What is a BBL Pillow? Here’s Why You Need One After Surgery

What is a BBL Surgery?

“BBL” is an acronym that stands for “Brazilian Butt Lift”. BBL surgery is a cosmetic surgery that involves taking fat from one part of the body through liposuction and inserting it into the buttox and hip region. The desired result of this procedure is a rounder and fuller backside. While this particular cosmetic procedure has been around for decades, it has gained popularity in recent years, heavily influenced by pop culture. Some popular figures who are well known for their BBL procedures include the likes of Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, among many others. 

As popular as this procedure has become in recent years, it is actually considered one of the most dangerous and painful cosmetic surgeries one can go through. It is recommended that anyone who is interested in a BBL do thorough research on the surgery and the doctor who performs it.

While it might be cheaper to fly to a different country for the procedure or to go to an untrained individual, it is not a bargain worth bartering. Vox recently reported on the suspiciously low cost of certain BBL procedures, “questionably cheap operations, where a complex, multi-hour surgery not covered by health insurance can run as low as $3,000”. However, cheaper is not always better, and that does not mean that the surgeon has experience or training in that particular area.

what is a bbl pillow

Even in the United States, it is legal for any medical doctor to open their own clinic for cosmetic procedures. As Vox also notes, “though these doctors wouldn’t be able to perform plastic surgery in a hospital or legitimate surgery center, where regulations are stricter and have far more oversight, there’s nothing stopping them from opening a clinic of their own, and no higher board they must answer to.” This is why personal research is your greatest tool when looking for a reputable surgeon and clinic, for any cosmetic procedure.

It is up to the individual to work with their surgeon to determine their preferences. Some BBLs have more subtle, natural-looking results, while others can result in a more extreme look. It is also common for some people to have multiple BBLs throughout their lifetime, and others may go back to their surgeons when they are ready for a reduction after living with regret for their procedure. At the end of the day, it is a very personal decision to go through with any cosmetic procedure. Being informed on the subject is empowering and reduces risk.

What is a BBL Pillow?

If you’re set on BBL surgery, you’ll definitely want to consider looking into a BBL pillow at the very least. A BBL pillow is very firm, with divots in it that are thigh-shaped. It is commonly filled with a firm foam material that is strong enough to hold one’s body weight as well as soft enough to comfort sore spots. It is a cushion you sit on with your thighs rather than your rear to avoid pain and discomfort. A specialized BBL pillow makes it so that when you sit down on it, you are placing your body weight on your thighs rather than your backside. 

In the weeks following your BBL procedure, you will most likely find yourself laying on your stomach rather than sitting. If you are currently recovering from a BBL, a tummy tuck, or both, you’ll want to check out our tips on how to sleep after BBL surgery or tummy tuck surgery for the best results

Your BBL pillow after surgery will be your best friend in the following weeks. This pillow is designed to help you transition from stomach laying to sitting upright. Whether you need to sit upright to work at a desk or to eat a meal, you’re going to need to sit on a cushion that minimizes pain and pressure on that sensitive area.

It’s important to note that everybody’s recovery will look different. Always communicate with your doctor following a procedure as invasive as a BBL is. If you feel that you are ready to sit on a pillow in an upright position, make sure that you are in the right stage of  recovery as laid out by your surgeon. The most important reason (aside from your own comfort) for using a BBL pillow during recovery is to protect the stitches while they heal. If you sit directly on your rear while you are still healing from a BBL procedure, you risk injury and the chance of popping stitches. This is a painful and expensive consequence that you should try to avoid at all costs.

Where to Find a Good BBL Pillow

 Unfortunately, you will not be able to walk into just any department store and come home with the right BBL pillow ready to use. You cannot search at Target for bath pillows and find the type of BBL pillow required for recovery. Your best bet for the widest selection of BBL pillows is to purchase through Amazon. Through Amazon, you can read reviews and see pictures and videos of honest  customers who have purchased BBL pillows. There are countless options and styles available, including this YESINDEED pillow that even comes with a backrest. Some search terms you can use on Amazon to help you find the best listings are “BBL cushion” or “BBL body pillow”.

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