11 Best Red Comforter Ideas To Spice Up Your Bed [2022]

If a red carpet led to a doorway to dreams, the best red comforter ideas would pave the way. The intense color is an incredible bedroom addition, and you’ll see how easily you can match each comforter to exquisite decor to make your bedroom feel like the entrance to fantasies and not nightmares.

I chose my top picks carefully with a rating system I designed for these red beauties, which will also help you choose your favorite. It’s all about versatility and quality, and the comforters I chose will offer you a bit of both, making you feel as lavish as the color. As a bonus, I’ll even show you how to turn the heat up.

Red is a color of making statements, and your comforter will tell a tale like no other. Moreover, you’ll be the curator of the story. I love creating bold ideas, and maybe that’s why I love red comforters so much. Don’t worry; you’ll be raging to bring your red comforter home by the end of this article.

Raging Flames of Passion

woman sitting up in bed journaling with red bedding

Red feels angry, enraged, and passionate, but it’s a color with so many more symbolic meanings. It’s not a destructive symbol. In fact, it’s a source of life, love, and courage, among other things. What drives your life force? Blood! And what color is your life force? Red! People even depict the heart as a red organ.

Sure, your face might turn a flaming red when you’re about to blow your top, but you also think of red when you\’re feeling intimate, in love, and bursting with desire. A bedroom isn’t simply a place of rest. It’s also a place where you can improve your relationship with the person who matters the most.

And no, my mind is not in the gutter! I’m talking about the love, compassion, and emotional connection you share with your person. The health of your relationship isn’t the only benefit of red comforters. The color is also associated with ancient beliefs where Chinese children wore it to ward off disease and bad luck.

People still use gemstones to clean their energies, prevent adverse effects, and heal from past traumas in modern spiritualism. Red gemstones like rubies and garnets also prevent diseases. Red has powerful roots in the force of life, love, and everything to do with passion.

And should you need it, you can also absorb the raging flames of the color on your bed when you need to get ready for a presentation at work. Red is also a sign of courage before entering a struggle, and it’s filled with vigor and encourages you to take a stand and promote yourself.

The power of red comforters can be yours. It can steal your heart before you drift into a slumber, and it can fuel your fire when you need some courage. Additionally, it’s a beautiful color that matches so many contemporary designs and decors. You’ll wow yourself with these gorgeous comforters.

What Makes a Good Comforter

red pintuck bedding on bed in room shown from the side

Red comforters feel like a luxurious stroll down the red carpet, and that’s why I’ve chosen first to rate my favorite comforters based on their thread count. Each comforter will earn one to two points for their thread count, which works like this:

  • A thread count between 100 and 180 is an entry-level cotton or linen comforter (I won’t give these comforters a point for thread count)
  • A thread count between 200 and 400 is medium quality (I might consider these comforters, but they’ll only earn 1 point)
  • A thread count over 400 is luxury or hotel quality (these babies will earn 2 points each)

Comforters with no thread count will also earn no points for it. The second part of my rating system will look at versatility. A comforter that fits more than three or more design styles will earn three points, two points for two matching styles, and one if it only matches a single style.

Each comforter will end with a rating out of five. Don’t be alarmed by comforters with a rating below three, either. It simply means they have no known thread count, or they only match one or two designs. They’re still gorgeous red comforters you can use in your home.

Winning Flame: My Number One!

The Egyptian Elegance Comforter is my favorite because it meets everything I want in a red bed cover. It even exceeds the thread count of luxury comforters, and it has a deep red hue that makes the room feel cozier. This comforter will make a room look smaller, so make sure you use it in a large bedroom.

Egyptian cotton and down alternative (all-season) are what makes me love this comforter more. It feels like I\’m floating on a cloud when I lie on this beauty. The solid pattern also makes it much simpler to blend it into various styles, even the royal ones like Roman and French designs. This comforter is hands down my winner.

plush, cozy bed with red bedding and pillows

Key Features:

Style: French, Roman, Italian, oriental, contemporary, rustic, and formal

Available Sizes: Twin, full, queen, oversized queen, California queen, king, and emperor king

Fabric: Pure Egyptian cotton

Thread Count: 800

Best Feature: The luxurious style of this comforter is the best feature because it makes you feel like royalty

Additional Pros: Goose down alternative, heavy, 600 fill power, hotel quality, machine-washable, all-season, durable, quality stitching, unmatched comfort, and expert craftsmanship

Potential Matches: Use a 1200 thread count sheet to maximize comfort and a few black throw pillows to break the depth of the red

Rating: 5/5


  • You shouldn’t break this elegant beauty with wild patterns or pastel colors
  • It’s perhaps too bold for some people

The Best Red Comforter Ideas: More Kindling Favorites

I could feel my passion exploding when I shared my favorite comforter, but that’s not all. There are a few more I\’d love to show you. Red simply has no bounds. There are so many gorgeous patterns, shades, and types you can consider before running to the red (bed) carpet sale, and I’ll rate each one with the same system.

2. Striped Satin Comforter

The Striped Satin Comforter looks sleek and silky, but it’s pure Egyptian cotton, hiding another luxury material inside. It’s a sophisticated beauty that will look impressive in a formal bedroom. It matches anything from mid-century, rustic, oriental, and modern styles, making it pretty versatile. Just don’t match it to more stripes.

Red striped bedding close up with pillows and ornate headboard

Key Features:

Style: Contemporary, oriental, and mid-century

Available Sizes: Full

Fabric: Siberian down and Egyptian cotton

Thread Count: 300

Best Feature: The comforter has Siberian down inside, one of the best fills you can find

Additional Pros: Dry clean only, exceptional quality, and unmatched softness/comfort

Potential Matches: You’ll have a winning bedroom if you can get a tufted chaise lounge, or you can enhance the elegance of the comforter with a stunning white Venetian curtain

Rating: 4/5


  • It’s only available in one size
  • It may feel a bit formal in casual bedrooms

3. Rose Cotton Comforter

The Rose Cotton Comforter is a pretty addition to your bedroom. It has a beautifully printed floral pattern that isn\’t too feminine to avoid shared bedrooms, and it feels mature, sleek, and sophisticated. The rose pattern is also in a light cream color, making it easy to match this beauty to earthy tones and chic accents.

red floral pattern comforter with blue pillows on bed in cozy bedroom

Key Features:

Style: Shabby chic, farmhouse, cottage, French, and oriental

Available Sizes: Queen, king, California king

Fabric: Cotton twill and polyester

Thread Count: 210

Best Feature: The comforter is certified against more than 350 harmful environmental chemicals (STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®)

Additional Pros: Machine-washable, midweight (for cooler weather), dryer friendly, and hypoallergenic

Potential Matches: You can use a neutral-colored floral sheet or Shabby chic bedside cabinets repainted in light blue

Rating: 4/5


  • The comforter might feel a little feminine in shared bedrooms, depending on your preferences
  • The blue trimmings won’t always fit your decor

4. Bright Red Egyptian Comforter

The Bright Red Egyptian Comforter is similar to my number one, but the color is bolder, almost being too loud, even for red. Everyone loves different shades of red, so it wouldn’t be fair to dismiss the traffic light comforter. Unlike my first choice, this comforter also has a solid weave, which makes it an unadorned beauty.

Bright Red Comforter on bed in clean cozy room

Key Features:

Style: Modern and chic

Available Sizes: Twin, full, queen, California queen, king, California king, oversized king, and super king

Fabric: Egyptian cotton

Thread Count: 800

Best Feature: The solid pattern allows you to match this gorgeous comforter to refined and detailed furniture, maybe even oriental-styled decor

Additional Pros: Handcrafted, quality stitching, and exceptional comfort

Potential Matches: Use a Prima cotton sheet to optimize your comfort and a caramel-colored throw to break the outstanding redness

Rating: 4/5


  • It’s not my favorite shade of red
  • It can steal the attention in your bedroom if you don’t break the color a bit

5. Faux Velvet Comforter

The Faux Velvet Comforter is an unusual bed cover, but it has the potential to cozy up your bedroom in winter. It combines red, brown, and beige to create a more earthy feel, but the faux velvet fabric is a little chic. This comforter will be harder to match with other bedroom decors, but anything is possible with such high quality.

Autumn Colored Patterned Faux Velvet Comforter set on bed

Key Features:

Style: Farmhouse and Shabby chic

Available Sizes: One size fits all (would fit up to a queen)

Fabric: Faux velvet, cotton, polyester, and microfiber

Thread Count: 1500!

Best Feature: The heavy velvet fabric and embroidery will blow your mind if you love those kinds of things

Additional Pros: Anti-clumping, machine-washable, heavy (great for winter), and dryer-friendly

Potential Matches: Wow, this one was hard! You can use a royal velvet sheet if you love the texture or break it with taffeta fabric (curtains)

Rating: 4/5


  • You would overheat in seconds if you use this comforter in spring and summer (maybe even fall)
  • The velvety fabric is more complicated to match than most fabrics

6. Minimal Dreams Comforter

The Minimal Dreams Comforter is a simple but boldly red bed cover with a lot of potentials. It\’s also the perfect comforter for minimalists who want to avoid elaborate patterns keeping their imagination alive before bedtime. The quilted design gives it that touch of elegance, placing it within a contemporary style as well.

Red Comforter on bed in clean room

Key Features:

Style: Contemporary and minimalist

Available Sizes: Twin, queen, and king

Fabric: Cotton and polyester

Thread Count: 233

Best Feature: The corded edges make it look like a quilt or throw (light enough for summer)

Additional Pros: Hypoallergenic, oversized, machine-washable, and baffle box stitching to keep the fill in place

Potential Matches: A black woven throw can remove the simplicity of the comforter, or you can use ivory throw pillows to break the solid red color

Rating: 3/5


  • It can feel a bit boring if you’re not looking for the minimalist design
  • It’s not super warm in winter

7. Boho Reversible Comforter

The Boho Reversible Comforter is a beautifully intricate choice for your bedroom. It’s vibrant, colorful, and bold enough to match the attitude of the primary color. The comforter has gorgeous combinations of paisley, striped, and botanical patterns to make you feel like you’re resting in a field of serenity.

Boho Pattern Red and Blue Reversible Comforter on bed

Key Features:

Style: Boho and farmhouse

Available Sizes: Full and king

Fabric: Cotton and polyester

Thread Count: 200

Best Feature: I think the design is the most gorgeous part of this comforter

Additional Pros: Easy home care, reversible, lightweight, and breathable

Potential Matches: It matches well with a Boho sheet and decorative tapestry

Rating: 3/5


  • You can only use it with solid-color furniture and decor
  • It’s not the warmest comforter if you want one for winter

8. Plaid Farmhouse Comforter

The Plaid Farmhouse Comforter is a beautiful entry-level cotton comforter that fits into three styles. The red and black ideally oppose each other to create a sense of balance. This comforter makes you think you\’re in a cabin in the woods, warming up to a fireplace. The construction feels warm and inviting.

Buffalo Check Plaid Red and Black Comforter on Bed

Key Features:

Style: Country, rustic, and farmhouse

Available Sizes: Twin, full, queen, and king

Fabric: Polyester and cotton

Thread Count: 160

Best Feature: The plaid design is trending in farmhouse styles right now

Additional Pros: Machine-washable, lightweight (for summer and spring), and dryer-friendly

Potential Matches: A black sheet would emphasize the pattern more, and an industrial bed frame would give it that rustic feel

Rating: 3/5


  • It could do with a higher thread count
  • It’s not warm enough to match the sensations of the comforter

9. Red Atlantis Comforter

The Red Atlantis Comforter would rate much higher if it had a visible thread count, but it’s still a beautiful comforter that utilizes a mixture of trending earthy colors. You get to choose which part of the comforter you want to emphasize. You can enhance the red hues in your bedroom or tone them down with earthy colors.

Red, Gold and Brown Comforter on bed

Key Features:

Style: Farmhouse, contemporary, and art moderne

Available Sizes: Twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king

Fabric: Polyester and microfiber

Thread Count: Unknown

Best Feature: The comforter’s design looks like something you’ll see in a luxury hotel

Additional Pros: Easy to clean at home, lightweight for summer and spring, and it includes eight pieces in total

Potential Matches: Using an olive green sheet can also emphasize the earthy tones, or you can get a gorgeous oriental rug to enhance the red in the comforter

Rating: 3/5


  • It’s not the warmest comforter for winter and fall
  • It has no thread count listed (meaning it would be below my minimum)

10. Grand Linen Comforter

The Grand Linen Comforter brings a touch of elegance to the contemporary world of bedding, and it works wonders in mid-century style as it has a medieval feel about it. The puckered pinched pleat design is also edged with beautiful embroidery. It would’ve been number one or two with a high thread count.

Red and Navy detail comforter on bed

Key Features:

Style: Mid-century and contemporary

Available Sizes: Twin, queen, and king

Fabric: Microfiber and polyester with an alternative down feel

Thread Count: Unknown (sadly)

Best Feature: The intricate design looks like it belongs in a castle

Additional Pros: Puckered and pinched pleats, delicate embroidery, machine-washable (cold water), and dryer-friendly (low temperature only)

Potential Matches: It would look like heaven with a mid-century headboard and bedside cabinets

Rating: 2/5


  • It doesn’t match more than two styles
  • It has no known thread count, which is heart-breaking for such a beautiful design

11. Red Pintuck Comforter

The Red Pintuck Comforter is another beauty I’d rate higher if it had a thread count. It’s an elegant masterpiece that fits most bedrooms, and it isn’t rocket science to match it to other decors and colors. It feels rich, softly textured, and durably designed. It also has a bit of an enthusiastic attitude.

Red Pintuck Comforter on bed

Key Features:

Style: Contemporary and Shabby chic

Available Sizes: Twin, full, king, and California king

Fabric: Woven, double-brushed microfiber (extra plushness) and polyester

Thread Count: Unknown

Best Feature: The geometric pinched pleat design adds depth and extra dimension to a solid red comforter

Additional Pros: Machine-washable (cold water), dryer-friendly (low temperatures only), lightweight, breathable, durable double-needle stitching, and all-season

Potential Matches: It would look fantastic with black bedside cabinets and carved crimson bedside lamps

Rating: 2/5


  • The missing thread count is another sad loss for this gorgeous comforter
  • It wrinkles too quickly (which you may not see among the pleats anyway)

How to Turn the Heat Even Higher

Floral Pattern red and blue comforter on bed

Choosing a red comforter is the first step to making your bedroom look hot, but turning the heat up is about mixing and matching colors, accents, decors, and pieces of furniture. Red is one of the easiest colors to match because it can go with nearly any shade or color, and it makes the color combinations spicy.

Some color-coordinating ideas for red comforters in your bedroom include:

  • Tomato red blends well with mint-green, gray, creamy white, cyan, and sand (this can be cheeky or Shabby chic)
  • Cherry red pops (pun intended) with light orange, pale yellow, gray, sand, beige, and azure (it creates a mature bedroom with balanced shades of each accent color)
  • Raspberry red works great with a dark gray, silver, black, rose, and white (it’s a contemporary design with elegant qualities)
  • Primary red looks great with white, black, green, blue, burned orange, and yellow (you can call this a little retro flair)
  • Bright red also works well with black and white (it creates a modern and sophisticated bedroom)
  • Darker shades of red look excellent with white and blue if you think about the American flag (it adds a touch of coolness to the heated color)
  • Any shade of red looks fantastic against various shades of gray (it’s great if you want the red comforter to be the bold statement emphasized by the 50 shades of gray in your bedroom – in all senses of the term)
  • Darker reds also work well with subtle hues from light beige, white, and cream (it makes the red comforter pop as the grays do)
  • Deep shades of red look fabulous with teal (it creates a neutral balance between the two dominant colors)
  • Darker reds can also look great with yellows and golds (it makes the bedroom look sunnier and happier)
  • Any shade of red blends well with intense earthy colors (it makes the bedroom look like a place of business)
  • Various shades of red also work with multiple pink shades (it softens the impact of red and feels feminine)
  • Deep shades of red combine well with purple, gray, and natural wood (to create a masculine feel)

Red is a super dominant color on the wheel, meaning you shouldn’t combine it with too many other dominant colors in one bedroom. You should make a statement with red, which you’ll do on the bed and maybe with a gorgeous armchair under the window. Use other colors to break the attitude in the room.

You can also use a comforter with less red and more black and white if you’re using red decorative items spread throughout the room, such as lamps and a wall hanging. The rule with red comforters in your bedroom is that you don’t paint your walls the same color. It will turn your bedroom into an unhappy explosion.

Bonus Tip: The best red comforter bedroom designs have a white wall. Lynn Chalk pinned the perfect example on her board. The walls are a crisp white, emphasizing the centerpiece of the bedroom: the red bed. If you’re using a solid red comforter, you can remove the bedside table or choose another color for it.

Recommended Alternatives for When the Flames Burn too Hot

Lavender comforters on neatly made bed

Red is undoubtedly a powerful color you can add to a bedroom, and you might want something gentler, calmer, and more peaceful. You can exchange your red comforter for these colors should you want other emotional stimulation from your linen:

  • Rainbow comforters are optimistic, hopeful, and peaceful
  • Beige comforters also have a way of calming your mind before you sleep in the neutral space
  • Floral comforters can feel relaxing while still being a little busy
  • Boho comforters are trending, and they install a sense of care-free living
  • Lavender comforters are the pinnacle of relaxation for the mind before you sleep

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Red Comforter Ideas: Extinguishing Thoughts

Red comforters are a statement on their own. The color has such deep meaning, but it also has a beautiful attitude that brings life to any bedroom. It’s a driving force for life, passion, and love, and the bedroom is the perfect place to express its attitude. Using red comforters in your bedroom has so many benefits.

You’re able to match nearly any decor or color with the red bombshell on your bed, and you can choose your level of boldness. I included a rating system that helps you keep track of the versatility and quality of each comforter, with the only one earning a full five out of five; my favorite: the Egyptian Elegance Comforter.

I also love the Rose Cotton Comforter but use my rating system to help you choose your showstopper for your bed. Red is a fiery color, and it doesn’t know much about patience, so get yourself a red comforter today to ignite your burning flame.

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