11 Boho Sheets Ideas For A Chic Bedroom [2022]

Don’t you just love the feeling of a new set of sheets? They’re so crisp and cool on your skin, but sometimes they can be hard to find. With all the different fabrics, patterns and weights, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But if you want something a little more boho-chic, there are some attractive options out there for you.

Boho style is all about being trendy and looking good without stepping too far outside the box. These sheet sets are perfect for those who love the outdoors, nature, or anything bohemian.

Our blog post has reviewed boho sheets according to budget, durability, efficiency, and functionality. We’ve also covered the best tips you consider whenever you are choosing boho sheets.

Best Boho Sheets: Our Top Picks

Sweet Jojo Designs Floral Leaf Queen Sheet Set

botanical sheet set and pillowcase

Capture the beauty of a leafy meadow with this Sweet Jojo floral leaf queen sheet. This sheet set is made to coordinate with one of the best-selling bedding sets and uses a classic green and white watercolor leaf print on brushed microfiber fabric so you can enjoy it all year long. 

Coordinate your decor as this floral pattern has matching accessories such as hampers, lampshades, window treatments, wall decals, etc.

One flat sheet is 90 inches by 102 inches, one fitted sheet that is sixty inches by eighty-inch pocket, two pillowcases that are twenty inches by thirty inches. They are machine washable green and white watercolor leaf print brushed very durable microfiber fabric.

This design has a fresh and vibrant tone, perfect for those who want a lovely palette in their bedroom all year round. Get the whole floral collection at Sweet Jojo Designs for your dream room- these bed linens will give you everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind room that is all yours.


  • It is easy to maintain and clean
  • It matches easily with other bedroom decors
  • It is made of durable microfibre


  • It is expensive

Boho Paisley Blue Combed Cotton Printed Sheet

white and navy paisley boho sheets

Are you ready for bed? This Boho Paisley blue combed cotton printed sheet set will have you dreaming of sandy shores. Hemp-like in its softness, this item is made with breathable single-ply yarns, so your night’s sleep stays cool all year round.

It is flattering to both guys and girls, and it includes one flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two matching pillowcases. It fits mattresses up to 18″ deep, making this ideal for any full-sized bed that needs an update.

Keep the bed looking boho chic with this blue Paisley patterned comforter set.  If you’re tired of scratchy sheets, this 200TC percale woven printed and solid cotton sheets will keep you snuggly all night long. Choose from ten other great colors to find the right vibe for your space.


  • It is machine washable
  • It is durable
  • It is made of single-ply yarns that is breathable


  • It’s only available in blue 

Ethnic Fitted Sheet, Boho Style

colorful patterned boho fitted sheet on mattress

Touch the Ethnic fitted boho sheet once, and you know that your choice is the right one. Extravagant stitching makes it durable. A single fitted sheet with elastic finishes will fit mattresses up to sixteen inches thick while preserving tightness during sleep. 

Our polyester fabric material provides a warm, cozy feel against skin while being easy to maintain – washable in cold water, tumble dry on low heat settings, ironing without restriction.

They’re super stretchy but strong enough to offer ultimate comfort about the mattress, so there won’t be more problems any time soon. You can decorate your bedroom with some astonishing colorful patterns while making sure it looks incredible on cameras while being original too.


  • It is made from a soft fabric
  • It is long-lasting
  • It does not fade
  • It does not tear


  • It’s only perfect for queen-sized beds

Boho Fitted Sheet

colorful patchwork patterned boho fitted sheet on mattress

Transform your bedroom with this stylish and colorful fitted sheet. Make every night a celebration of the joys of life as you drift off to sleep enveloped in soft, warm sheets. The delicately woven motifs adorning this stunning set will delight everyone, from those that prefer something sleek and modern to those that enjoy more traditional elements. 

With their stretchy elastic seams, these poly-cotton sheets will fit many thicknesses and provide a comfortable surface all year long. They’re machine washable for easy cleaning and ironing, and you don’t need pesky dry cleaning. And because there’s no dye fading or material tearing, this sheet offers strict colorfastness too.

Choose boho floral motifs on the fitted sheet for your guest room or master suite. It comes in classic colors like black, sky blue, and red, matching any color palette in the home. Plus, this Boho Sheet is super soft and easy to maintain because a machine washes it.


  • They have an elegant texture
  • They easily match with other bedroom decors
  • They do not fade


  • It can have a slight color difference from the image

Arrow Fitted Sheet

black and white arrow print boho fitted sheet on mattress

Rethink your mattress topper. We want you to get better sleep. But maybe not with that old, fitted sheet that has dust mites and allergens gathered deep into its threads. Say goodbye to sleeping like an Egyptian-our fitted  Arrow fitted sheets that are made of stretchy microfiber, which is super comfortable, unlike the other synthetic fabric available. 

It’s also all-around elastic -no more sweating in summer or shivering in winter because it’ll fit your mattresses perfectly, so no pesky bunching up at night when the temperature drops. The versatile design means you can use these sheets on top of anything, including luxurious silk bedding for even softer snuggles.

Its fully digital printed colors will never fade after washing either. With this bedding on your mattress, you’ll get a deeper, restful sleep that will reduce stress levels and improve health. They are available in rectangle brackets starting at twin size up to full XL size. Find compatibility with your all-season pad by choosing one of your favorites.


  • They are easy to clean as they are machine washable
  • They do not tear
  • They are long-lasting
  • They are comfortable because of their stretchy microfibre


  • It is available only in Pale, beige, black

Striped Fitted Boho Sheets

colorful stripe patterned boho fitted sheet on mattress

A new and improved accessory for your bedroom will add a beautiful texture while providing you with a night of relaxed and comfortable sleep. The sheets come in an array of styles and colors, making it easy to set the perfect retro vibe in your room.

These fitted sheets can be paired with any mattress up to sixteen inches thick that are the most standard mattresses, and they offer stretchy comfort on top of their memory foam seat pad. 

The striped fitted boho sheets are flame resistant, machine washable, and comfortable. Great on beds during winter months when you’re cozied under warm pajamas while reading in bed, or summer nights where it’s hot enough from sweltering Philadelphia summers that an air conditioner is a refreshing relief from 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 100% brushed microfiber fabric is super soft on your skin yet tough for spilling accidents while getting water out quickly before more damage can happen.

This versatile product has been loved by clients internationally because of its easy maintenance procedures. You don’t need to worry about ruining these fits; the material is stain-resistant, which helps them stay stylish even after use.


  • They are easy to clean
  • They are durable
  • They do not fade easily


  • It does not match easily with other home decors, especially if you prefer a more toned-down theme.

Mainstays Kids Boho Floral Aqua Coordinating Sheet Set

blue floral print boho sheet and pillowcase

Dream up a fun, colorful bedroom for your little one with these Mainstays Kids Boho Floral Aqua Coordinating Sheet Set. This set comes in twin and full sizes to fit the needs of any space. It also includes two pillows, allowing you to mix up or complete the look by adding more accents. 

These Mainstays kids boho sheets are made from 100% polyester microfiber for softness and durability, machine washable so you can easily keep them fresh between washes, and coordinates beautifully with the zone’s boho butterfly bedding sets that come in pink/white or green butterfly options. Bring some style into their life with these elegant pieces.

If you have been looking for a way to spruce up your kid’s room but don’t want something that takes up all the available floor space or requires an hour of fussing before they can play on it themself-these fleecy sheets are just what you’re looking for.


  • They are long-lasting
  • They match easily with other bedroom decors
  • They are made of comfortable microfibre
  • Relatively cheap


  • They don’t come with pillowcases- it might be challenging to find a match

Psychedelic Fitted Boho Sheets

celestial print boho fitted sheet on mattress

There’s this one thing that no one talked about, and it should be the number one gift for you to give your loved ones. We’re talking about a Psychedelic fitted sheet.

Why? It will make them feel like they’ve landed in another universe while lying in bed; we all know how relaxing and calming it is, staring up at the ceiling and feeling like we’re floating away. 

The most crucial piece of information about these sheets is that there aren’t any words or patterns on them besides today’s cosmic theme. This makes them perfect for those who don’t want anything too loud but still want something lighthearted. 

At first glance, this fennec fox mural looks like it is popping out through the white crescent moon canvas. Every last detail is accounted for – from its large pointed ears to the lush feathers that surround him on every side of your crescent moon with Boho Feathers fitted sheet.

This item has all the qualities that will bring warmth and joy into any bedroom or guest room needing some added personality.


  • They do not fade
  • They are durable
  • They are easy to maintain and care for

Wake In Cloud – Bohemian Sheet Set

colorful stripe patterned boho sheets on bed

Ready to journey to the land of babes? This Wake in Cloud Bohemian sheet set is the perfect way to sleep while still kicking it. This eye-catching mandala print will have you feeling hip hang happily before bedtime, and these high-quality sheets are soft enough for your best friend’s skin. 

Use the Wake In Cloud Bohemian sheet to comfortably meditate your sleep and create your very own personal sanctuary. With tons of fabric options available, you can bring out the personality in this set with just one purchase.

It’s spectacular that the fitted sheet has extra depth for tailor-fitted comfort – no matter how much legroom you need – and this sheet set is also fully elasticized all around the edges to keep items tucked in neatly. 

Shouldn’t a product that was designed both elegantly and thoughtfully be easy to clean as well? Just machine wash it in cold water on a gentle cycle, dry at low heat, or tumble dry it for the best results. The 100% microfiber fabric prints are amusing and durable; choose the Wake In Cloud sheet set today to relax in style.


  • They have an elegant look
  • They are made from super soft fabric
  • They are very durable


  • Some customers complained that they turned out to be dull, not as shown in the pictures

Pangzi Bohemian Retro Bedding Sheet Set, Boho Sheets

ultra vibrant colorful patterned boho fitted sheet on mattress

This unique Pangzi Bohemian Retro Bedding Sheet will give your bedroom the perfect boho-chic atmosphere. Come with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases, and these sheets are made of cotton blend and soft.

Deep pockets fit up to 16″ mattresses. Plus, they come in a beautiful Bohemian Retro Pattern that is amazing for giving you a comfortable sleeping experience. Guaranteed sturdy construction and durability make them striking yet affordable. 

You can get a 30-day return or replacement service for any reason without requiring any specific reasons – so easy to answer your last-minute need for home decoration too. These sheets belong right beside their beloved friends: Memory foam pillows and canopy beds – both classic interior staples everyone needs at home.

And if needing some thrill in your life, these sheets will provide just that: they can be machine washed and dried using a gentle cycle and tumble dryer to avoid damaging the fabric due to overuse of heat or time in boiling water.

The vibrant colors on this retro Bohemian sheet set will surely fit any room decor or design style so feel free to match it with anything else you please.


  • They have unique colors and quality
  • They are long-lasting
  • They are easy to maintain


  • Some customers noted that the sheets are not a blend of cotton- instead, they are purely polyester.

JSD 6 Piece Floral Printed Sheet Set Queen Bed Sheets

neutral botanical sheet set on bed

Have you been dreaming of those cheerful flowers all over your bedding? The JSD floral printed queen fitted sheet set creates a homey and cozy atmosphere for the bedroom.

It includes two pillowcases, one flat sheet that is more than four yards long, and one fitted sheet with a fifteen inches extra deep pocket to ensure it stays on the bed. 

This breathable one hundred GSM brushed microfiber fabric that’s easy to care for. It can be machine washed with colors, tumble dry low, or air dry. With beautiful floral prints and portable designs, these sheets will win your heart.

These sheets are wrinkle-resistant, thanks to their pinked edges and crisp white finish, too. A great way to add some color to your life at home. You deserve these beautiful floral prints that complement any season and bring fun into your bedroom.


  • They are available in a variety of patterns and colors
  • They are durable
  • They are wrinkle-free


  • Customers complained that the material feels rough, like paper

How to Choose the Best Boho Sheets


You should always ensure you have the right size of boho sheets before you buy one. Once they are out of their packaging, it will be much harder to return them, so pay attention to what size your mattress needs and measure accordingly.

Most mattresses, on average, fall under one standard; however, there may sometimes be deviations depending on how old an item was made or if new materials were used in the manufacturing process(e.g., memory foam).

It’s a good idea to make sure your sheets can fit the size of the mattress you’re using. If it is not a pillow-top, find out what kind and be sure they are deep enough for comprehensive coverage, so nothing sticks up or falls off while sleeping on them.

You should consider how important this decision might become before making purchases since more oversized mattresses cost more than smaller ones do. Sometimes even just doubling/tripling will add up.

Thread Count

As you’re probably aware, thread count is the number of threads per square inch in both directions for a given fabric. It should be prominently displayed on your package so that it can help with finding what product category interests you most, and there’s always a good rule of thumb: higher thread counts mean softer sheets.

However, keep in mind these advantages come at higher costs too – though not necessarily more significant than an average priced set from Staples or another store–just something else worth considering when shopping around before buying anything off Amazon solely due to its luxury branding rather than actual quality material used within each garment.

I would like everyone to think about their bed sheets before they go shopping. You might not know it, but there are many different types and qualities out on the market these days!

So be aware that percale will give you a crispier feel while sateen feels smoother against your skin with less durability- so which one do I want? And why does weight matter, too; heavy twill weave fabrics look good if paired correctly by designers who understand how essential layering looks nowadays (think marshmallow fluff).


Bedsheets are a necessary purchase for anyone with their bed. The right type of fabric can make all the difference in how you feel when sleeping, so it’s essential to think about what will work well before just grabbing whatever is cheapest or most trendy on your favorite online store – not that there’s anything wrong with those options.

With these questions in mind, you will be able to stick with your budget and get what falls within the bounds of saving. If it feels like there are other responsibilities on top of this, keep them separate from finances.

Fabric Quality

close up of patterned bold colored sheet corner

When it comes to fabric, there’s a world of possibilities. If you love cotton and want softness without the hassle or risk of other materials, then Egyptian boho sheets could be just what your bed requires. 

The particular type of cotton grows on riverbanks near Cairo in Egypt. It has been processed for many years before being woven into beautiful patterns that add extra comfort during those all-too precious hours together as husband-wife when life feels good, not too fast-paced.

If you want a snuggly, breathable bedding option that will keep your body temperature regulating all night long, then linen is the way to go. Plus, it’s very comfortable during warm weather due to its ability to wick moisture away from the skin.

If these two features sound like something up your alley, consider investing in some new sheets – they’re sure worth bragging about later on.


To create an inviting bedroom, you will need to choose the right color for your boho sheets and bedding. For example: if your room is more modern in style than traditional, consider using light colors on top of dark ones because it’s easier on both minds when trying to relax after a long day at work or school.

Be sure you choose a color that appeals because changing bedding often can get costly if nothing fits well – even for just one night’s stay-at-home relaxation time.

Cleaning Instructions

Don’t forget to follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions on your boho bed sheets. You’ll have a set that lasts so long as you take care of it! But if an ingredient is recommended for certain fabrics only- be sure not to buy them until reading up about what needs special attention before purchase decisions can be made wisely from both comfort perspective or durability one.

Durability and Chemicality

The most popular option for sheets is cotton. Cotton can be natural, which means it does not need chemicals or additives to preserve its form and maintain its color after washing. However, this also makes them more susceptible to wrinkles than other fabric types like polyester, known as ‘the most challenging material on earth. 

With all these benefits combined with their pure finish, you will find many customers opt for organic hemp over chemical alternatives, depending on what they’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boho Sheets


Boho chic is a bohemian style that can be applied to many different aspects of your life, from the clothes you wear to the decor in your home. But one area where boho styling has been getting lots of attention lately is bedding and linens.

If you’ve ever found yourself scouring Etsy for unique bedding ideas or DIY projects to try in your home, then these are some of our favorite boho sheet sets. Get ready to throw out those old cotton percale sheets from college and invest in a group of bohemian linen-cotton blend linens.

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