Best 20 lb Weighted Blankets Ideas – Our Top 7 Picks!

A weighted blanket is a type of thick therapeutic blanket meant to reduce tension and improve your sleep cycle. Weighted blankets aren’t only comfortable, either — they’re also incredibly beneficial. According to recent studies, individuals who have incorporated a weighted blanket into their sleeping cycle have experienced lesser tension and more tranquillity.

The material influences the blanket’s feel and how easy it is to wash. Weighted blankets can use a wide variety of different materials to increase their weight while maintaining functionality at the same time.

The majority of weighted blankets are packed with plastic or glass beads, which adds up the weight of the veil as a whole. There are a variety of other alternatives to select from, such as:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Sand
  • Polyester

Overall, using a weighted blanket can enhance the quality of your sleep while also improving your health. The continuous tension given by the weights helps create a cuddle-like feeling that increases dopamine levels, which are the “happy hormones.”

These “feel good” compounds may allow any person using them to experience pleasure and a sense of solace. Because of the therapeutic advantages that weighted blankets provide to their users, their popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years.

Why Might You Need a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets, as the name implies, are large blankets with contents that make them heavier. The weighted blanket was first created back in 1997 by a man by the name of Keith Zivalich, and it has gone through numerous modifications since then. 

Compared to their previous counterparts, which were primarily supplied for individuals with autism or anxiety, these modern weighted blankets are now becoming the go-to everyday blankets for many people. They can now give much-needed comfort sleep for youngsters, parents, or even someone living away from home for the first time, such as a college student living in their dorm.

The way these blankets work is fairly simple. A weighted blanket provides sensations that are similar to how it feels when someone hugs you. They provide mild pressure to your body, which then secretes an increased amount of oxytocin. 

Weighted blankets are particularly beneficial to people who are prone to elevated levels of worry and anxiety, or someone who is not able to have a peaceful sleep. If you are having difficulties with sleeping, sleep deprivation, or even more complex situations, then weighted blankets are the product that may transform your life. 

However, the advantages of a weighted blanket are not limited to improved sleeping at night. You may cuddle up in the blanket whenever you’re worried or stressed during the day, or if you simply want to feel the warmth of love when by yourself.

Weighted blankets can help you relax by putting your respiratory system into “standby mode,” lowering anxiety symptoms like shortness of breath, and improving your heart rate. In today’s competitive world, when virtually everyone is striving for a better life, a perfect weighted blanket is required to provide comfort, ease of sleep, and a healthy lifestyle.

The Major Differences Between Weighted Blankets and Non-Weighted Blankets

teal textured soft blanket material

Both weighted and non-weighted blankets have their use, and each has its own pros and cons. For instance, weighted blankets are similar to your typical sleeping blankets but considerably heavier. The weight mainly originates from small filler materials buried in the fabric, intended to provide a hug-like feeling if you are using them. 

On the other hand, a normal blanket is a type of bedding with cloth stitched together and filled with soft materials like cotton to make it smooth and comfy. We have listed a few significant points which differentiate a weighted blanket from your regular blanket.

  • Weighted blankets offer more health benefits, whereas regular blankets offer no such advantages. While they may behave like traditional blankets, weighted blankets can improve sleep in insomniacs, decrease pain, and alleviate worry. On the other hand, normal blankets only provide warmth, and so far, there is no evidence that it provides any health benefits.
  • Weighted blankets tend to be costlier, whereas your typical blankets can be much more affordable. So, if you are on a tight budget, normal blankets might be a better choice for you.
  • Not everyone can use a weighted blanket, whereas regular blankets are typically fine for the general population. If a person is suffering from diabetes, asthma, or claustrophobia, then weighted blankets would not be a good choice.

Either of these can be good choices, depending on what you need. If you are someone who wants to improve your sleep cycle or if you want to cure your depression, anxiety, or autism, weighted blankets can provide the extra push. If you are on a stricter budget and live in a hot and humid climate, then you may want to reach for a standard blanket.

What Are the Best 20lb Weighted Blankets?

unmade bed with dark grey bedding

If you are entirely unfamiliar with the term “weighted blanket,” you likely want to know how to select the perfect blanket that will suit your needs. So before we dive into the best weighted blankets on the market, we want to let you know why we chose them for this list.

Our Evaluation Criteria

Weighted blankets can come in various options, and some of the criteria we used to unearth the best weighted blankets are explained below. In our search, we focused on its:

  • Materials
  • Pricing
  • Maintenance
  • Features


Many people will likely ignore the fillings and just buy a blanket that is the cheapest. However, the filling material can affect the blanket’s comfort and effectiveness, and there are various kinds of materials that can be used for filling. 

If you want to build your own blanket, poly pellets and glass beads are both pretty easy to find online. If you want to use a more affordable weighted filler, though, remember that natural materials won’t be able to handle the repetitive washes and will most likely decay after a while. These include:

  • Grains (rice and barley)
  • Sand
  • Dried beans 

On the other hand, a blanket filled with glass bead fillings with a duvet cover typically requires the least amount of upkeep. All the materials have their pros and cons, and we’ve made sure to list the best-weighted blankets for every need.


Just like any other product, weighted blankets come in different shapes, sizes, or qualities. Pricing of a weighted blanket is often decided by:

  • The fillings
  • The materials used
  • And of course, the brand name

The more expensive blankets are often better made and more comfortable than other alternatives. On that note, weighted blankets with unique characteristics, such as a cooling cover for people whose temperature increases while sleeping, can also be on the pricey side. 

But fear not, some budget king monsters are as good as their expensive counterparts. For those on a tight budget, there are lots of more affordable alternatives. We have created a list with a healthy balance of low, medium, and high budget blankets.


Depending on whether your weighted blanket is composed of glass beads, nylon, steel beads, wool, or a combination of different materials, different care instructions may apply.

Fillings consisting of sand or dried beans require more maintenance than other materials like glass beads or pebbles. There is also the risk of sand leakage or insects eating out the dried beans filling (yuck).

Some blankets are easier to clean than others since their coverings can be removed and machine washed. Others can only be spot cleaned. The more maintenance it needs, the costlier the experience will be. Fillings made of cotton, fleece, or beads are easier to maintain, while blankets made of sand or crystals will require extra care.


Quality and features go hand in hand. A blanket that provides both is termed as a good blanket. From choosing the suitable fabric to selecting blankets that come with different weaves, it is of utmost importance that you buy a blanket that suits your needs. Weighted blankets can come in other weaves, and all of them provide something else.

For example, thermal blankets are suitable for the summer days, while the quilted or knitted weighted blankets are closely knit and can be used in winters to provide the needed warmth. Depending on your various needs, we have listed a variety of 20-pound weighted blankets, all of which can be used comfortably by you or your loved ones.

Our Top Picks

Gravity Blankets

neatly folded grey velvet blanket

The Gravity Blanket is a trendy weighted blanket. It comes in four weight options: 

  • 15 pounds
  • 20 pounds
  • 25 pounds
  • 35 pounds

Gravity Blankets are a premium-grade, well-constructed blanket that is manufactured using quality materials. The manufacturer has improved upon its initial design to help improve your sleep cycle. The inside cotton shell features grid stitching that helps properly disperse the glass bead fillings, while the outer covering attaches to the base and keeps it from moving around. 

Even though the pricing is higher, this blanket has received a whopping 76% 5-star and 13% 4-star ratings, which constitutes 89% positive ratings.

Gravity Blankets come in a variety of choices, including traditional and original, but their cooling blankets are intended for “hot sleepers,” whose temperature increases while they are sleeping. There is also a version for kids called Gravity Kids Blanket. The Gravity Travel weighted blankets are also an excellent choice for individuals who like to move locations a lot.


  • Comes with a washable duvet cover
  • Available in various shapes and sizes
  • Durable
  • Evenly distributed fillings


  • Is fairly expensive

YnM Weighted Blanket

neatly folded grey blanket

The YnM blanket is another excellent choice, and with high 78% 5-star ratings, you can’t go wrong with it. These blankets come with a duvet cover and is an excellent fit for any age since it comes in a plethora of sizes ranging from a small 36″ x48″ 5-pound blanket to a massive 80″ x 87″ 30-pound blanket. So, whether you prefer a smaller or broader weighted blanket, you will find a blanket that fits your criteria.

YnM uses a 7-layer technology intended to adapt to the contours of your body for optimum comfort, providing superior temperature management. Now that we talked about the features, comes the pricing, and we have to say that these YnM blankets are priced quite well for the quality that they provide.


  • Various shapes and sizes are available
  • Is budget-friendly
  • It comes with duvet covers 
  • Quite durable


  • Stitching can be improved

Baloo Weighted Blanket

white blanket draped over wooden chair

The Baloo Blanket comes in four sizes:

  • 42×72 in (12lbs)
  • 60×80 in (15 lbs)
  • 60×80 in (20 lbs)
  • 80×87 in (25 lbs)

Baloo is a quilted weighted blanket made from cotton. These come with natural and chemical-free fabrics exclusively, selected for comfort, freshness, and longevity. Designed for deeper relaxation, the tight quilted design keeps the weighted filler securely in place.

That way, you never worry about bunching or pooling. The soothing white hue also helps to create a peaceful, calm sleep environment. The 20-pound Baloo weighted blanket also features tiny loops stitched into the edges to firmly attach with a duvet cover, increasing the product’s durability. 

Although the blankets made by Baloo are a bit on the expensive side, we feel the money is justified for the quality you get.


  • Good after-sales service
  • Eco-friendly
  • Breathable material used for better airflow
  • Non-toxic materials used
  • Double stitching offers good durability


  • Is fairly expensive
  • White is harder to keep clean

Uttermara Sherpa Fleece Weighted Blanket

grey blanket draped over couch

The Uttermara weighted blanket is your traditional 7-layer design blanket, making it one of the best products for your winter needs. Its filling is made of ceramic beads, which are as small as 1mm. These beads are combined with non-glue polyester and fabric to offer the most pleasing weighted sensation. 

The Uttermara blanket embraces you all night long, no matter how much you toss and turn in your sleep. On top of that, these blankets come in a number of fun colors that will help brighten up any bedroom. This blanket comes in many sizes and weights, ranging from 5 pounds to 25 pounds.

Uttermara Sherpa Fleece weighted blanket combines a silky 220 GSM fleece top with a wool-like sherpa reverse to provide the ultimate comfort with a sophisticated finish. Snuggle in it to experience the warmth of a soft embrace to relax your soul completely.


  • Great customer service
  • Good budget options
  • 7-layer beads locking design
  • Lots of fun colors
  • Snuggle fit
  • Easy to wash


  • Not suited for hot and humid climates

Luna Adult Weighted Blanket

woman wrapping herself up in pink blanket and smiling

Luna weighted blankets are made with organic cotton, making them a very comfortable choice to pick from. A combination of glass beads and hypoallergenic cotton is used as the filling material to provide uniform weight for the blanket. 

This blanket can be washed in the machine and also comes with a washable cover, which is a great plus. Its outer shell is made entirely of cotton, and its layered design allows the air to flow freely inside the blanket, which improves the overall breathability.

Luna provides a broad variety of weighted blankets intended to fit various ages, requirements, and tastes. The company’s blanket sizes vary from child size to king size. 

And the absolute most awesome aspect? Luna blankets are still considerably more affordable than all the other blankets on our list with all these features. The 20lbs Luna adult weighted blanket costs about half the price of the standard king-sized weighted blanket.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Premium glass beads are used
  • Comes in different weights
  • Highly durable
  • Premium filling materials used


  • Not suitable for hot or humid climates

Degrees Of Comfort Weighted Blanket Queen Size for Adults

stack of white and grey folded blankets

Like most other blankets discussed above, the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket comes with a smaller pocket filled with glass beads for even weight distribution. This blanket also comes in tons of sizes, ranging from 5 pounds to 30 pounds, and also with different lengths. 

The Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket is ideal for both hot and cold climates. It features two washable duvet coverings that you can switch out, depending on the season. When the weather becomes warmer, you don’t have to put away your comfortable weighted blanket, just switch to warm fleece. On the other hand, if you want to tackle prickly heat just turn to the cooling microfiber. 


  • Comes with two duvet covers
  • Many different sizes available
  • Quite durable
  • Ideal for both hot and cold weather


  • Fairly high maintenance
  • The pockets containing the beads are large

Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket

rolled up oversized knit blanket

Of all the discussed weighted blankets, in our opinion, Nuzzie weighted blankets are the most comfortable. These Nuzzie blankets are made from OEKO-Tex certified, hand-woven yarn, and the strands are made from 100% recycled polyester.

From their site, it can be seen that making just one Nuzzie blanket has recycled as many as 1200 water bottles. This makes the blanket eco-friendly, as well.

Each Nuzzie Knit blanket is guaranteed a 120-day manufacturer’s warranty. Another interesting fact about these blankets is that the blankets are machine washable, making the maintenance part a breeze.

These blankets come in four sizes: 8, 15, 20, and 25 pounds, respectively. Filled with polyester, they are also beadless, which means the weight is more evenly distributed. Apart from all these features, let’s look into the pros and cons of it.


  • Eco-friendly 
  • Seven different colors available
  • Suitable for both hot and cold climates
  • Even weight distribution
  • No toxic materials were used


  • Is very expensive

What are the Advantages of Weighted Blankets?

In basic terms, weighted blankets are just your regular blankets but with extra weight. With that in mind, you might be thinking, why not just throw a few extra blankets onto your bed and call it a night? It’s not that simple, though.

These weighted blankets are trending because of their unique weight distribution, which provides a hug-like warm sensation that takes away your stress and enables you to sleep better. Using a weighted blanket has several advantages, such as:

  1. Alleviates stress and anxiety. A weighted blanket may help reduce the levels of stress and anxiety. Since both emotions can frequently interfere with sleep, these weighted blankets can improve your sleep cycle, making you more productive. 
  2. Improves sleep cycle. If you are not able to sleep alone when your partner is not with you or if you are single, then weighted blankets can provide warm company. Weighted blankets also release more oxytocin, which is the happy feel hormone. It makes you feel comfortable and cozy, allowing you to fall asleep faster.
  3. Can be customized. Weighted blankets come in different shapes, sizes, and budgets. So, if you want to splash the cash, you can go for Nuzzie Weighted Blanket or Gravity Blankets, and if you are on a tight budget, you can opt for these YnM Weighted Blanket

The Disadvantages of Weighted Blankets

A few disadvantages may come with sleeping under weighted blankets, too, such as:

  1. Can be costly. Weighted blankets are typically costlier than your conventional blankets. If you’re on a careful spending plan, the price can lead to sticker shock.
  2. May overheat your body. Many individuals are hot sleepers, which means that when they sleep beneath a weighted blanket, they soon can get excessively warm, which can harm your sleep cycle. Not all weighted blankets will warm your body, though, as some are temperature regulating.
  3. Not suitable for children. Weighted blankets can restrict the body movements of young children, disturbing their sleep. Therefore, they aren’t suggested for kids under four, unless their pediatrician recommends them. 

How To Prolong Your Weighted Blanket’s Life

book about photography on a pink bed

Weighted blankets come in every shape and size, with several different materials used in them. Some are easy to take care of, while others are a bit harder to maintain. Different kinds of care for different blankets are briefly discussed below:

  • Glass bead blankets: These blankets can be washed in regular water, and then it is recommended to tumble dry them.
  • Steel beads: It’s recommended to hand-wash these to increase their life.
  • Fur blankets: These covers are extremely soft. It may look hard to maintain, but it’s quite the opposite in reality. They just need to be washed in the gentle mode, with light bleach, with nothing else in the load.
  • Dried beans, corn, or sand: These weighted blankets are non-washable, which means you’ll need to spot-clean them. Otherwise, you might risk ruining it.

Be sure to use recommended cleaning agents for your weighted blankets and avoid heavy cleaning agents, as they may harm the blanket. Don’t allow children to play with the blankets or bring any liquid or food near the blankets, either. Ultimately, you should use the blankets with care to maximize their lifespan.

Our Top Recommendations

We have listed around eight weighted blankets of different shapes, sizes, and varying budgets. With all the options we have, though, we understand that it’s easy to get confused and fall into the never-ending blanket selection wars.

With that in mind, here are our top three choices:

Gravity Blankets

neatly folded grey soft blanket

Choosing the right blanket is of utmost importance, and we feel that the gravity blanket will be suitable for most of the demographic. The duvet covers that come with gravity blankets are great. Sleepers will like the duvet cover’s dual-sided softness, too. The glass beads are evenly distributed, which provides a balanced weight distribution. 

To top it off, all these Gravity Blankets are available in various shapes and sizes. So, whether you are a petite person looking for a light-weighted mattress or a couple looking for a jumbo 25lbs blanket, Gravity has covered it all. 

YnM Weighted Blanket

woman wrapping herself in grey blanket with YNM logo

The YnM weighted blanket is something that we call a budget monster product. It can be bought at a reasonable price, even with almost as many features as the premium weighted blankets. YnM weighted blankets also come with a one-year limited warranty, covering material or manufacturing faults that occur due to production errors and exist despite regular use.

There’s also a broad selection of weights, colors, and pattern options available at affordable costs. Overall, YnMs weighted blanket is a fantastic choice — they’re breathable, flexible, evenly weighted, and on the cheaper end of the weighted blanket range.

Baloo Weighted Blanket

white blanket neatly folded with cotton plant resting on top

Both Baloo and Nuzzie blankets were fighting over the last spot, and in the end, we chose the Baloo weighted blankets. We decided on Baloo and not Nuzzie because of two reasons. One, the price, and two, the weight difference. Baloo is also considerably cheaper than a Nuzzie blanket, as well.

The glass microbeads are stitched into the middle of the blanket so that they cover you, but don\’t drag down on the corners as they dangle over the edges. Furthermore, the outside cover is constructed of 100 percent cotton, which is breathable and does not trap heat.

This allows you to keep it on your bed all year long, regardless of the weather. If you have a slightly higher budget, we definitely recommend you to stretch it a bit and go for Baloo Weighted Blankets for a complete experience.

Our Final Thoughts

A weighted blanket is believed to decrease movement and restlessness during sleep due to the mild pressure it produces. Because these movements disturb sleep, reducing them is likely to enhance sleep quality. So prepare to sleep like a newborn in their mother’s womb if you’re ready to discover the perks of weighted blankets.

The sales of weighted blankets have skyrocketed in recent years as more and more people understand the benefits of a weighted blanket. These blankets can be a healthy alternative to sedative sleeping pills, which can be harmful in the long run.

Of all the blankets on our list, the Baloo Weighted Blanket takes the winner’s spot, thanks to its fairly affordable price point and many benefits. However, feel free to pick any of the ones we discussed, or use information from this guide as a baseline for exploring other products. And no matter what you choose, we hope you get that good night’s rest you deserve!

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