How to Wash Your Neck Pillow the Right Way

Neck pillows tend to get dirty quickly because they are exposed to various elements, microbes, and bacteria as you take them along to different hotels, buses, cars, and airplanes. It is important to learn how to wash neck pillow apparatuses so you can avoid nasty diseases and keep your pillow clean and in great condition for longer.

Neck pillows are a must for anyone frequently traveling because they can enhance your comfort on airplanes, trains, buses, and vehicles. The pillow’s U shape keeps your head in a straight position to prevent a stiff neck. In this handy guide, we will take a look at the best methods for keeping your neck pillow clean and in great shape. 

How Often Should a Neck Pillow Be Washed?

If you wash your neck pillow too often, it can start to wear down prematurely. But this is one of the most important pillows to keep clean since it is most likely to come in contact with germs and bacteria that could make you ill. 

If you are using your neck pillow for traveling, it might be best to wash it after every long trip.  Neck pillows that are only used at home or in the office don’t have to be deep cleaned quite that often. You only need to gently wash these pillows about once a week and deep clean them once every three months.

How to Wash Neck Pillow

how to wash neck pillow

There are several different types of neck pillows on the market. Some of these soft pillows contain microbead polystyrene stuffing, others are crafted from memory foam, and some are inflatable with no stuffing on the inside. The type of materials your pillow is made of can impact your cleaning method since some of these materials can be ruined by machine washing.

It is very important to read your pillow’s washing instructions or care instructions before washing it. These instructions should be able to tell you whether the airplane pillow is machine washable or if it should be washed by hand, and if you should use cold or warm water. 

Here is a quick look at a couple of handy tips for hand and machine washing different types of neck pillows.

How to Machine Wash a Neck Pillow

Machine washing is a preferred method of cleaning linen items and pillows because the machine will do most of the hard work for you. Some microbead neck pillows and inflatable neck pillows can be machine washed, but you still need to be very careful with them. Here is a quick look at the steps for machine washing a neck pillow. 

Step 1 – Cover the Pillow

Neck pillows are usually made from a delicate stretchy fabric that can stretch out and tear during the spinning cycle of a washing machine. To keep your pillow intact, it’s best to place it inside a cotton pillowcase, as the pillowcase will keep it from being overly stretched out. Be careful to choose a light-colored or similar colored pillowcase, so you don’t stain your pillow. 

Step 2 – Add Other Laundry

Don’t wash your airplane pillow alone. Washing the pillow with other laundry items will reduce the strain on the pillowcase. Load your washing machine with similar colored laundry before you add the pillow.

Step 3 – Wash on Gentle Cycle

If the pillow is machine washable, you can use any type of mild washing powder and wash the pillow inside the pillowcase the same way you would clean your everyday laundry. But instead of an eco or strong cycle setting, your machine should be set on a gentle washing cycle.

How to Hand Wash a Neck Pillow

Neck pillows made from memory foam or microbeads can only be hand washed. Here is a quick look at the steps for hand washing these pillows.

Step 1 – Create Your Mixture

First, you will need to create a cleaning solution. You can create a mixture of vinegar, water, and baking soda or use a mild dish detergent in water. Avoid harsh chemicals since these could ruin your pillow materials. 

Step 2 – Dab Clean

Grab a sponge or clean cloth, dip it in the soapy mixture, and dab at the pillow surface. Pay close attention to stains and discoloration. Do not saturate a pillow that can’t be machine washed.  

Step 3 – Rinse

Take a clean cloth, dab it in water, and rinse off as much soap as you can by rubbing at treated areas. Be careful not to saturate the neck pillow, or it could result in mold growth.  

How to Dry a Neck Pillow

Microbead pillows can melt if they are exposed to high temperatures, memory foam pillows can form clumps in a dryer, and most neck pillows will fade or discolor in direct sun. 

To avoid damage to your pillow, it is always better to dry it manually. If your neck pillow is made from strong materials, you can place it in the dryer for a while and remove it before it is fully dried.

Place the neck pillow on a towel and blot at it to dry. Keep turning the pillow over every couple of hours so it can dry evenly on all sides. Your pillow should naturally dry in about 24 hours.

Bottom Line

Learning how to wash neck pillow or airplane pillow devices can help you get the most out of your pillow. With our handy guide, you can find a good travel pillow that will keep you comfy no matter where you go.  

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