5 Best Unicorn Comforter Ideas That Kids Will Love [2022]

Nothing can spruce up a bedroom quite like a touch of whimsy. For some, that means snuggling in under a comforter covered in comic book characters, or fantastical mermaids. Others prefer to adorn their rooms with bright pastels or fun patterns. Then, there are unicorn comforters!

Appropriate for both the young and the young at heart, this bedding is fun-loving, lively, and inspiring. What’s better than retreating to your very own wonderland after a long day?

If you’re ready to liven up your space, we can help. Today, we’re sharing the best unicorn comforter ideas, so you can find one that fits your personality! We’re sharing five of our favorites, broken into categories that include: Best Overall Unicorn Comforter, Best Budget-Friendly Unicorn Comforter, Best Unicorn Comforter for Adults, Best Unicorn Comforter for Children, Best Luxury Unicorn Comforter!

What Are Unicorn Comforters?

unicorn comforter with rainbows and flowers that reads be magical

Unicorn comforters are a type of bed linen meant to go on the very top of your bed. While you can find some varieties that are thinner than others, bed comforters are usually thicker, fluffier, and heavier than blankets or quilts. The term “comforter” is often used interchangeably with duvet or bedspread, though these linens each have their own distinguishing characteristics.

A comforter is made of two layers of material, sewn together and stuffed with filling to add warmth and weight. Common fillers include:

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Silk
  • Down

The addition of a filler is what sets a unicorn comforter apart from a duvet. Duvets are removable covers that usually contain separate, down-filled inserts. While you can find down-filled comforters, they will typically be flatter and less bulky than a two-part duvet.

Bedspreads, on the other hand, tend to be the flattest of all three. These usually serve a more decorative purpose and are not specifically designed for sleeping. If you’re looking for a versatile, comfortable topper for your sheet set, then a comforter is a great way to go.

The Benefits of a Unicorn Comforter

teal rainbow and unicorn comforter set on bed

Why should you add a unicorn comforter to your online cart when there are so many different types of bedding to choose from? Below, we’re sharing five of the top reasons why this is a smart pick!


Unicorn comforters are a quick and easy way to add a ton of style and character to your bedroom. At the same time, they can also do the same for your little ones’s special space. Whether you’re eyeing one for yourself, or you’re shopping for your child, these are available in a variety of different, cost-effective styles.

If you wanted to make the same impression with wall art or furniture, then you’d have to invest significantly more money in the endeavor. Unicorn decor has absolutely skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, and now everyone is looking for ways to incorporate that theme into their homes. That means pieces are now at a premium, and prices are higher than ever. Comforters offer an economical, budget-friendly way to join in on the trend without breaking the bank or emptying your pockets.

More For Your Money

While you can purchase individual comforters, these are often sold as part of a bigger bedding set. With the exception of twin sets (which only include one pillow), most will include the following extras:

  • One fitted sheet
  • One flat sheet
  • Two pillow shams

These items will come in coordinating colors, patterns, or prints and are designed to be used at the same time as your comforter.

Easy to Maintain

Let’s face it: We can be rough on our bedding! This is especially the case if you’re buying a unicorn comforter for a little one who’s still potty training. Yet, they aren’t the only ones who can wreak havoc on a comforter. From wine spills to dirty feet, these covers tend to experience their fair share of wear and tear.

Thankfully, most unicorn comforters are easy to clean in your washing machine and dryer! The only caveat? If you opt for a particularly fluffy one, then you may need to take it to the dry cleaner, especially if your machines aren’t heavy-duty models. Otherwise, they’re designed to wash up easily with just gentle detergent and warm water. You can also eliminate most stains with a commercial-brand spot remover!

Lots of Variety

In general, unicorn decor is full of bright, happy colors. You can also find lots of different design elements, ranging from rainbows and sparkling glitter to castles and princess motifs. There’s truly something to fit every personal aesthetic, including decidedly mature comforters that feature more subtle touches of unicorn charm! To choose the best one for your space, think about the other elements in the room you’re designing.

Not Just For Kids

As we’ve mentioned, you can find playful unicorn comforters for both children and adults. While you’re certainly free to embrace your inner princess and spruce up your room with a brightly-colored kids’ comforter, you can also find more sophisticated and mature ones if you want to go that route.

These usually incorporate darker shades of deep plum and even black, with unicorn images that blend in more with the background colors. Especially if the rest of your bedroom is relatively neutral, this can be a fun way to jazz it up and make it a space that you look forward to enjoying every day.

How to Choose the Best Unicorn Comforters: Main Features

galactic unicorn comforter set on bed

As you start shopping for the best unicorn comforters, it can help to make a list of the features that are the most important to you. Below, we’re sharing the main characteristics to consider. Keep this list handy and refer to it as you start to compare options. Many comforters will share the same general features, to it’s smart to know which ones you’re interested in over others!

The Size

The cutest option in the world won’t be worth much if it’s so short that it leaves you chilly at night! At the same time, you also don’t want one that’s way too big, as it could collect dust on the floor and shroud the rest of your bedding.

Most manufacturers will clearly list the size of each comforter in accordance with its coordinating mattress and bed size. However, some manufacturers will skip the common monikers and instead, list the measurements of their comforters instead. While this can be frustrating, it’s easy to figure out how the sizes line up. Here are the usual metrics used for the bed sizes listed above.

  • Twin: Mattress: 38 x 75; Comforter: 66 to 68 inches wide by 86 to 88 inches long
  • XL Twin: Mattress: 38 x 80; Comforter: 68 inches x 90 inches
  • Full: Mattress: 54 x 75; Comforter: 81 to 84 inches wide by 86 to 88 inches long
  • Queen: Mattress: 60 x 80: Comforter: 86 to 88 inches wide by 96 to 100 inches long
  • King: Mattress: 76 x 80; Comforter; 102 inches wide by 86 to 88 inches long
  • California King: Mattress: 72 x 84; Comforter: 107 to 110 inches wide by 96 to 98 inches long

Thread Count

Though some people dispute the ultimate importance of thread count, this can be a simple way to estimate how soft and supple your unicorn comforter will be. Put simply, thread count measures the number of threads woven together to create one square inch of material. Generally, the consensus is that if there are more strands present (i.e. a higher thread count), then that means the material is softer and more durable. It also makes your bedding equally plush.

If you’re just looking for a simple, all-season comforter that you don’t have to swap out when it gets too cold or hot, then a great thread count range is anywhere between 300 and 500. On the other hand, if you want one that’s a little thicker and more durable, then opt for a thread count in a higher range. In this case, the ideal number is anything between 500 and 700.

While you shop, keep in mind that a higher thread count doesn\’t always point to higher quality. There are plenty of other features to consider, such as:

  • The overall quality of the fiber
  • The finish on the comforter
  • The size of the yarn used
  • The overall durability and construction of the comforter

Material Breathability

Natural fibers, such as cotton, are some of the most breathable fabrics and make a wonderful unicorn comforter. When you’re researching the shell of yours, check to see if the material will help you stay cool at night, or if it will trap heat.

Synthetic fibers like polyester might feel soft to the touch, but you’ll be tossing and turning all night if you’re a hot sleeper. On the other hand, they might be ideal if you live in a cold climate and are looking for bedding to keep you warm all winter!

Next, look at the type of filling used. While down feathers are among the warmest, they can also trigger allergies and aren’t always that breathable. Down alternatives can deliver a similar effect but are hypoallergenic.

The Colors and Patterns

When choosing a unicorn comforter, you want to make sure the one you select will look great in your room! Survey the space where you plan to use it, and look for colors, patterns, or decorating themes that you want to incorporate. Most online retailers, including Amazon, will offer filters that allow you to only browse items that fit your personal preferences.

Amazon’s filters are usually on the lefthand menu. Here, you can sort by size, color, theme, material, age ranges, and much more. Given that there are more than 1,000 results for the search term “unicorn comforter”, this is definitely a feature you’ll want to use to your full advantage.


Any time you’re searching for bedding, you want to keep your budget in mind. While there’s no one-size-fits-all price range, it can help to think about how long you plan to use the unicorn comforter.

For example, you may consider spending less money on a comforter that you know you’ll only use for a few months in the winter. On the other hand, if you plan to make yours a permanent part of your bedroom decor, then it might be worth it to spend a little more, especially if you know you’ll be using it 365 nights out of the year!

The price of your comforter will depend on a number of different factors. These include:

  • Individual comforters vs. Ones sold in a set
  • Material used for shell and filler
  • Comforter size

Best Unicorn Comforter Ideas: Our Top Picks From Amazon

It can be overwhelming to start totally from scratch when you’re looking for a new unicorn comforter. Knowing this, we’ve taken some of the legwork out for you. Below, we’ve broken our top five choices into different categories for easy perusing.

To make these selections, we used three different criteria. These include:

  • Price point
  • User reviews (Four stars and up)
  • Comforter only (no duvets)

Best Overall Unicorn Comforter: Amazon Basics Kids Unicorn Comforter Set

teal rainbow and unicorn comforter set folded

Let’s start with our top pick! You can’t go wrong with Amazon Basics, especially when it comes to bedding. The Amazon Basics Kids Unicorn Comforter Set boasts more than 12,000 reviews and a solid 86% of reviewers give the set a full five stars.

While this set is available in a range of different styles, we love the Unicorn Castle motif. With each set, you’ll receive not only the comforter, but also a sheet set, two pillowcases, and two shams. Made of 100% polyester (shell and filling), this bedding is a durable and dependable choice from one of the most reputable internet brands.


  • Pastel colors are soothing and complement any decor
  • More items than other sets (sheets, pillowcases and shams)
  • Factory is green-certified to meet safety and environmental standards
  • Machine-washable in warm water and tumble-dry on low heat
  • One-year limited warranty


  • Kids may prefer brighter, bolder colors
  • Unicorns are part of the design, but there are also rainbows, castles, and mountains that might distract
  • Not available in any size bigger than Full/Queen

Right now, the Twin set is just $40 while the Full/Queen set is $49.

Best Budget-Friendly Unicorn Comforter: SDIII Girl Unicorn Comforter Set

floral and unicorn comforter bedding on bed

Most inexpensive unicorn comforters are actually duvet covers. While those might cost less upfront, you’ll need to purchase an insert separately, and the costs can add up. This is why we’ve chosen the SDIII Girl Unicorn Comforter Set as our top budget-friendly option.

The comforter isn’t a duvet, so it’s ready to use right out of the bag. With this set, you’ll also receive two matching pillowcases, though no sheets are included.

Pros of this set include:

  • Soft, 100% microfiber shell
  • Machine-washable in cold water
  • Beautiful unicorn face and intricate floral design


  • Recommended air-dry only, which can take a while
  • Only available in Twin or Full/Queen

This beautiful set is just $20 for the Full/Queen, though the Twin is a little higher at $30.

Best Unicorn Comforter for Adults: BlessLiving 3 Piece Galaxy Unicorn Comforter Set

galactic unicorn comforter set

Want to add an element of fantasy to your room? If so, then we suggest the BlessLiving 3 Piece Galaxy Unicorn Comforter Set.

This set is available in Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, and King and includes matching pillow shams. The unicorn image is printed using special technology that gives it a unique, 3D effect that’s sure to turn heads and spark conversations!


  • Soft microfiber shell
  • Machine-washable in cold water
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Gorgeous yet subtle pink and purple unicorn design
  • Reinforced stitching and durable weaving
  • 100% manufacturer’s guarantee


  • Not recommended for use in home dryers
  • Large size range might be too big for some beds (i.e. a Full/Queen might be a little long on a standard Full)

Best Unicorn Comforter for Kids: Jay Franco Dream Unicorn Bed Set

folded white and colorful unicorn comforter set

The Jay Franco Dream Unicorn Bed Set contains everything you need to transform your child’s room into the unicorn utopia of their dreams! Each set includes one comforter, one sheet set, and two pillowcases. 

Decked out in lively shades of bright purple, pink, and yellow, the comforter also features the word “Dream” repeated multiple times for bedtime inspiration! Made of 100% brushed microfiber, it’s breathable and comfy and designed for all-season use.


  • Fade-resistant, reversible design
  • Machine-washable in warm water and tumble dry on low heat
  • Designed to roll up for easy storage
  • Can purchase coordinating accessories from the same line


  • Not available in a size larger than Full
  • Twin set is pricey

The Twin set is available on Amazon for $110, though you may be able to find it for less through other online retailers. The real deal here is the Full set, which is only $60!

Best Luxury Unicorn Comforter: Luxury Home Collection Comforter Set

folded sheet set designed with unicorns and castles

Looking to invest in great-quality bedding that will last for years to come? Look no further than the Luxury Home Collection Comforter Set. This gorgeous set includes one comforter, one sheet set, two pillowcases, and two shams.

The unicorn pattern is tasteful and designed to grow with your child. The purple and pink hues are soft and not too jarring. In other words, it’s the ideal addition to any bedroom!


  • 100% microfiber material
  • Machine-washable
  • Available in sizes up to Queen


  • Not available in King size
  • Some reviewers said it felt a little thin

The Twin set is $70 and the Full set is $75. If you’re outfitting a larger bed, then the Queen set is available for $85.

Drift Into Dreamland

A unicorn comforter can add instant charm to any bedroom. Ranging from the bright and bold to the subtle and subdued, they’re ideal for any cozy spot in your house! You can also use them as blankets and bring them out when it’s time for family movie night!

With more than 12,000 reviews, you can’t go wrong with the Amazon Basics Kids Unicorn Comforter Set. Not only is it incredibly soft and durable, but the soothing pastel colors make it a great choice for any bedroom in your home.

With this guide on the best unicorn comforter ideas, you can start shopping in confidence. As you look for more ways to turn your bedroom into a peaceful oasis, be sure to keep reading for more helpful buying guides!

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