How to Wash Your Casper Pillow Like a Pro

Your bed or body pillow plays a vital role in your sleeping position. The Casper Original Pillow is a luxury pillow that’s great for helping back and stomach sleepers maintain that essential neutral alignment while they rest.

To ensure continued efficiency, you need to know how to wash a Casper pillow properly. We’ll be explaining in detail everything that goes into accomplishing this task and why it’s so important to do it right.

Before discussing the ultimate cleaning procedure for the Casper Sleep Pillow, there are a few key things you should know about these cervical support pillows.

The Casper Sleep Pillow – What Is It?

The Casper Sleep Pillow is a down-alternative fiber cluster innovative pillow that raises the comfort level of your bed to those found in a luxury hotel.

A down-alternative pillow is usually the best option for people who strictly prefer a luxury or fluffy pillow without any animal cruelty involved.

Considered one of the best hypoallergenic pillows, they give you full protection from dust mites and the perfect balance between comfort and safety.

While the Casper Sleeping Foam Pillow isn’t the only essential pillow of its kind with cutting-edge, low-friction, polyester microfibers, its unique pillow design sets it apart from the rest.

Unlike the Casper Down Pillow’s 5-chamber construction, the down-alternative pillow boasts a special pillow-in-pillow design. Its medium loft makes it perfect for the average person and heavier people.

Additionally, the inner pillow gives it a central core strength that helps it easily support large and average-weight stomach and back sleepers.

The plush layer of the outer pillow is made from breathable cotton material. The 100-percent cotton cover complements the core and gives the entire pillow an ideal balance of softness and comfort.

Items like Casper’s new torso-length pillow and sleep hybrid pillow take things up a notch, as they can easily double as chiropractic pillows. Their comfort factor increases because the adjustable pillow can be folded into a contour pillow or used as a cervical support pillow.

The Design of the Casper Pillow

The excellent comfort offered by a Casper Original Pillow is undeniable and will give any feather pillow a good run for its money when it comes to optimizing sleep positions.

Benefits of Using a Casper Sleep Foam Pillow

Complementing your Casper Down Pillow Mattress with this type of pillow has certain advantages. The most important of which include:

  • Proves to be very effective at minimizing neck pain and discomfort with multiple sleep styles
  • Made from breathable material, and excess sweat and body oils won’t impair sleep quality
  • Comes with a 100-night trial period, money-back guarantee and three-year warranty
  • Has a modern cleaning system that sets it apart from most other pillows
  • Is available in two different sizes, making it an excellent option for many people

Although this comfortable pillow has more benefits than most pillows, it also includes several drawbacks that should be considered.

Due to its special pillow design, the Casper Sleeping Foam Pillow demands more attention than other types of pillows.

For example, the Casper Original Pillow boasts silicone, cutting-edge, low-friction, polyester microfibers. The polyester microfiber fabric lining not only gives it a soft touch and makes it a more breathable pillow, but it gives it a strong defense against clumping.

As such, what you get is a great, supportive pillow for proper neck alignment that’ll remain like new for years. However, you need to fluff the pillow daily to get the most of this perk. Each day, the quick fluff ensures that the Casper pillow never loses its original shape and feel.

Daily fluffing is a small price to pay for the blend of softness and bliss the entire pillow offers, but it’s an exercise not everyone can perform consistently.

Also, because the Casper Pillow features an inner and outer pillow, its machine washable features are greatly affected. To that end, you will need to strictly follow the Casper company’s instructions on laundering if you want to clean your Casper Sleep Pillow.

For most people, neither of these factors will be a deal-breaker. However, they are important details you should note before making your final decision.

If you have a Casper pillow and you’re looking for the best way to clean it, here’s how you can do so with ease.

How to Wash a Casper Pillow

Even if you don’t have a dirty pillow on your hands yet, it never hurts to have a clear idea of how to wash a Casper pillow. That way, when the time comes for you to clean your Casper Original Pillow, you’ll know what you’re doing.

You can clean these loftier pillows in five simple steps.

Separate the Pillows

As you now know, this medium loft pillow comes with another inside pillow serving as its central core. You can’t wash these two pillows while combined together.

The first step is to unzip the outer pillow serving as an outer cover and get to the inner pillow.

Close the Cotton Outer Layer

Once you’re done removing the inside pillow, you must zip the outer pillow closed before proceeding with the laundry process.

When you have two separate pillows, your Casper pillow is now machine washable.

Put the Pillows in the Washer

Next, you can put both pillows into the washing machine. While any household machine will do the job, you may get better results with a front-loading variant.

Start the Cleaning Process

You will need two cleaning agents before starting your laundry. The first is cold water (or very cool water), and the second is a mild detergent. You can use any soft, liquid detergent that leaves minimal detergent residue.

Set Your Washing Machine

The last thing you need to do is configure the wash settings of your machine. You can use a low tumble on a dry setting, and you can make the gentle cycle even more effective by adding clean tennis balls or dryer balls.

What to Remember When Using a Casper Sleep Pillow

While the outer cover of the soft pillow is hypoallergenic and makes the pillow resistant to harmful substances like dust mites, it needs to be cleaned at regular intervals to maintain this ability.

As such, the pillows should be washed every 3-6 months. Also, you should wash the two pillows by themselves and refrain from adding additional items.

Bottom Line

The Casper Pillow is a pacesetter in pillow technology and comes with essentials lacking in many of its counterparts. Knowing how to wash a Casper pillow helps you get even more out of the amazing bedding product.

While cleaning your Casper Original Pillow might seem more complicated the first few times, it’s something you won’t have trouble getting used to in the long run.

Once you also know how to spot clean a pillow, you’ve learned all you need to keep your bed space pristine.

Featured image courtesy of Casper.

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