9 Best Reversible Comforter Options We Love This 2022

It’s time to get ready for bed. You know you need a good night’s sleep, but the idea of crawling under your sheets is just not appealing. Why? Because it’s too hot out!  The last thing you want to do is turn on the air conditioning and be freezing all day long tomorrow. What are your options, then? 

Well, I have an answer that will solve both problems. It’s called a reversible comforter. With this product, you can enjoy the benefits of being cool with no worries about turning on any air conditioners during these warm summer months. 

There are so many choices in materials, sizes, and colors that finding one perfect for your bedroom should be as easy as pie – or cake if you prefer dessert first!

What is a Reversible Comforter?

What’s the deal with reversible comforters? It’s like two different comforters in one. When you buy something, don’t just think of its functionality but also how often you can change your bedroom theme. With a reversible comforter, you can use it on either side, so when you want an entirely new look every few months, you’ll be able to switch things up.

What are the Advantages of a Reversible Comforter?

Switch it Up When You Want to 

The most obvious advantage of a reversible comforter is that you can easily complement your home decor since there are two sides to it (in different colors). You get not one but two choices: the perfect blend for any style.

Budget Option

One of the best things about reversible comforters is that they’re budget-friendly. You only need one, which means you can change your room’s theme every time without having to buy another.

Different Styles and Materials

You can have the ultimate in style and comfort with a reversible comforter. Not only do you get two different colors, but also two different materials on your comforter. The great thing about these types of comforters is their versatility- they come in many fabrics and styles.

The Best Reversible Comforters: Our Top 9 Picks

LINENSPA All-Season Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Microfiber Comforter

black and grey reversible comforter folded neatly

Forget about those itchy, lumpy feathers or suffocating materials. Replace that old worn-out comforter with this premiere all-season down alternative quilted microfiber comforter. This luxurious and pleasantly crocheted yet affordable, high-quality blanket is sure to be the latest addition to your bedroom collection. 

LINENSPA All Season’s patented design has eight prebuilt loops on each corner and side for your favorite duvet cover to attach securely in place so no more visible buttons, seams, and the zipper at one spot that you try in vain to close but keeps slipping. 

And unlike regular down, these hypoallergenic 300 grams of fill are machine washable to ensure long-lasting use without all the hassle.

Not only is this cozy all-season microfiber comforter reversible, it is also available in multiple size options and color schemes.


  • It’s made to be durable and comfortable
  • Numerous color and size options
  • It’s lightweight


  • It’s not machine washable

Comfort Spaces Vixie Reversible Comforter

aqua and grey reversible comforter on bed

In this comforter, you get style and comfort wrapped in one. This quilt is made out of cotton with a soft microfiber filling which guarantees optimum warmth while also being wrinkle-resistant. The greatest part? It’s reversible! 

Changing your bedding has never been easier or more fun. You’ll always have a choice between cool blue or hot pink and 12 other colors to be the envy of all your friends – who doesn’t want that?!

Wake up each day with a fresh new look for your bedroom – this reversible cloud design will keep it looking just how you like it without making any permanent changes to what you love so much already. Show off your creativity with patterns on different sides of this lofted reversible comforter set by Comfort Spaces.


  • It’s machine washable
  • It’s 100% microfibre
  • Available in Twin/TwinXL and Full/Queen sizes, and there are numerous color options to choose from


  • It wrinkles after washing

KASENTEX All Season Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

yellow and grey reversible comforter on bed

After a long day, all you may want is a comfy bed and a whole bunch of snuggles.  The Kasentex All Season Down Alternative Quilted Comforter will provide you with all that your heart desires thanks to the luxurious soft down alternative fiber that looks not only nice but also feels amazing. 

You might think that you’re just getting some boxes sewn together, but the box stitching on this blanket is actually there for a reason. This design prevents shifting of material inside the blanket for maximum comfort and lasting durability.

This product comes in 8 different colors and three sizes so that you can get just the right fit for the size of your bed. 

With 100% and down-alternative fiber, this incredibly soft and luxurious comforter is perfect for any occasion. This comforter is machine-washable and will always leave you feeling warm and toasty.


  • Durable box stitching construction
  • Material is soft and luxurious
  • It’s machine washable


  • It’s expensive

Homelike Moment Lightweight Comforter

brown and beige reversible comforter on bed

Save time by only having just one homecoming. Sleep! Stay cozy with the Homelike Lightweight Comforter, which is light and heavy enough for any season and reversible to fit your mood (and bedding.)  

With more colors than a triple vanilla ice cream cone, this quilted-down alternative will make all your winter wishes come true without weighing you down. 

Smooth stitching means nothing can touch it but you – no allergens or pesky chills sneaking in through those snaps. Feel free to throw it into the washing machine or dryer- it can handle it. 

With four sizes available to match your bed;  Full/Queen, Twin, or King or California King, this elegant, beautiful comforter set will be the only one you’ll ever need again – think of how much money you’ll save; not buying new ones every few years!


  • It’s lightweight and still provides warmth
  • Numerous color options to choose from
  • It doesn’t cause allergies


  • It’s expensive

Bare Home Full Comforter

two toned grey reversible comforter on bed

Making a new bed can be a real bummer, but with this reversible comforter, you get the best of both worlds. Simply turn this soft and cozy comforter inside out to switch colors-no more, picking between two sheets.

Now you’re always ready for company or impromptu sleepovers. Use whichever color variation suits your mood or existing décor-you’ll love the fresh look every time.

When the manufacturer’s invented the Bare Home Reversible Comforter, the intention was to come up with something that was beautifully and confidently colorful. They made clean microfiber available with ten different colors for your bedroom: an ultra-soft mix of cool blues and pinks or sophisticated neutrals like browns and taupe. 

With its box stitching to contain the fill and prevent shifting or bunching, this comforter is as easy as you can get. A simple flip changes moods within minutes – perfect for those who love the feeling of waking up in a new space every day.


  • It’s available in all possible bed sizes
  • Numerous color combination options
  • Warm and comfortable


  • Customers complained about poor stitching

Modern Threads Down Alternative Microfiber Quilted Reversible Comforter

lilac and grey reversible comforter on bed

Lightweight and silky smooth, this reversible down alternative microfiber quilted comforter is the perfect choice for year-round sleeping. This luxurious design features piping detail on all edges, which helps to seal in warmth. 

The plush 100% polyester fill adjusts with your body temperature without overheating or feeling too cool, a great feature on warmer nights. 

There are 15 different colors available, including blush/white all the way through to charcoal/misty rose and even blue coral/oatmeal, so you can find just the right hue to suit your décor. 

All quilts are made exclusively fade-resistant, and this particular comforter is machine washable and dryer safe. Choose from 3 sizes: Twin, Full/Queen, and King size.


  • Relatively affordable
  • It’s machine washable
  • Made from durable material- polyester
  • Numerous color combinations


  • Some customers complained it was too thin

Blue Ridge Home Fashions Two-Tone Reversible Comforter

two toned green reversible comforter folded neatly

In a world where traditional down comforters have been shown to be less than ideal for those with allergies, it can feel as if sleeping at night is hardly worth the time and energy.  

However, now you don’t have to alter your lifestyle just because sitting under the covers feels like the equivalent of doing yoga on top of bedding – we present Blue Ridge Home Fashions Reversible Microfiber Down Alternative Comforter.

 The lush synthetic fabric and perfect weight make this mattress-sized treat ultra-comfortable and allergy-friendly. Try out three sizes, including Twin, Full/Queen, or King, with all the 17 color combinations. 

You’re in for a comfy, happy surprise with this comforter. This luxurious bedding option features an all-season weight that’s perfect year-round. The super-soft whole microfiber fill disperses even weight to create the ideal sleep surface every night. 

This reversible comforter is hassle-free and easy to maintain – machine washable, hypoallergenic, affordable… Why are you still not looking at it?


  • Relatively cheap- compared to most
  • It’s hypoallergenic 
  • Easy care; it’s machine washable


  • Some customers found it to be a bit too thin  

ELNIDO QUEEN All-Season Reversible Comforter

grey and black reversible comforter on bed in modern room

Down, Feathers, and Fur? Oh yeah, we know you don’t like that! Introducing the new ELNIDO Down Alternative Quilted Comforter. For those that suffer from allergies or wish to be environmentally friendly, then the ELNIDO is for you. 

The ultra-soft and breathable double polyester comforter uses an innovative, high-quality microfiber material that feels light to the touch yet maintains warmth in any climate. 

With eight color combinations to choose from, there’s a cover for everyone, no matter what style they\’re craving. The durable corner tabs ensure your fluffy dreams will stay contained – so goodbye feathers everywhere! 

Machine washable & easy care means this quilted down alternative reversible comforter is a plus.


  • It’s affordable
  • It’s available in all possible bed sizes
  • 100% Ultra-soft Microfiber Polyester


  • It offers warmth, although some customers thought it was too thin

APSMILE Reversible Comforter

two toned blue reversible comforter on bed

Let’s face it. Winter can be brutal on your comfort levels, if not downright unbearable at times. Circulating warm air is the only way to ensure that you are sleeping comfortably for hours on end with zero interruptions or disturbances. 

The APSMILE comforter brings about precise levels of luxury to your sleep space! If you’re looking for that little extra softness or plush padding without going overboard on bulk, this is the perfect option for side-sleepers. 

APSMILE’s material is ultra-soft microfiber, prewashed with baffled stitching – adding an unparalleled degree of comfort. So, no matter how much you toss and turn during the night, this reversible comforter will keep your body nice and cozy 24/7. Choose from 4 color combinations- Gray/Red, Yellow/Gray, Red/Beige, or Green/Light Brown – depending on which palette appeals most to you. 

Machine washable and dryable, this sumptuous set is here to last through seasons without ever fading away! Versatile? You bet


  • Warm and comfortable
  • It’s versatile; you can use it on its own as a comforter or as an insert for your duvet.
  • Long-lasting


  • It’s a bit pricey

A Buyer’s Guide for the Best Reversible Comforter

Choose an Appropriate Size

When selecting the best reversible comforter, it is important to take into account your specific needs. There are standard bedding sizes like Twin, King, California King, and Queen/Full that apply across most brands.

Consider the Comforter Filling

Comforters can be filled with anything from Down to a luxurious fill. Some people may want a comforter that is soft and comfortable, while others usually choose one based on the change in season or which material feels best on their body at certain temperatures. You should consider all these things before picking out your perfect bedding.

The most common types of fill include

  • Cotton- it is highly breathable, moisture-wicking, and hypoallergenic.
  • Wool- provides a great deal of warmth, but it’s still moisture wicking
  • Down- it’s warmer and loftier but may cause allergies
  • Silk- it’s luxuriously soft, breathable, hypoallergenic, but it’s expensive and has higher maintenance. 
  • Artificial fill- it’s breathable, resilient, and lightweight. 

Consider the Type of Down

Need to buy a comforter blanket but don’t know what type of material it is? Consider Down for its super soft, fluffy, and lightweight quality. Down comes from the bird’s undercoat, which gives them their unique qualities.

Down is a type of fabric that provides warmth and loft to an item. There are three types of down we see in everyday life – goose (most common), duck, alternative down; and then there’s a not- so common type which is the duck and feather blend.

Each one has its own advantages depending on what you’re looking for.


 Duck down is similar in properties to goose down. However, it’s slightly less insulated, which makes it great if you need something lightweight but not drafty at night or want a slightly less costly one.

Alternative Down

Down Comforters are great, but if you’re allergic to feathers or just want something different for whatever reason, then don’t forget about the alternative down fill. These comforters blend synthetic fibers to develop a quality and make them more comparable to the other downs. They use wool, cotton, and polyester materials, which provide extra warmth without all those nasty bird feathers.

Duck & Feather Blend

The Duck and Feather Blend is the best option for those looking to get that coziness without breaking their bank account. It’s a combination between down and feathers, which will create softness similar to what you would find in an all-feather pillow! These comforter blankets typically come at lower prices than other options as well, so they’re definitely worth checking out if this sounds like something up your alley.


Goose down is most commonly found in white and gray because these colors hide imperfections that may show up with other animal fabrics.

Goose-down comes from geese which are selectively bred over many generations. Hence, they produce more than just their signature black coloration and plumes that can then undergo dyes like those used on luxury items such as clothing.

focused image of corner of reversible comforter on bed

Consider Thread Count

If you’re in the market for a new comforter, it’s important to consider not just what material and color are offered but also how many threads per inch (or TPI) they have. The higher it is and more tightly weaved fabrics, in general, the better it helps contain your fill over time, which means less wear or shrinkage.

This can sometimes lead to you having an improved sleep experience because these factors make comforters softer.

Aim to get a comforter with a thread count of 400 and above for a luxurious experience, but that between 200-400 will still be okay as the former might be a bit more expensive.

Watch out for the Type of Stitching

Down comforters are the ultimate luxury item, and quality construction is important. The best down Comforter has baffle-box stitching to allow its fill traps for maximum loft – providing maximum comfort.

Consider the Maintenance Requirements

Consider the washing requirements when buying a comforter. Not all of them can be washed in the washer, so it’s important to know beforehand if this is something you need/want for your new purchase.


A good night’s sleep is important to stay healthy and happy during your day-to-day life. You can help yourself get better rest by buying the right type of blanket or pillow – at least that’s what we’ve been told time and again.

There are a lot of comforters out there, but you don’t have to spend hours trying them all. We made this best reversible comforter guide for you.

An important tip: When buying a new comforter, the best one may not be the most expensive. The best reversible comforter should be an all-seasons type, breathable, offer comfort, and most importantly should be durable.

Our top pick is the Blue Ridge Home Fashions Two-Tone Reversible Comforter. It’s not only affordable but also hypoallergenic and offers up to 17 different color combinations on top of being warm, comfortable, and breathable.

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