How You Can Store Blankets Without a Closet

As lovely as summertime is, the last thing you want on your bed during the hottest season is heavy, thick blankets because you’ve got nowhere to put them — not everyone has the luxury of a spacious closet, after all.

When it’s time to put your bedding away for the season, it’s necessary to store it properly to avoid dust, grime, bugs and damage.

It’s time to move on from stuffing your comforters into a plastic bag and storing them in the garage. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best answers to how to store blankets without a closet. By the end, you’ll have a better idea of how to organize your bedding. Let’s get started.

How to Store Blankets 

Here’s how you can keep everything well arranged without taking away from your home decor.

Use Blanket Baskets

how to store blankets without a closet

Fold your blankets and place them in a basket next to the couch. This not only makes them more accessible, but also allows you to show off their lovely patterns and colors. 

Throw in a few additional throw blankets in the living room, or fold up your sheets and store them in the bedroom. 

Feel free to hang your blankets over the basket edge for added style and easy access. This way, you don’t have to sift through them to find your favorite — simply grab it from the top.

Put Them in a Stylish Hamper

Use a gorgeous wooden laundry hamper to double as a decorative statement and blanket storage piece in the foyer or living room. Place your throws and blankets in the laundry hamper during the off-season. 

You could even put it behind a window and cover it with a plant for more camouflage. Arrange the blankets in the hamper first, then add a couple of decorative pillows to finish the look.

Hang Them Over an Attractive Ladder

how to store blankets without a closet

A decorative ladder is quickly becoming a must-have in farmhouse-style homes. They’re also the perfect place to keep blankets when you don’t have a closet. 

Find a stylish rack or ladder, lay it against a wall and hang the blankets over the steps. This is a great option if you have the space and want to show off some particularly stunning blankets. This is also a great way to display rare pieces like heirloom quilts that are supposed to be seen and admired.

The Easy Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman is a footstool with a top that comes off to expose a hidden storage space within. Ottomans are an excellent option to store blankets without a closet. 

You can put ottomans in your living room, at the end of your bed, or even in an empty corridor to help fill up the space a bit more, depending on your home setup. Simply fold your blanket, place them inside and close the lid.

Underbed Storage 

how to store blankets without a closet

Suppose the containers under your bed frame are visible. In that case, use a bed skirt or a wide, flowing cover or duvet to conceal them. Whether it’s bed sheets, extra pillows, blankets, or comforters, you can store all of them under your bed with specially designed storage bins. 

Consider using cardboard storage, cedarwood boxes or printed fabric totes. Cedar has the added benefit of retaining your blanket’s fresh smell and deterring moths.

Use Dressers

Who’s to say dressers are just for clothes? Use any leftover drawer space for linens and other winter items.

Most people don’t consider the idea of using a dresser to store blankets since they believe dressers are only for clothes. However, they’re the perfect option because they can bring character to any room’s design. You can store items on top of them, too.

Consider Storage Behind Doors

how to store blankets without a closet

Have you considered taking advantage of the six feet of vertical space behind your door? To make a little bit of extra room for your linens, look for storage solutions on the back of a door — especially for smaller pieces. 

Go ahead and hang shelving units from the top of the door (could be an existing closet door, a bedroom or a bathroom door) or fix it to the door if that’s your preference. A multi-level towel bar mounted on the back of a door or the wall can also serve as blanket storage. 

Blanket Bags

Blanket bags are a viable option to store your blankets if you don’t have any extra rooms in your house and aren’t seeking anything luxurious. You can squash them down and tuck them away beneath your bed or in the back of a closet. Just remember where you put them to avoid having to search for them whenever you have overnight guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to store a King-size blanket?

Use vacuum-seal bags to store king-size blankets. These bags connect to your vacuum to suck out all the extra air, leaving you with a small, compact package that can be tossed on a shelf. It’s important to note that this isn’t the best option for down bedding because it can harm the feathers.

Why do blankets smell after storage?

The skin cells and oils that settle into blankets begin to break down after being stored for a while. That’s what gives them their characteristic storage smell. You could use the greatest washing detergent — it still wouldn’t matter. It’s practically impossible to get rid of this odor since once the cells and oils break down, they’re embedded into the cloth.

How to pack a blanket?

Arrange the blanket on a clean, flat surface. Depending on the thickness of the blanket, fold it to about a fourth of its original size. Cover the blanket in breathable plastic wrap, but not too tightly so you don’t ruin the integrity of your blanket.

Bottom Line 

As you can see, there are tons of options for storing blankets without a closet. You don’t have to always have blankets lying around just because your closet space is full (or you don’t have one in the first place).

Look around your house for existing home decor pieces to see if you can use them to store extra blankets. If one of these alternatives isn’t enough to accommodate all of your linens, a mix of a few will surely help you win the storage battle. 

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