10 Best Weighted Blanket Covers For Extra Comfort [2022]

Do you have a weighted blanket that is taking up space in your closet? You’re not alone! That’s because, according to a Pittsburgh-based American Textile Company, 10% of Americans experience better sleep with the help of a weighted blanket

The problem is that many people don’t know what to do with their old blankets when they wear out. One solution is to purchase an extra cover for it so you can keep it clean and looking neat. 

We’ve got some tips on finding the best weight cover for you and your needs. The following blog post reviews the top 10 weighted blanket covers available on Amazon. Our review features the best weighted blanket covers by affordability, durability, and convenience features so that it’s easy for you to find what suits your needs.  

Best Weighted Blanket Covers: Our Top Picks

YnM Cotton Duvet Cover for Weighted Blankets

neatly folded white blanket cover

With an easy zipper closure, this YnM cotton duvet covers for weighted blankets is both durable and convenient—making it perfect for the person that loves the comfort of their old blankets but doesn’t want to damage them by washing them regularly. 

With two sides for softness, you’re guaranteed a restful night’s sleep with this lush cotton tailoring and recommended for quilts or comforters up to ten pounds so you can still cuddle without weighing yourself down. It is also gentle on wrinkles.

Made from 100% fat-free organic cotton mixed with 40% bamboo viscose, so it shreds less than natural fibers during manufacturing before being spun into filaments of an ultrafine fiber.


  • Numerous color options
  • Available in different sizes
  • Ultra-soft material- cotton


  • Some customers complained that the fitting is smaller than advertised

F.Y.Dreams 100% Washed Cotton Duvet Cover

messy unmade bed with grey bedding

Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like you’ve come so far off the ground when trying to sleep on a bed. Change that by adding some weight under your sheets with one of these weighted blanket covers. The F.Y.Dreams 100% washed cotton weighted blanket cover will help you get cozy and stretch them all out while keeping everything in place—so no more sneaky blanket heists from the couch while watching TV before bed.

With four ties on each corner and another set of 4 on the long side, this weighted blanket cover is guaranteed to stay put during afternoon naps or kids playing around after sunset when blankets get knocked down for fun.

The breathable fabric makes this duvet cover perfect year-round – even when the temps start to drop. It’s also machine-washable and wrinkle-resistant, meaning you can rest easy knowing these are made for life.


  • Numerous colors and different sizes to choose from
  • Has 8 ties and a zipper closure to securely hold your weighted blanket
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking cotton material


  • Customers complained that it was a bit rough

RelaxBlanket Duvet Cover for Weighted Blanket

velvet textured grey blanket cover

You know that feeling you get when you first take your weighted blanket out of the dryer. How it feels even more cozy and soft than before? Wouldn’t it be perfect if this feeling lasted forever?  How about making sure it doesn’t move around or slide off your bed at night with the RelaxBlanket cover for weighted blankets. 

Designed for use with any weight of blanket (60in x 80in) up to 45lbs, each corner has eight connection points between the duvet cover and blankets. The durable polyester fleece is wrapped in ultra-soft Minky fabric, making for a genuinely luxurious comfort experience. 

This machine washable cover is the best with an extended 59″ YKK zipper closure made specially to manage bulky zippers on heavy blankets.


  • It’s machine washable
  • Elegant Minky dots
  • Has a zipper and 8 ties to hold your blanket securely


  • While this cover boasts of a zipper and ties to prevent your weighted blanket from shifting, customers noted that either the zipper or ties come off after the first wash.

ZonLi 60”x80” Grey Cover for Weighted Blanket

neatly folded dark grey blanket cover

ZonLi weighted duvet cover is a must-have for every home. All ZonLi covers are made from high-quality materials, so you can rest easy knowing your product will last, and to top it off, their excellent color options mean there’s something for everyone. 

The eight ties on the duvet cover inside ensure that the weighted blanket stays securely in place and makes it more convenient when changing your sheets. Washable with a 1.5m zipper hidden if you want a cleaner look, this is perfect for you.

Not only does this weighted blanket cover give anxiety relief – its fast-drying fabric refreshes bedding quickly, ensuring fresh-smelling sheets every morning – but providing all these benefits without disturbing someone’s sleep.


  • There are various sizes and colors to choose from
  • High-density stitching
  • Soft cotton material
  • Easy care- it’s machine washable


  • Wrinkles after washing

PANDAHOME Weighted Blanket Cover 

neatly folded teal blanket cover

What are you still doing here on the couch? Take your blanket with you. Every bed needs a luxurious throw to make it cozier, and this PANDAHOME weighted blanket cover does the trick. While people of all ages often use weighted blankets, they’re perfect for children who have ADHD or autism. 

These covers come in different colors so that whether your space is natural hues or more bright colors, these will be just what you need. With four ties on each corner and middle, tailored measurements that correspond to most standard-sized blankets, this fabric is soft yet durable enough for any messy snuggle child. 

It’s also machine washable which means there’s no headache if stains happen throughout nightly therapy sessions. These covers are designed exclusively for all brands of weighted blankets, so it doesn’t matter what size or color- match it with this gorgeous new “blankie”. It’s also logically designed to fit perfectly at 48 inches by 72 inches, so no more measurements are needed.


  • Made of durable material- polyester
  • Fade, stain, and wrinkle resistant
  • Numerous color options


  • It’s got a bigger fitting

Cooshi Duvet Cover for Weighted Blankets

neatly rolled grey blanket cover

The best way to spoil a weighted blanket is with a cozy, washer-friendly cover that protects your investment and makes cleaning up a snap. With sixteen ties, these covers will likely fit most 8 and 12 tie blankets. 

With a silky soft cashmere side and lightly textured fluffy side, enjoy your weighted blanket in comfort. Cooshi weighted blanket covers are designed to last yet are breathable, allowing you to enjoy the soothing effect of your favorite super-size blanket for years to come.

This scientifically-developed duvet cover is exceptionally durable while still protecting all sides of your blanket from dirt and damage- making clean-up an easy job. The breathability allows you to get all the soothing effects without feeling stuck in one position for hours.


  • Made from cashmere- luxuriously soft and warm
  • Beautiful Minky dot design
  • Comes with 16 ties- unlike the common covers which come with only 6-8 ties


  • It’s pricey- probably due to the cashmere make

EXQ Home Weighted Blanket Cover

neatly folded light grey blanket cover

It’s high time you looked to EXQ Home for your EXQ Home weighted blanket cover needs. These covers are 100% microfiber, making them super cool to the touch and skin-friendly too. The top of the blanket blocker is a knitted fabric that feels pleasantly smooth against the skin yet retains breathability – perfect for capturing warmth when necessary without feeling sticky or sweaty. 

We’ve also got a soft bottom layer of moisture-wicking cotton fabrics bound by cotton strings inside tightened with loops on the underside for tying around any weighted blankets needed. 

This means that you can neatly remove it after washing, changing colors as per your mood space, or simply replace it due to wear and tear over time without having to buy an entirely new product.


  • Relatively cheap- compared to other weighted blanket covers
  • Comes in various colors and sizes
  • Easy care- it’s machine washable


  • Buyers complained that the material is very thin

Acdyion Removable Duvet Cover 48×72 for Weighted Blankets

rolled purple blanket cover with other color options shown on side

Acdyion provides joy to everyone with gorgeous easy-to-remove Acdyion weighted blanket covers that keep blankets in place. Beautifully crafted for comfort and convenience, this excellent duvet cover looks impressive on any bedspread. 

The hidden zipper design has eight straps to secure the thickness of your blanket, making sure it never shifts around during sleep like standard pillowcases do – what sweet dreams you’ll be having. 

Not only is this reliable cover perfect for keeping pets off your gutsy bed, but you can also use them as floor mats or anywhere that might need some extra protection against messes too. With the best fabric that’s silky soft, and skin-friendly, there will never be another dull day – not with us around.

The outside of the duvet cover is durable, soft, transparent white with attractive shiny silver dots that show its aesthetic appearance. The inside is made up of polyester fiber, which provides warmth at night when you wrap yourself in it. 


  • Very affordable
  • It’s very soft- and stylish
  • Multi-purpose; you can use it as a weighted blanket cover or as a throw on its own


  • Customers complained that the ties unraveled after several washes

Isilila Removable Duvet Cover for Weighted Blanket

pink velvet texured blanket cover folded neatly

Use this cover to protect your weighted blanket from dirt and stains. Get a heavier dose of comfort and relief with these anti-slip, hidden straps for quilts and the removable zipper design with a customer-friendly easy-to-use hidden function. 

Isilila weighted blanket cover can be stored flatly in between washes, all while giving you a wonderfully comfortable sleep surface. With the playfulness of this extra plush material, it’s perfect for giving any heavier weighted blanket an upgrade for all its needs without sacrificing personality. 

It’s designed to fit over a weighted blanket with up to 48 inches by 72 inches of coverage. The double-faced fabric is comfortable for your skin. At the same time, you rest comfortably in any position all night long—a great asset for anyone who struggles with relaxation or sensory regulation issues.


  • Features corner straps to keep your blanket from slipping
  • You can use either side- double-faced design
  • Made out of soft plush material


  • Single stitching doesn’t seem to hold up

Amazon Basics Quilted Minky Weighted Blanket Cover

pink texured blanket cover folded neatly

You deserve the best night’s sleep, and what better way to do that than with one of these AmazonBasics quilted Minky weighted blanket covers. Made with ultra-soft micro mink fabric, this cover offers a smooth hand feel, cozy breathability, eight handy string ties around the blanket’s edge for fastening securely to ensure full enclosure without being too tight or loose across your body. 

This cover is durable enough for frequent machine washes, so you never have to worry about it coming apart at the seams after months or years of use, even if washed on a gentle cycle in cold water with low tumble dry settings. Best yet? Sleep easy knowing you’ve made a responsible purchase because its OEKO-TEX standard is 100% certified.

It is the perfect cover to provide a smooth and soft hand feel. Get instant relief from stress, anxiety, and other discomforts with this high-quality quilted micro mink cover.


  • 100% polyester material- guaranteed durability
  • It’s machine-friendly
  • Ultra-soft, breathable material


  • It has a smaller fitting

How to Choose Weighted Blanket Covers

Choosing weighted blanket covers can be a daunting task as they are many in the market. For better results, you should first ask yourself the following question:

What Type of Sleeper Am I?

Generally, we usually have three types of sleepers:

Warm Sleeper

You love to sleep, but you’re waking up with hot flashes. Your current bedding is just making the problem worse. You may kick off covers and adjust yourself every few minutes because of how cold it can feel at times there. It doesn’t seem fair that a woman goes through this during menopause when she’s been sleeping all her life without issues before now.

Cold Sleeper

You find yourself shivering under the blankets at night, not because of any external heat but due to a draft that flows through your home. The warmth you crave is nowhere in sight, and all hope seems lost until someone mentions how important it can be for some people like them who have trouble sleeping or staying warm when they lay down on their couch with only one thin shirt over the top of themselves.

The problem was so severe that these individuals needed three layers: two thick comforters plus an extra fluffy throw from head to toe.

Normal Sleeper

Being low maintenance when it comes to sleeping, you can quickly doze off on the couch or in your car. Your only complaint is extreme weather conditions where temperatures don’t stay within a comfortable range- these days, that’s unusual. 

You’re not very fussy about how much air conditioning feels too cool during nap time so long as everything else stays cozy warm at home; this saves energy bills every month while still feeling gratifyingly cozy inside out shell

The essential considerations that you should always consider include:


If you have a weighted blanket, then your duvet cover must fit snugly. The space between threads should not be wide enough to fill an individual layer, and they must all meet at one point across their width or lengthwise dimension. This way, no part dips below its neighboring fabric layers during normal usage – which means cold spots will stay away. 

If in doubt about what size to get while shopping around, ask an employee who can measure each item\’s dimensions against those specifications before offering them up as options. Don\’t forget that the material should be thick enough to provide optimal warmth but not too heavy where it moves around on top of the blankets or shifts during sleep time.


Waking up to find your bed covered in sweat is not fun. Quality weighted blanket covers are often made from advanced fabrics such as poly-fiber, composed of great synthetic fibers that allow moisture to evaporate instead of absorbing into the fabric. This promotes night sweats due to their small size allowing them to trap more air than cotton for faster drying time when wet making it the perfect material if you suffer from this problem. 

You’ll also love how these blankets can make your sleep much better because they provide comfort while maintaining a healthy temperature balance; some even have 1500 threads/sq inch quality materials – way higher durability rates than anything else on offer today and come at great prices too.

The coverings come in many different forms; some may be soft, fantastic while others provide an extra level of warmth through patented technologies. They are designed specifically for individuals who experience discomfort-related issues because they’re sensitive about temperature levels impacting how comfortable they feel.


When considering the impact of a weighted blanket cover on your bedroom, it’s essential to consider what colors and patterns will best match. Fortunately for you, there are plenty available in different color options. A visual element like this has such significant potential influence over how someone sees their room – so make sure that whatever pattern is chosen matches well with other features or aspects inside too.

With so many options to consider when it comes time for your bedroom, you may be overwhelmed. You have the option of choosing between solids and complex patterns or something more minimalistic like branches with flowers adorning them; stripes can also look great if done correctly. 

Suppose an embellishment such as pleats meets up in this mix-and-match fashion. In that case, they will provide some exciting texture which goes nicely alongside lighter elements, fantastic including floral lace curtains. Some weighted blanket covers are reversible – one side has a different design while another features stars on a black backdrop.


Weighted blankets are a great way to help provide warmth and security for children who suffer from night-time anxieties. A weighted blanket cover should be treated as an extension of the blanket, so they can get accustomed to how best to use it at home to make sleeping easier without fussing too much about getting into bed.

This is accomplished by sewing two rectangles together with all four sides covered, allowing one side to open enough room inside the weighted blanket insert once placed correctly, then closing back up around the tie cords.

Some covers have embellishments like embroidery, ribbons, or buttons for extra style points, while others include pleats/ruching fabric on them; there’s something here no matter what your preference may be–from sophisticated sophistication flocking down to more casual elegance ribbon.

Material and Fill

Fill type and fill power are the two most important parts of your weighted blanket. Together, they determine how warm you’ll stay when it’s bedtime with just one click on Auto mode. Fill Type refers to what material is used to fill these covers, which can be anything from polyester down to alternative solutions through the fleece. 

Meanwhile, “Fill Power” captures volume as an indicator – generally speaking, higher numbers mean warmer textures because there are more layers per unit area.

So what does any of this have anything to do with me? It just so happens these two factors affect one another. If someone orders their new item from us but doesn’t tell us which kind they want, then we’ll send them both out automatically unless advised otherwise by the customer during the check-out process.


A weighted blanket can be a lifesaver for people with anxiety or depression, and the right cover will make it more comfortable to use. 

Whether you’re looking for a natural, durable cover to fit your weighted blanket or just want to know what goes into making one of these covers in the first place, our article has provided all the information you need. 

Looking for our recommendation? YnM’s covers are made from 100% natural fibers, which is beneficial because they won’t irritate sensitive skin like synthetic materials would. The material also feels softer than other types of fabric, so it’s great against your body when sleeping or lounging around on the couch. You can also choose any color that suits your needs best, but we recommend white – it always looks cleanest.

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