How Much Does the Most Luxurious Pillow in the World Cost?

When you hear the word “luxury”, most think of shoes, cars, handbags, a flashy lifestyle and expensive price tags. If there’s a product, then there’s a luxury brand selling that product for a steep price. While it is true that “luxury” does not always mean “expensive,” there is an assumption of status and quality that comes with it. Luxurious living hits new heights, however, when it comes to sleep. After all, quality sleep leads to a quality life, and how can anyone enjoy a life of luxury without a nighttime of rest? That being said, there is definitely a market for luxury bedding, from blankets and sheets to pillows and throws and today we’re going to look at most luxurious pillow in the world.

When money is no object, there are consumers willing to spend a high price tag for premium products on everyday items you may not think twice about. That’s why we’re delving into the world of luxury pillows. If you’ve been wondering what the most luxurious pillow in the world might cost, we scoured the internet to quell your curiosity. 

One of the Most Expensive Pillows in the World

When it comes to luxury brand pillows, most consumers are ready and willing to drop at least a Benjamin or two. However, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re comfortable spending the money for the quality. Our search for one of the most expensive pillows in the world led us to a brand called Sleep and Glow. This company caught our attention not just because they sell expensive pillows, but because of the unique design, materials and branding. 

Benefits of Luxury Pillows

most luxurious pillow in the world

As we delved deeper into our research of the luxury pillows offered by Sleep and Glow, we discovered their signature pillow: the Omnia. While a regular pillow’s only expectations are to be fluffy and comfortable, this luxury brand takes that concept to the next level. Right away, what can be observed is that what separates this pillow from your typical department store pillow is the “anti-aging” benefit. The Omnia pillow comes with its own Mulberry Silk pillowcase, claimed to “prevent sleep wrinkles and morning puffiness”. Silk, a quality luxury material, is known for its gentleness on the skin. While cotton and polyester tend to cause friction against the hair and skin, silk glides and protects. A well-known benefit of using a silk pillowcase is that it prevents hair tangling, breakage and frizz. 

In addition to the silk casing, the Omnia pillow itself is shaped to minimize “skin creasing and compression when you sleep.” The shape of this pillow is also designed to support your head and neck. Clearly, when it comes to comfort, this brand thought of it all.

The company claims that this pillow was developed “in collaboration with cosmetologists, orthopedists and sleep specialists.” With so many experts involved in the production of just one pillow, it’s no wonder a hefty price tag accompanies it. Can you guess how much this one-of-a-kind anti-aging pillow goes for? Right now, this pillow ranges in price from $250-$300. To put it in perspective, a pillow from a department store can range anywhere from $5-$50. But with all the additional benefits that the Omnia pillow offers, some consumers are willing to pay a pretty penny for a luxury sleep experience.

Affordable Luxury Bedding

As is common with high-end brands, the luxury price does not always match the quality. This isn’t to say that luxury brands don’t offer high quality products, but it is wise to keep in mind that just because something is expensive does not mean you can’t find a great product at a more affordable price.

Take Louis Vuitton, for example. The brand sells luxury handbags at a 100-130% markup. High-end luxury brands tend to have a high profit margin, but is the extra cash spent always worth it? When in doubt, check out the reviews. If you are unsure if a luxury item is worth its price, it can’t hurt to do a bit of research. You can learn a lot about the true quality of a product from listening to the buyers rather than relying solely on the word of a brand. This is a big reason why many luxury brands become well-known through word of mouth rather than traditional advertising. If a product is well-made, the quality speaks for itself.

Bottom Line

Now that you know the benefits and features of one of the most expensive pillows you can buy, consider an affordable option that lets you get the most benefits for your bucks. Beckham Hotel Collection offers hotel-quality bedding, including pillows that feel luxurious and soft. This down alternative pillow, for example, is constructed with cooling technology, making flipping the pillow over to get to the cool side a thing of the past.

With thermoregulation, this pillow stays cooler for longer. It is also perfect for all types of sleepers, whether you prefer to sleep on your side, stomach, or back. Lastly, it’s designed to be supportive while keeping its soft feel where needed.

Next time you’re in the market for a new pillow and are looking for that luxury feeling, keep in mind that there are plenty of options at every price range. While you deserve the best of the best (especially when it comes to sleep), the best options do not always come with the highest price tag.

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