How to Wash a Backrest Pillow : A Step-by-Step Guide

If you love to use your backrest pillow, you will notice that it can become very dirty over time. In this guide, we will show you how to wash backrest pillow accessories without the risk of damaging these luxurious pillow designs. 

A backrest pillow is a terrific bed accessory to have if you love to read at night before falling asleep. These pillows have a tall back design that keeps your entire back straight and allows you to sit comfortably in bed. 

How to Wash Backrest Pillow 

It is always best to read the care instructions of your bedrest pillow before washing it. Different pillow types could have additional specifics regarding their washing instructions.

Backrest pillows usually have a very thick design and contain materials like memory foam that might be sensitive to water. These materials can become damaged when they are wet or take a very long time to fully dry, resulting in mold growth. Most of these pillows are not suitable for machine washing and might also be too big and bulky for a washing machine or electric dryer. 

Since most of these pillows can only be hand-washed, we will focus on the steps for hand washing these supportive pillow types. Here is a quick look at the easiest steps for cleaning your backrest pillow.

how to wash backrest pillow

Step 1 – Vacuum

A backrest pillow or husband pillow has a unique shape that can make them difficult to clean. The best way to remove loose debris, pet hair, and dust from your pillow is by giving it a good vacuum before washing it. 

Weekly vacuuming can help keep your pillow clean and fresh for longer, so you won’t have to regularly expose the delicate materials to moisture. 

Grab your vacuum, add the upholstery cleaning brush, and thoroughly vacuum the backrest pillow on all sides. Pay close attention to seams and curved areas where dirt and grime tend to collect.

Step 2 – Hand Wash

Over time, your pillow will be exposed to dirt, dust, sweat, dust mites, and body oils that can make your pillow look soiled and smell bad. A thorough clean will clear these deposits off your backrest pillow and prevent stains and bad odors.

Since most of these pillows are made with sensitive or delicate materials, it is probably best to avoid harsh chemicals. Only use gentle cleaning products like a mild laundry detergent, upholstery shampoo, or dish soap on your pillow. If you are worried about staining your pillow, try only using natural ingredients like a mixture of vinegar and baking soda as a cleaning product.

When you wash your pillow, avoid getting the pillow stuffing wet. Grab a clean cloth, dip it into a soap and water mixture, and wipe over the pillow surface. Pay more attention to stained areas and keep dabbing and rubbing until the pillow looks clean. 

Step 3 – Rinse

Removing soap from your pillow fabric is very important because prolonged exposure could weaken or fade the fabric. Grab a new clean cloth and dab it in clean water. Wring the cloth out and wipe the pillow surface to remove all the soap. Be careful not to saturate your pillow.

Step 4 – Drying

If your pillow materials get saturated, it might be a good idea to grab a wet and dry vacuum to suck up all excess moisture. Doing this will help your pillow dry off much quicker and remove more dirt and grime. 

It is best to air dry the husband pillow since tumbled dryers or electric dryers can damage them. Place your pillow in a warm and well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. Remember to turn the pillow over every few hours so it can dry off on all sides. The pillow should be completely dry within 24 hours.  

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to using a lumbar pillow for sleeping or cleaning your bed rest pillow for the first time, you likely have a couple of questions regarding these comfortable pillows. Here is a quick look at the most common questions users had and the best answers.

How Often Should You Wash a Backrest Pillow?

Backrest pillows are usually sensitive to moisture and cleaning products and shouldn’t be washed too often. The best way to keep your pillow clean is by vacuuming the entire pillow surface weekly. You can also remove the sheet or cover every one to two weeks for a good wash. The pillow itself needs to be washed every three to six weeks so it won’t start to harbor pathogens or develop an odor. 

Spot cleaning should be done as soon as you make an accidental spill on your pillow because these spills usually result in staining once the spill has dried. 

When Should a Backrest Pillow Be Replaced?

Your backrest pillow will start to lose its form and firmness over time. You can keep using it as long as it offers good support, but if you no longer enjoy spine and posture support from your pillow, it might be best to replace it and find a new pillow.

Are Backrest Pillows Machine Washable?

Most backrest pillows will be damaged by a washing machine and dryer, but bedrest pillows with certain types of filling can sometimes be machine washed. It is always safer to hand wash these large and bulky pillows because they usually take too long to dry properly, and they are generally too big and bulky, which often results in tears or stretches in the fabric. 

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to wash backrest pillow devices, you can take better care of these handy pillows.

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