What You Should Do With Old Blankets

There’s no denying that comforters make your home cozy, but they can quickly start piling up. Since good bedding can last a long time, it may seem wasteful to toss these valuable items away just because your style changed. So why not reuse them? 

You can use old blankets in various ways. This article provides some ideas about what to do with old blankets and gives you a few creative ways to reuse your comforters to make sure you get your money’s worth.

How to Reuse Your Old Blankets 

Here are ten creative ideas to give new life to your old blankets:

Give Them Away

You may have recently replaced a twin bed and no longer need twin bed sets. Maybe you’ve redecorated your bedroom and your old blankets don’t match. One of the best ways to reuse your old blankets is to donate them.

Pack these with your used clothing, curtains and linens to drop them off at charity stores or other recycle and reuse facilities.

You can also give them to a homeless shelter. Whatever route you go to donate your blankets, make sure they’re in good shape. After all, you’ll want the next person or animal to be able to love them as much as you did.

Make Beds for Your Pet 

what to do with old blankets

Another creative way to repurpose your blankets is to let your pets enjoy the blanket’s coziness. Your pet will appreciate a comfortable place to sleep. 

When it comes to comfort and warmth, animals aren’t quite as picky as humans. An old blanket with a few tears will fit them just fine. You can fold the blankets or cut them into pieces depending on the size and number of your pets.

Chew Toy for Your Pets

Just like with children, the simpler, the better. Cut an old blanket into pieces and braid them together to create a new toy for your pet. 

Simply tie a few knots along a folded-up sheet and get your dog to tug on it for a fun game of tug-of-war. Your pet is sure to enjoy chewing on the blanket.

Remake Them Into Curtains

If you have old blankets in good enough condition with a great design, consider repurposing them as curtains. 

They’re as simple to sew as standard curtain fabric, and they’re often thick enough to last you a long time. A printed blanket curtain would be a simple and effective way to dress up your windows.

Make New Ironing Board Covers

Thick blankets make excellent ironing board covers. Over time, the padding and coverings on your ironing board will wear out and break down. If you have a good-quality blanket and a sewing machine, consider making yourself a new cover for your old and worn ironing board.

All you need to do is cut the blanket pad to fit the top of the ironing board. Next, place the old ironing cover on your sheet and cut it out, leaving enough to cover the board’s sides. Finally, fit the blanket pad on the ironing board.

Take It for a Picnic

what to do with old blankets

If you’re a picnic person, you’ll probably need a blanket for one of your outdoor gatherings or road trips. Bedroom comforters can provide a comfy and clean surface to sit on. Sew together a couple of old blankets and now you have a beach blanket with plenty of room.

This way, you’ll avoid beach sand seeping into your shoes. All you have to do is lay out the blanket, place your coolers and other items on it, and relax.

Make Reusable Bags

Repurpose an old wool blanket into something extraordinary, whether it’s for yourself or a tote-loving friend. An old blanket can make a big, rustic-looking, hand-sewn tote bag. Plus, these are far more eco-friendly than plastic bags. 

Make shopping, carrying, vegetable, laundry or any other type of bag. It’s as simple as folding the strip of fabric in half, sewing up the sides and adding a drawstring to the top.

Make a Plant Cover

Don’t let frost ruin all of your gardening efforts. If your plants need extra warmth during the teeth-chattering months, use your old blankets to keep them warm. Wrap them around your plants and they’ll be safe when the temperature drops.

Redesign Your Blanket

If you’ve outgrown your current blanket and want something new, you can always create a unique piece from your old one, given that you have the necessary sewing skills. Sew your favorite print cloth on top of the blanket for a more modern style.

You can also use spare blankets to make the perfect costumes for your kids to play dress-up for Halloween — a zombie with tattered clothes, a tunic for your princess or maybe a Greek warrior.

DIY Blanket Fort

what to do with old blankets

Make an excellent blanket fort with old comforters, chairs or PVC pipes. Your children will have a blast playing in your old bedding. Keep a colorful stash of blankets to make the perfect living room fortress. All you need is an open space, some wood dowels and a wool blanket to build a fort for your kids to hang out!

Additionally, you can use the blankets as a drop cloth for painting, clay work and other messy crafts your kids enjoy.

Bottom Line 

We hope the question of what to do with old blankets no longer leaves you stumped. There are numerous ways to repurpose old blankets and comforters instead of throwing them away. You can give them to animal shelters, thrift stores or recycling facilities. 

Most importantly, reusing old household products such as comforters and blankets contributes to environmental protection. No matter how small, your initiatives can motivate others to do their part to protect the environment and reduce waste.

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