How to Find the Best Satin Comforter [2022]

I am going to make a wild guess. You like to have a good night of sleep. So do I. Since we spend, on average, 6 to 10 (no judgment) hours in bed every day, getting the best mattress, pillows, and comforter is going to improve your quality of life right away. You spend a lot of time in that small area called your bed, so making it as comfy as you can is a must in my opinion. 

In this guide, I am going to tell you everything you need to know to buy the best satin comforter possible. Gone are the days of subpar sleep and bad comforters if you follow this in-depth guide. 

I am going to start off by explaining what a satin comforter is, the mistakes people make when buying a comforter and how to avoid them. I will also compare different types of fabric. 

At the end of the article, I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about satin comforters. Don’t forget to read those, as there are some very useful tips there if I say to myself. 

What Is a Comforter Exactly?

In essence, a comforter is nothing more than a pouch of fabric. Here is a secret, they are the exact same thing as a duvet. Both a comforter and a duvet are filled with soft materials like down, synthetic fibers, and feathers. These are used to keep you warm and create a soft feeling. Of course, comforters and duvets don’t have to be just boring old white. They can come in a great array of colors, and there are thousands of comforter covers on the market to make your bed a bit more personal. 

In this guide, I am not just going to talk about regular comforters, but about Satin comforters. These are even softer than your classic regular kind of comforter. 

Why Is Picking a Great Comforter That Is Right For You Important

unmade circular bed with satin bedding

Quality of Your Sleep

My most important factor when picking out something to buy is how much my life quality will increase if I get this. How well I sleep is a very important aspect of how nice my life and my day are. So I want to get the perfect comforter, and I am sure you will too. If you get yourself a comforter that is too thick, you are going to sweat, and if you get a duvet that is too thin, you will get cold. Falling asleep faster and deeper is going to make sure your quality of sleep will be a lot better. 


Getting a duvet that is just right for you is a lot more hygienic than the one you just pick out at random. If you pick out a duvet that is not fit for your body, let’s say it gets too hot, you are going to sweat more, and bacteria will have a great time developing under the sheets while you are sleeping. Another issue is that mold can form, or bed bugs can start feasting on your dead skin cells if you pick a bad low-quality fabric. 

Allergies and Health

Sometimes people have these weird health issues – like coughing, itchy skin, or even headaches – and have no idea where they come from. Odds are you don’t know exactly what you are allergic to. This can cause you health issues and certain allergic reactions. Changing out your duvet might be just what you need to fix your allergic reactions. 

Picking the Right Filling For Your Satin Comforter

There are a lot of fillings for your comforter that you can use. These are often going to determine how good it keeps heat, how heavy they are and how expensive the comforter will be. They are also a very important factor in determining how much your comforter is going to cost. 

In general, you can pick out of two kinds of down. First, you have the ‘regular’ down. This can be a synthetic material that fills out your comforter. Second, you have the classic down. These are duck and geese feathers. Ps: when buying comforters with these, it is always a good idea to check if they have been sourced ethically.

Geese and duck feathers are better for isolation than regular down. This means they trap the heath of your body better, which makes them perfect for keeping yourself warm in the winter. Another benefit goose and duck down have over regular down is that this is lighter. 

Regular down is still a great alternative to duck and geese down. It is a bit heavier, but not too much to be uncomfortable. While the insulation is a bit worse, that can be a benefit in the summer when you want to sleep under a comforter but not be too warm. Alternative down is also a lot cheaper than the down from ducks and geese. A nice additional benefit, for some of you, is that regular down is a lot better for energy suffers. The main benefit – for me – is that regular down comforters are a lot easier to clean. 

There are also a couple of other fillings you don’t see as often but are still a possible pick. One of my favorite non-traditional fillings for duvets is wool. This is a great filling for satin in my opinion. It makes your duvet made of satin a lot warmer in the winter.

The Advantages of Satin For Your Comforter Versus Other Fabrics 

What Is so Good About Satin and What Is Not? 

Good for your skin – Satin and silk are great for your skin. They are a lot better in preventing acne and skin issues than, for example, cotton or polyester. Satin eliminates facials folds and reduces wrinkles. It is also great against dull and dry skin. 

Good for your hair – Curls and the shape of your hair are going to love it when you start using satin. It keeps your hair from getting frizzy or even poofy. Another thing that helps your hairstyle is that it keeps your hair hydrated. Cotton and polyester, on the other hand, dry out your hair while you are sleeping. 

Soft feeling – A satin comforter feels great on the skin. It does not feel stiff or coarse when you are in bed. This makes it also a very romantic fabric to have in your bedroom. Some people say that the soft feeling helps them sleep much faster and deeper than a regular 

Breathable – Having a satin comforter is going to be a lot more comfortable if you get hot easily and sweat a lot. The breathability of the fabric is much better than cotton or polyester. This is going to prevent you from developing the smell of sweat and other nasty odors. 

Cool feeling – Satin covers are going to be a lot better in the summer than cotton or polyester. This is due to satin being much better at letting go of the heat. In the winter, you might want to swap out your satin duvet for one made of cotton. As they are not that good at keeping you warm and you might feel too cold if your bedroom is not heated. 

Durability – Satin is not as durable as e.g. cotton or polyester. You will need to take care of your duvet comforter. It is important to know that silk satin should be washed by hand. This is going to improve the life span of your material by quite a lot, and you will be able to enjoy your expensive comforter much longer. 

Expensive – Satin is not cheap. Quality satin made of organic silk is not going to be something a lot of people can buy on impulse. Combining the price with limited durability makes this a much more expensive option than, for example, polyester. 

Satin Versus Cotton

How it feels – Satin sheets feel completely different from cotton sheets. Satin has this very soft and silky feeling. Cotton, on the other hand, has a heavier and coarser feeling. Another aspect is that satin feels nice and comfortable right away. Cotton needs to be used a couple of times before you get the best feeling out of it. Satin is a lot better for hot summer weather. Cotton isolates your body a lot more and creates more warmth. That is why a lot of people prefer to use cotton in the winter and prefer the colder feeling of satin in the winter. 

Style – Satin sheets look a lot different than cotton sheets. You will have to take into account your decorating style when picking out a satin comforter. Cotton is a lot more versatile and is available on a lot of different covers. Satins do have a much more romantic feeling in the bedroom than regular cotton. If you want to have a more unique variety of sheets, then the cotton sheets are going to be better. 

Costs – You probably know this already, but satin is a lot more expensive than cotton. Lower-quality cotton sheets are amongst the cheapest materials you can pick for your comforter. Luxury cotton bedding with a very high thread count can be almost as expensive as a regular satin sheet. However, I do think the cost of satin is worth it if you take into account the much better feeling, in my opinion at least, has when touching your skin. 

Satin Versus Polyester

Breathing – Both polyester and satin are not as breathable as cotton. However, between satin and polyester, satin has a slight edge. Polyester is one of the worst materials if you are looking for comforters that breathe and don’t trap the air too much. 

Durability – Polyester is an extremely durable fabric that does not need a lot of care. It also very shrinks resistance. This makes a polyester comforter very durable and very easy to maintain. Satin comforters are made out of fibers that are going to need a lot more durability and proper care. Depending on the quality of the fibers of the satin comforter, you are going to need to take care a lot better of your satin duvet than you do with polyester. Polyester is very easy to take care of, as long as you avoid excess heat. 

Feel – Satin feels a lot softer and silkier than polyester. The feeling of polyester is a lot stiffer than satin and even more so than cotton. So if you want to have a comforter that feels nice and soft on the skin, then satin is the way to go! 

Cost – Polyester is very inexpensive. You can get a comforter for a very low price. A duvet on polyester also lasts pretty long, so if you are approaching this purchase from a budget perspective, polyester clearly is the way to go. Satin, if made from silk, is a lot more expensive than a polyester comforter. If you are going for a luxury look and feel, and budget is less of an issue, then you are going to love a comforter made out of satin. 

5 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Satin Comforter

pink square appliance on satin sheets

Not Using a Comforter Cover 

Yes, a comforter made out of satin feels amazing. However, you really do need to use a cover if you want it to last longer. If you don’t use a cover, you will have a hard time maintaining the cover. You will have to wash your satin comforter a lot more, and that means it will have a much shorter life span. 

You can use a cover that is made out of satin if you enjoy the feeling. You can, of course, also combine fabrics to get the best of two worlds. I would recommend you use a cotton cover for your duvet in the winter to keep warm. You can keep using a satin cover in the summer to make sure your body remains cool. 

Using a Wrong Size

Before you buy your satin comforter, you should really measure your bed. It is a good idea to buy a comforter that is a bit too large. There are no real disadvantages of having a comforter that is too large. On the other hand, a comforter that is too small is downright annoying to use and won’t give you a good night of sleep. 

Getting a Satin Comforter That Is Too Light 

If you plan to use your comforter year-round, and you live in a climate that gets quite cold, you should consider buying a heavy comforter. The down in the comforter is going to isolate your warmth a lot better if you pick a comforter that is on the heavy and thick side. 

If you live in a hot climate, a light satin comforter is going to cool you off a lot faster in summer. So if you have the budget, you could always buy a very thick comforter that you use in the winter to keep you warm. If you want a cool summer, you can also buy a second satin comforter that you use in the summer. This one is going to be a lot lighter than the one you use in the winter. 

Focusing On the Price Too Much

Focussing on the price too much is only useful if you have a very tight budget. If you are really counting pennies, you should consider another comforter. Cheap satin comforters are a lot more expensive. What do I mean by that? Well, a cheap comforter does not last long. Inferior silk and satin duvets start to wear and tear very fast. They need to be replaced much sooner. 

You spend 6 to 10 hours a day of your life in your bed. Using a high-quality comforter is going to help you sleep a lot better. Try to find a brand that has great quality materials and a lot of good reviews. 

Not Reading the Cleaning Instructions 

Before you wash your comforter, make sure you have read the label. Some satin comforters can only be washed by hand. Others have a limit on how warm the water can be when washing. There are comforters that you can wash in the machine and some that you need to wash with a dry clean. 

If you want to make sure you don’t have too much work with the comforters you are using, you should always research the cleaning method. It is best to buy one that is machine washable and does not need a special product to wash. 

Final Thoughts About Satin Comforters

If you are looking for a new duvet, a satin one can be an amazing option to make your bed comfier. It is a great pick as a comforter if you suffer from the heat in the summer. The satin is a lot softer than cotton or polyester. It is also a great fabric if you want to keep your hair from drying out and your skin free of wrinkles. 

The problem is that satin can be pretty expensive when compared to other fabrics. Organic silk satin bed sheet comforters can be multiple times more expensive than a regular one. That is why a lot of people only use satin comforters for special occasions or in the summer. In the winter this comforter won’t keep you very warm. So make sure you either buy a thick one or have a cotton or polyester comforter on hand when it becomes cold outside. 

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