed frames will come with assembly instructions, but, if not, they are generally simple to put together and we’ll tell you how to put together a metal bed frame.

how to put together a metal bed frame

Types of Metal Bed Frames

There are a variety of metal bed frames available on the market that have different sizes and styles.

Metal Canopy 

The metal canopy bed frame is a heavy-duty frame that provides extra support in the center of the bed. This is a great choice for mattresses that aren’t well ventilated as there are slats in the frame that allow air to move around. The structure of this bed frame also provides a nice, clean look.

Metal Trundle 

The metal trundle is a neatly designed frame that doesn’t take up much space and is made to provide more space in a small area. You can even pull out another bed from underneath and slide it back in when you are done using it.

Metal Double Decker

Otherwise known as bunk beds, these are common for kids or dorm rooms. These are another fantastic option if you need more space in your room.

Metal Platform

The metal platform bed frame is the most common type of metal bed frame. The construction is simple since it only contains three pieces. This type of bed frame is durable and guaranteed to last for a long time.

Things to Know Before Assembling

Before assembling your bed frame, make sure to measure the room to make sure that the bed will fit.

Next, understand what type of mattress and/or box spring the frame will be for. Lastly, measure the frame and mattress to ensure everything will fit together accordingly.

Steps to Assemble Your Metal Bed Frame

Step 1: Inspect the Frame and Arrange Side Beams

Inspect the frame to make sure there is no damage or corrosion anywhere. Lay out the pieces on the floor and set the long beams across from each other. These are called legs and are meant for the side of the bed and should be placed in the area you want the bed to be. 

There will be a right leg and left leg. Once you place those down, make sure to leave enough space in between them for the mattress.

Step 2: Attach Feet or Wheels

At the frame of the legs, there will be short beams looking for an attachment. This is where you will attach the feet or wheels. You shouldn’t need any tools, but you may need to screw in the bolts for some wheel types.

Step 3: Pull Out or Attach the Side Arms

Side arms are meant to support the bed and bring it together into a whole structure. Depending on the bed frame, you should be able to pull the side arms right out from the beams. However, some bed frames provide them individually and you can connect them with bolts and screws. Make sure to install these properly, and double check the manual for safety reasons.

Step 4: Tighten Boltshow to put together a metal bed frame

Go around to all areas that connect and make sure all of the bolts are tightened and secure by screwing the nut on tighter. But, be careful not to strip it. Use a plier as a tool to help you tighten the bolts.

Why You Should Use a Bed Frame

A bed frame is the foundation of the mattress. Using a bed frame is important for your comfort, and it gives the mattress proper support. Bed frames allow breathability and proper ventilation, especially if allergies are a concern. 

Without a proper frame, your sleep quality might be disturbed due to noises, sliding, and discomfort. Adjustable bed frames are also a great tool for someone who needs a little more customization to have a good quality sleep.


Do You Have to Have a Bed Frame?

No, you do not need a bed frame. It is advised, especially for specific types of mattresses, but you are not required to have one. There are some benefits to using just a box spring on the floor, some research suggesting that it can help blood circulation, and lessen neck and back pain.

What are the Most Popular Types of Bed Frames?

The double decker and platform frames are the most popular type of bed frames on the market. The double decker is just another name for bunk beds, and the metal platform is used and designed for most mattresses.

Bottom Line

We hope that this article helped you put your metal bed frame together. If you haven’t settled on a metal bed frame yet, remember to pick the one that’s best suited for your needs and style. However, if you enjoy sleeping closer to the ground, you might want to opt to not use a bed frame at all.

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