Do Cooling Pillows Work?

Many people find it difficult to sleep properly when they feel too hot in bed. Experts maintain that the human body’s temperature must drop by a degree in order to sleep peacefully, and unless this happens, our body finds it hard to drift off to sleep.

Studies have shown that keeping your head cool through the night can help reduce the overall body temperature and help with effective sleep cycles. Using cooling pillows can significantly help in keeping the body temperature cool and comfortable, allowing our bodies to ease into a state of calm slumber. You can find a variety of cooling pillows in the market and each works in different ways with different cooling properties. With the right pillow that stays cool, you can relax and enjoy a blissful sleep all through the night.

Do Cooling Pillows Work?

The innovative technology behind cooling pillows keeps your body from overheating, especially if you are experiencing menopause or suffering from restlessness and insomnia. A cooling pillow can instantly help lower the body’s temperature by cooling the neck, head, and shoulder area, allowing you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.  This pillow technology wicks away traces of moisture, monitors body heat, and promotes increased airflow improving the breathability of the pillow.

If you suffer from continuous sweating and overheating at night, a cooling pillow can provide the relief you are looking for. Buying air-conditioners or adjusting the thermostat inside the room can be costly and taxing, but cooling pillows can fix this problem without the additional expenses.

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How Do Cooling Pillows Work

No matter what cooling technology you buy, a cooling pillow keeps sweat and heat at bay, lowering body temperature and keeping the sleep surface cool throughout the night. There are several technologies being employed to make cooling pillows, but the the main types include gel memory foam pillows, water based pillows, pillows with improved breathability and pillows with a phase-changing cover.

Depending on your personal preference, you can select the right cooling pillow for yourself and keep night sweats and hot flashes at bay.

Phase Change Cooling Pillows

Phase Change Cooling Pillows use phase changing materials, or PCM to reduce body heat when sleeping at night. As the name suggests, these pillows are constructed with materials that change from one phase to another, depending on their temperature. This could be a transformation from liquid, solid, to vapor as heat levels shift. Phase changing materials possess the ability to absorb and release massive amounts of energy and maintain a consistent temperature.

Phase Changing Cooling Pillows use phase change material technology to absorb your body’s heat and stabilize the temperature, making you feel cooler. They can also provide warmth during a chilly night as the phase changing aspect works in the opposite direction as well. Some phase change materials consists of graphite particles to remove heat. Honeycomb memory foam is also used in these special pillows for its unique construction and pattern, allowing effective airflow. These special pillows are equipped with tested cooling properties for those who find it difficult to fall asleep in extreme hot or cold climates.

Water-filled Cooling Pillows

These pillows use a tightly sealed water base inside the pillow that is specifically designed with effective cooling properties. The water pouch inside is filled with chilled water to achieve the cooling effect and keep temperature low throughout the night. These cooling pillows also consist of a top layer constructed with memory foam fabric or polyester to offer comfort and support. Additionally, sleepers have the option to add or reduce the amount of water inside the pillow, adjusting the firmness and support levels.

This therapeutic cooling pillow is also far more supportive than standard foam or down pillows as they do not sink or curve with the weight of your head and shoulders. This provides neck pain relief and a relaxed sleep with the water in the base adjusting to the movement and curvature of your head. Cooling water pillows keep the pillow to a cool temperature so you do not have to deal with night sweats or excessive heat.

Gel Cooling Pillows

A gel pillow consists of an external layer laced with cooling gel that is scientifically engineered to keep your head cool while you sleep at night. Gel cooling pillows absorb the heat from the head and neck region and disperse it across the cooling layer, leaving you sweat-free, fresh, and feeling relaxed. These go further than just any breathable pillow, as the gel component actively cools down your body rather than simply assisting in better airflow.

When you rest atop a gel pillow, you will notice the cooling sensations thanks to gel-infused memory foam on one side of the pillow. You can even invest in a gel cooling pad that can be placed inside an ordinary, synthetic pillow. Pillows with gel pads are increasingly popular due to their cost-effectiveness and ability to cool the body down during hot summer nights.

Latex Breathable Pillows

High quality latex pillows retain minimal body heat. This allows sleepers to rest without overheating, compared to other pillows such as memory foam pillows. Natural latex is praised by experts and sleepers everywhere due to its breathable, airy structure. The intricately designed honeycomb structure with air vents enables circulation and ventilation without the need of a cooling component.

Latex pillows are firmer than most other pillows and also keep their shape for a longer period of time. If you end up feeling sweaty and hot during the night despite trying every remedy known, latex pillows are an excellent investment, thanks to their scientifically-engineered air vents within the filling.

Benefits of Sleeping on a Cooling Pillow

Cooling pillows are the perfect choice for people who experience night sweats. Not only that, but pillows that stay cool also help you fall asleep faster, sleep cool all night and wake up feeling refreshed.

Sleep Cool

The most noticeable advantage of cooling pillows is that they monitor body temperature and significantly reduce heat levels that causes sweat, restlessness, insomnia, and irritability during the night. They cool the body throughout the night so that you stay relaxed and in deep, comfortable slumber.

Different places have different climates and tropical or arid countries might become too hot during the summer, reaching up to 50 degrees Celsius in some locations. Central cooling systems like air-conditioners and other solutions can be costly, so cooling pillows provide an inexpensive but effective way of temperature control and ensuring sleep quality. In addition, cooling pillows also help save money in the long wrong by reducing money spent on energy bills.

Fall Asleep Quickly

If you ever find yourself unable to sleep and constantly tossing and turning in bed, then it may be due to restlessness, hot climate, stress, or even discomfort due to a poor pillow choice. Cooling pillows stabilize the body’s temperature and allow you to fall asleep faster. The cool surface of the pillow, supported by gel, water or phase change material provides your head with a cool surface and lulls your tired body to a peaceful, undisturbed slumber.

A cheap, synthetic pillow may gather moisture from sweat and drool, exacerbating discomfort as there is no airflow or ventilation. Cooling pillows enhance sleep quality through their ability to wick away any moisture and dissipate heat, allowing sleepers to drift away into a deep sleep.

Helps With Insomnia

Sleepers suffering from insomnia may wake up during the night and find it impossible to fall back asleep. This could be for a multitude of reasons, including an accumulation of night sweats which are common with hormonal imbalances, depression, and anxiety. One excellent and effective way to help with this issue is by switching to a cooling pillow.

Cooling pillows aid in relaxing the neck and keeping your head cool throughout the night, thanks to its innovating cooling abilities. Usually coupled with a soft cotton cover or a silk pillowcase, sleepers may benefit with the added softness and cooling effect that curbs excessive night sweats and calms down the body into a relaxed state. Experts have stated time and again that cooling pillows can greatly assist in stopping insomnia caused by night sweats, thereby allowing you to sleep peacefully.

Wake Up Refreshed

A bad night’s sleep can negatively impact productivity levels, mood, and age your face rapidly. When you wake up refreshed, your body has sufficient energy supply needed to get through the day and your mind feels well rested. This impacts your skin, mood, and overall mental health.

A cooling pillow can significantly elevate your sleep and help you feel refreshed in the morning. These special cooling pillows help you fall asleep quicker and without any disturbances, which provides your body and mind the rest needed to function properly and make you feel happier and productive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put pillowcases on cooling pillows?

A cooling pillow, like other varieties, needs a good quality pillowcase to protect it from damage, spills and stains, and repeated cycles of washing. Since it requires air to flow and circulate inside, it is strongly recommended that you use a breathable pillowcase. A cotton cover or even a silk pillow cover can be a perfect fit. For cooling pillows, a waterproof pillowcase that defends against dust mites, bacteria, molds and mildew is ideal.

How can I keep my pillow cool at night?

To keep your pillow cool at night, you can surround yourself in a cool mist while you sleep. Essential oil diffusers are a popular option as they also make an ideal humidifier. These diffusers deliver a gentle mist of cool air next to your face and pillow and last a surprisingly long time. They also come with an auto-off feature for safety and you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a delicious scent all through the night. A diffuser can help keep your pillow cool during the night and enhance your sleep.

Another effective way to keep your pillow cool at night is by using cold gel packs that use proprietary gel that can be put in the freezer a few hours before bedtime. You can place these packs under the pillow cover and enjoy the benefits of a cool pillow all night. It is an inexpensive way to enjoy the benefits of cooling pillows and these special gel packs are also resilient and do not tear easily.

You can also cover your pillow in breathable silk or satin pillowcases. Some covers can trap heat, oil and sweat from your face which keep you clammy all night. Pillowcases made from 100% natural silk protect the skin and hair with natural proteins and amino acids, as well as provide a cooling effect when sleeping. A silk pillowcase absorbs and wicks away moisture from saliva, oils, and sweat, and keeps your head cool when you sleep.

Are cooling gel pillows safe?

Cool gel pillows are completely safe to use as they are free of all harmful chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For many individuals, excessive use of toxic materials is a growing concern, especially in the global pillow market. It can be worrying to think that your cooling gel pillow is laced with a concoction of harmful chemicals that are glued to the skin for up to eight hours every single day, but this is not the case with cooling pillow. Cooling gel pillows are safe to use and most brands offer non-toxic, safe skin options that are suitable for all sleepers.

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