The Best Sherpa Blankets You Can Find on the Internet

During the winter months, there’s nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a comfortable, cozy blanket that makes you say, “Hmm…maybe I don’t need to get out of bed today.” Thick sherpa blankets are not only incredibly comfortable, they’ll also keep you warm from head to toe, no matter what the temperature is outdoors. 

Sherpa blankets are soft, warm, and a fan favorite among blanket lovers for their similarity to the texture and feel of sheepskin.

Sherpa blankets are made of a fleece-like fabric and constructed of artificial materials, but their comfort is 100% genuine. Typically, a sherpa has two sides to it that offer different textures, so during the night you might flip your blanket over to the cooler side. A sherpa blanket might just be the perfect fit for those of you who toss and turn during your evening slumber. 

Top-Rated Sherpa Blankets

Not sure where to start in your search for the best sherpa blanket for you? Check out our recommendations on top-rated sherpa blankets below. 

Horimite Home Sherpa Throw Blanket

First up, we picked this sherpa blanket for its texture and quality that truly make up what we think of when we think “classic sherpa blanket.” With a wooly texture and range of soft, homey colors, these blankets by Horimite are a great starter sherpa for the coziness enthusiast in your life. In addition to the soft feel and great color range to choose from, this blanket made our top-rated list thanks to its impressive size range, starting from 50” x 60,” and all the way to 104” x 90”. Whether you’re searching for the perfect blanket for your reading chair, or a winter-ready sherpa throw for your king-sized bed, Horimite has a blanket size that can accommodate your vision.

Pawque Faux Fur Blanket

Next on our top-rated list is the Pawque Faux Fur Blanket. We chose to include this blanket because of its unique fur-like texture that feels more similar to rabbit fur than to sheep fur. Think… more sleek, less fluffy. But don’t worry – no bunnies were harmed in the making of this synthetic fur blanket. 

These Pawque Faux Fur Blankets come in an array of clean, bright colors and in five different sizes, which is a selection worth thumping your feet over. 

Longhui Bedding Cable Knit Sherpa 

For a classic cable-knit design with the sherpa comfort to match, check out this Cable Knit Sherpa Blanket from Longhui Bedding. One side of this blanket features a cable-knit detail often found on cozy winter sweaters, while the other features classic, fuzzy sherpa. Not to mention, these blankets pair perfectly with a cup of hot tea and fuzzy slippers.

These unique cable-knit blankets come in a range of colors fit for the Fall and Winter months, but don’t let that stop you from keeping this blanket by your side year-round. 

Hyde Lane Sherpa Throw

Last but not least, this sherpa throw by Hyde Lane made our list for its lightweight appeal and design options. While we typically think of sherpa as a seasonal winter blanket, this alternative from Hyde Lane is cozy without being stuffy. This blanket is on the thinner side, making it shine as a throw for your living room couch or as a light blanket to have in your lap as you watch a movie. While it only comes in one size, it’s designed to be used more as a lap blanket and decor rather than a full-blown blanket for your bed. 

Choose from four different colors and two different designs to add a bit of pattern to your home. A lightweight blanket like this is perfect for layering, especially if you like to have options when it comes to maximizing your comfort.  

The Best Way to Wash a Sherpa Blanket

It can be intimidating to wash any blanket for the first time, especially a thick sherpa blanket that you don’t want to ruin. Not to mention, sherpa blankets are notorious for collecting hair and pet fur, so you’ll want to make sure you keep up with your blanket care to keep yourself cozy and hair-free. 

In warm weather months, it’s best to hand-wash and air-dry your sherpa blanket, but realistically … you’re going to want to know how to machine-wash it as well. Here’s our best advice on quick, easy cleaning that will keep your sherpa blanket in the best shape. 

How to Wash Your Sherpa Blanket

If you’re wondering how to wash your Sherpa blanket, you’ve come to the right place. Follow these steps to keep the integrity of your favorite blanket intact. 

Assess the Need 

The first step in washing your sherpa blanket is to determine if it needs a wash, or just a spot clean. If it’s been a few weeks of daily use, go ahead and continue to step two. However, if your blanket is still in clean condition but has a spot of dirt, then some cool water and a dab of washing detergent is all you need.

Load into the Washer 

Your sherpa blanket is ready to go in the washing machine – preferably a top-loading machine, but a front-loading one works well, too. If you have ever washed a weighted blanket, the same rules apply. If your blanket weighs 20 lbs. or less (which most sherpa blankets do), you’re in the clear. 

Choose the Right Settings

Set your washing machine to “cold” or “cool” water, and make sure that there is no other fabric in the machine. Throwing in other clothes or blankets with your sherpa blanket can mess with the fibers and cause matting. 

Treat Your Blanket With Care

Use a non-bleaching washing detergent, and choose the “bulky” setting if your washing machine gives such an option. If possible, use a laundry detergent specifically made for delicates that is chemical, dye, and scent-free. This will help reduce the possibility of your sherpa blanket getting matted or losing its signature fluffiness. 

Tumble Dry on Low

While many laundry experts recommend air-drying your sherpa blanket when possible, doing so in the dead of winter may not be your best option. In that case, a safe alternative is to tumble dry your blanket on low (this is especially important because high heat can irreparably damage fleece!). 

Have a hairy blanket situation? Fabric softener and dryer sheets can both help you remove human and pet hair from your sherpa blanket. 

Bottom Line

Counting sheep is a classic way to fall asleep, but for a cozy, warm, and comfortable sheep-like alternative, sherpa blankets will get you one step closer to snoozing the night away. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect sherpa throw blanket, or a range of sherpa blankets in different colors and sizes, we’ve got the recommendations you need to make sure that your home is stocked for winter with smooth, soft comfort for you and your guests.  

And remember: The key to enjoying your sherpa blanket for many years to come is knowing the best way to wash it in order to maintain its fluffiness and comfort. With a little tender love and care, your sherpa blanket will keep you wrapped up warm and tight until the cows come home … or, at least until the sheep do.

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