4 Best Alaskan King Bed Sheets [2022]

Look at the whole family enjoying a movie on this Alaskan King Bed!  Now, that is quality family time!

Alaskan beds are the largest bed you can find on the planet, aside from custom designing and building one yourself.  But you really won’t need to because the dimensions for this colossal bed are 108 inches by 108 inches!  That’s 9 feet wide by 9 feet long!

Maybe you are a family that sleeps together with your children and pets, and you want a bed that also gives you a good night’s rest as well as fills the co-sleeping need.  A movie or game before bed, and then, in the same bed, sleep!

Perhaps you are super-tall, an athlete, and need the extra room to be fully supported, move around at night, and not bang into your spouse.  Or, maybe you just love the ultimate luxury that an Alaskan King Size bed provides – no more moving over and finding yourself on the edge of the bed!

One thing is for sure, with an Alaskan King Size Bed, you cannot go wrong, and you will never run out of space or be cramped again.

Luxury 100% Extra-Long Staple Cotton Alaskan King Size Sheet Set in Olivia percale fabric made in Italy

cute boson terrier dog on white bed sheets

Criteria that make this the best Alaskan King Sheet Set are the raw materials used, the craftsmanship, the reputation of the company, and world-class kudos!

  • Awards from Lux Life Travel and Tourism, Good Housekeeping, Global Hospitality, and more give credence to Vero\’s place at the top of the quality pyramid for softness, durability, and breathability.
  • Vero uses only extra-long-staple cotton – the best in the world!
  • They are elegant and simply the finest. Italian craftsmen weave their artistry and create what no other country has been able to replicate.
  • The downsides are the price – in the hundreds.
  • Another bummer is that they cannot be returned.
  • My brother had a set of Vero sheets (not for an Alaskan King!) that I slept on two years ago, and they were supremely silky like butter!  No way I would need to return these sheets! A must-see at Vero Linens!

Alaskan King Size Sheets

Alaskan King Size bed in neat room

This is the fun part of shopping for your bed.  The sheets!  So many beautiful, cozy, crisp, and silky fabrics to envelop yourself with!  And the styles and patterns – to go with any type of decor you can imagine.

First, let’s just say that it is going to be a different type of shopping for Alaskan King Size Sheets than your standard sheets.  These are not readily available at retail stores or outlets or even many online sites.  You must do some homework to find the best sheets.

The links will be to stores you can buy King size sheets or maybe even a Wyoming-size mattress, but very few will actually offer you Alaskan King Size Sheets.

These Alaskan King size sheets have to be custom-made, just like the mattresses and bed frames.

However, before buying sheets for your gigantic fun-bed, you must first get a mattress pad!

Alaskan King Size Mattress Pad

Alaskan King Size Mattress Pad

Here is a fitted mattress pad from the Alaskan King Bed Company.

  • It is a silent and silky material, so you won’t hear any crinkling or feel any lumps.
  • It is hand-made to fit like a glove around your Alaskan King size bed.
  • It is waterproof (a must!) and breathable to keep you cool and comfortable.
  • 100% of their products are made in the USA.

Alaskan King Size Sheet Set with 6 pieces in Navy Blue

Alaskan King Size Sheet Set with 6 pieces in Navy Blue

These sheets are wonderful because they are made with 100% pure long-staple Egyptian Cotton, which is the highest quality you can buy (like Supima)

  • I love the silky, sateen weave of these
  • Long-staple Egyptian cotton is naturally temperature regulating
  • It is single ply, which speaks to its quality
  • The set contains a bottom and top sheet with 4 pillowcases
  • Soft like a cotton ball, it will only get softer after each washing
  • More colors at Alaskan King Bed Company!

Alaskan King Size Beds are Modular

The great thing about Alaskan King size mattresses, besides the size, is the fact that you get many ways to customize your comfort once you get it home.  Many manufacturers have different density and firmness layers that you can zip off on either the top or the bottom side.  Some even have left and right sides that you can remove to adapt to each sleeper’s preferences.

Many manufacturers offer the options of customizing the materials used and will put differing firmness under the shoulder and hip area if you request that.

How to Get the Ultimate Alaskan King Size Snooze in Comfort

couple peacefully sleeping on their side in bed

Modular Heaven

Because of the enormity of Alaskan King Size Beds, they will come in modular pieces to your home so they can fit through a standard door. They will usually come in three pieces which consist of a full-size 5-inch “topper” and two 8-inch bottom pieces (which look like twin size beds).  All three pieces are strongly zipped together so they don’t shift at all.

All pieces can be flipped over to the backside and zipped back together.  The reason you would want to flip them over to the backside is that the top half of the full “topper” layer is made of 1-inch cotton quilting and 2 inches of soft gel memory foam, which then sits on 2 inches of a firm cushion latex with a cotton backing.  Softer, and soft, and firm are your choices.

  • Essentially, there are 8 different ways you can configure your mattress for the ultimate in comfort.  You can also opt to remove the top layer altogether and just sleep on the bottom layer for more firmness!
  • The Alaskan King Size Bed is very easy to take with you when you move due to the modular nature and disassembly of its parts.
  • Another great feature is that this mattress will last forever!  It can be flipped around many ways and times, it can be refurbished, and can have just the worn areas replaced!

The Cons of an Alaskan King Size Bed

So, we have extolled the virtues of luxury and the myriad of possibilities available with an Alaskan King Size Bed.  Now, let’s face some facts about the drawbacks:

  • It’s huge.  Almost the size of a small bedroom.  Do you really want a gigantic piece like that in your home?
  • You will need a football field size area to house it.  Not quite – but you will need at least a 16 foot by 16-foot room.  That leaves only 9 feet around the bed.  While it may seem like a lot, add a bench at the end of the bed, and a dresser or two, and suddenly you are navigating to the door with much less space than you may like.
  • Price, Price, and Price.  The mattress alone can cost upwards of $4,000, and you will need a solid, sturdy frame that is also custom made could cost more than the mattress.  And the sheets are custom-made and can be very costly.
  • Mobility.  Moving from room to room or country to country?  Time to invest in a team of movers with strong backs!

Royal 1500 Thread Count White Alaskan King Size 4pc Sheet Set with 15″ Deep Pocket  

White Alaskan King Size 4pc Sheet Set with 15 Deep Pocket

This crisp white sheet set is 100% pure cotton, with a dense 1500 thread count to drape over you like butter.

  • It is shiny and lustrous and touted to be very breathable.
  • It is machine washable in cold water
  • It comes with one flat, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases.
  • Be wary of the cotton used and the extra high thread count, which can be falsely increased by using sup-par weak fibers to twist into one thread – but counting the 3 or 4 fibers to be 3 or 4 threads!

The brand AP Bedding has a 100% positive rating, and sheet reviewers say they love these sheets and will buy more! This White Alaskan King Size Sheet Set can be found on Amazon.

Who Would Even Think of making an Alaskan King Size Bed?

woman s hands putting on fitted bed sheet on

We can all probably remember our parents or grandparents sleeping in “tiny” beds as compared to ours today.  Before the 1940s, twin and double beds made up our sleeping arrangements.  In the mid-1940s, manufacturers began making larger mattresses and labeling them as Queen and King.

  • This idea gained traction in the early 1950s, with the post-war economic boom and larger homes in the suburbs being more extravagantly decorated. Even amidst these changes, it took much marketing of these larger mattresses to make an impact on sales.
  • In 1900, just under 4% of males were over 6 feet tall.  By 1960, that number had increased to 21%! People started taking real notice of larger beds as what they currently had was now thought of as too small and cramped, especially with the new larger options available.


Another factor was that now there were cotton, steel, latex, and rubber companies wishing to become involved with the mattress manufacturers and continue the success they had experienced during the war years. With renewed financial and marketing support, a huge push was made to send out thousands of press kits extolling the virtues of more restful sleep in a more spacious bed.

  • After the public had been besieged with marketing about the Queen and King size mattresses for almost a decade, the California King bed was launched in the late 1960s with guarantees of better health through sleep and the ability to co-sleep with your children.
  • All the variables worked together, and the King size mattress industry saw growth from 1% in 1953 to 10% in 1961!  Pretty good for 8 years.

Today, the Queen size bed is most frequently bought, with King size beds taking second place.

Then came even larger mattress needs.  The trend of having whole families sleeping together, the rapid rise in a person’s size, and the immense marketing on radio, television, newspapers, magazines, etc., all contributed to the demand for bigger and better mattresses.

Alaskan King Sheets Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton in Sage by Comfort Sheets 

Alaskan King Sheets Luxury Egyptian Cotton in Sage by Comfort Sheets

These sheets are great for their deep pockets of 18-inches which you will need with an Alaskan size mattress!

  • Fully elasticized bottom sheet and oversized top sheet with 2 pillowcases.
  • Made of 100% Egyptian long-staple cotton – so it’s not extra-long-staple, but it is above average quality cotton.
  • The thread count is a bit concerning for the price, as it would be really hard to jam 1000 long-staple fibers into an inch of fabric and still have it be soft and breathable -in fact, I bought the dark plum color because I couldn’t find that exact shade anywhere else and the sheets were a bit stiff and not so soft.
  • I love the colors it comes in just amazing to decorate with!
  • You must check out dozens of colors here at Amazon!

“Super Size King” Beds

The most expansive mattresses were named after larger states, and since Alaska is the largest state, the largest king-size bed was named the Alaskan King Bed.  The second-largest state, Texas, also has inspired the second-largest king-size bed name, the Texas King Size Bed.  The third-largest is the Wyoming King Bed and then the California King Bed.  Then the state names stop, and beds are just “King” size.

Some experts think that these oversize King beds were named after states that had an extra demand for “extra” large beds and “extra” large anything and were the first to buy substantial supplies of them.

Close up on bed with upholstery headboard and white pillows

Measurements of Oversized King Beds

  • Named for the state of Wyoming, a Wyoming King bed was created with dimensions of 84 inches by 84 inches square.
  • The Texas King bed is a rectangular “Super” King size bed at 80 inches by 98 inches.
  • The Alaskan King size bed is a whopping 108 inches by 108 inches – that’s 9 feet on each side!

Measurements of Standard Size Beds

  • Twin: 39 x 75 inches
  • Twin XL: 39 x 80 inches
  • Full/Double: 54 x 75 inches
  • Queen: 60 x 80 inches
  • King: 76 x 80 inches
  • California King: 72 x 84 inches

Evolution of the Bed – Twin to Alaskan

modern chic bedroom with over the bed art

Never before have we seen beds this large -almost.  If we look back at history, in the 1500s beds were exceptionally large in Europe, measuring 8 feet square.

  • This was almost a necessity as the heating was very inadequate, and many people slept in one room that could be heated and that had other people in the bed to keep them warm.
  • Another reason for the larger beds was for security.  From the 1500s to the 1800s, it was common for female and male servants to sleep with their mistresses and masters to protect them from unwanted advances and intruders in the night.
  • The beds were also growing, with the largest one on record being 10 feet square!  This was so several people could sleep in the bed at once, as well as to show-off wealth and to use the bed almost as a parlor – having visitors come into the chamber to drink tea with you while you were on the bed!
  • During the late 1800s, with the invention of coils and the beginning of mass production, beds became standardized and smaller in dimension. A shift in buying motivation was noticed in the 1930s when the innerspring coils became popular due to the huge difference they made in the feel of the mattress.  People began buying for comfort and preference.
  • Manufacturers built on this new consumer theme, and it was the perfect segway into the larger mattress offerings of the 1940s.

Once the California King Size Bed had been introduced in the 1960s and had shown much interest and profit, demand for even larger beds emerged, with the Alaskan King Size Bed being introduced in the early 1970s.  Four large adults could sleep comfortably in one bed, as well as large pets, large families, and athletes.

So far to date, the Alaskan King Size Bed is the largest bed available to man – unless you get a builder to create one specifically for you.  That bed might be named the North American Size Bed!


This is the sheet set for you if temperatures just aren’t cooperating!  Made with 100% Bamboo, this set is incredibly thermoregulation – your skin will breathe easily!

Bamboo is naturally moisture-wicking and heavenly soft and smooth and lightweight. It’s hypoallergenic and wonderful for sensitive skin!

This is free from harsh chemicals and is eco-sustainable, being a super fast-growing grass with no pesticides needed!

No bacteria or dust mites can survive in bamboo – so clean and fresh!

The downside is the price, but for healthy peace of mind, I would gladly buy one set and just keep washing it!

Three generations of women from Chicago own the Ocochi company that carries this high-quality bamboo Alaskan King Size Sheet Set in several colors!

Alaskan King Size Sheet Conclusion

I want to make one very important point: when searching for Alaskan King Size Sheets, just type in “Alaskan Sheets.”  If you Google the whole phrase, you will never get to any Alaskan Sheets but will get every single sheet set that has the word “King” in it.

My top recommendation for Alaskan King Size Sheets would be 100% Supima Cotton in a Sateen weave that has a darker color such as Tan, Burgundy, or Navy Blue.  The reasons for all this are:

  • 100% Supima Cotton is the strongest, most durable, and long-lasting cotton you can buy.  It lasts decades, and the quality of it maintains its beauty and strength.
  • Sateen weave is a one-under, four-over weave that produces a thicker and denser texture to the sheet, which in turn will have a higher thread count and add just that little extra durability to the sheets.  Not to mention, they are substantial sheets that drape over you with a silky feel and are still breathable due to the exceptional cotton quality.
  • The darker color of your sheeting will give as much camouflage as possible to any spills, stains, dirt, pet hairs, or other mishaps that end up on the sheets!

And don’t forget, when buying an Alaskan King Size Bed, removable modular parts are preferred for comfort and mobility.

Get a specialized bed frame that leaves between 1 and 2-inches of space between the mattress and the frame. Otherwise, you will end up with a bed that shifts or sides of a mattress that will bunch up and elevate over time.

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