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Pillow Cube Review

Pillow Cube came off of a very a successful Kickstarter campaign where it was fully funded in just 48 hours. It’s been selling really well too and we are excited to check it out.

Pillow Cube Review

The main science behind creating a cube shaped pillow is to help fill the gap between head and shoulders perfectly. While traditional pillows tend to cause discomfort to your neck, Pillow Cube acts as a bed for your head and offers maximum support for neck keeping the spine perfectly aligned.

pillow cube
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Pillow Construction

Pillow Cube is made up of high response variable support memory foam that is hypoallergenic and offers maximum support to your head and neck. It is anti-microbial  as well which means your pillow stays fresh every time you use it. It has a silky smooth pillow case made with a cooling gel which makes it breathable and allows you to sleep cool. The cover is easy to remove which means washing your pillow isn’t a problem.

The Pillow Cube is designed with utmost intricacy and thought as it has given way to a solution for side sleepers that was not deemed possible. It is the perfect shape and the perfect size. It is fashioned like a cube which may make you wonder wouldn’t it be rough or hurtful to the shoulders?

But that is the thing – it is the perfect design for all the side sleepers who never before could get easily accustomed with the pillows.

Is Pillow Cube Good for Side Sleepers?

If you notice the space between your head and shoulder, it’s a square. None of the rounded pillows can fit that shape perfectly. They cause you to bend your neck, flop your body and twist your back out of alignment. You need a pillow that properly supports your neck and keeps your spine aligned. This is what makes Pillow Cube a great fit for side sleepers.

Pillow Cube maximizes your sleeping potential. Whether you need a nap in the middle of the day, or you want a good night sleep, Pillow Cube is your way to go. It was specifically designed for the side sleepers but has turned out useful in many other scenarios too. Some people use it between legs while other rest their head on it for a quick office nap.

If you sleep on your side, you would know how thin pillows always create a sort of discomfort over the shoulders and leave the body hanging in that small space during sleeping. The Pillow Cube will you get rid of all your neck and shoulder pain woes by allowing you to sleep comfortably all night long.

Pillow Cube Construction

What is Pillow Cube Pro?

Pillow Cube Pro packs all the features of Pillow Cube but in a bigger size.

The original Pillow Cube had a 12 inch surface but the Pillow Cube Pro takes that surface to an impressive 28 inches of edge to edge comfort. The main motivation behind Pillow Cube Pro is allowing you to sleep on both sides of your body, rolling comfortably between them and providing more support. It’s a game changer for anyone looking to maximize their sleep potential.

Pillow Cube Pro

Available Sizes

Pillow Cube is available in 2 different heights; 4 inches and 5 inches. This one is suitable to rest your head during travel, office naps or for knee support.

On the other hand, Pillow Cube Pro comes in 3 different thickness options, mainly 4″, 5″ and 6″ making it perfectly comfortable for every type of body. Go for the bigger size if you have broad shoulders. Pillow Cube Pro makes a perfect bed pillow for side sleepers looking to improve their quality of sleep.

Value for Money

Talking about the price, it may look expensive at first glance but looking at the pillow cue in detail, every penny spent is totally worth it. Pillow Cube is a unique product that is specifically designed to offer a good night’s sleep to side sleepers.

However, if you don’t like the pillow for any reason, you have the option to return it within 30 days of purchase given that you maintain the original condition and packaging.

The Best Bed For Your Head

If you are a side sleeper looking for a better pillow to rest your head on, Pillow Cube is a great choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this pillow good for back sleepers and stomach sleepers too?

This pillow is created specifically for people who sleep on their side, so back or stomach sleepers may not find it comfortable. You can however use it for other purposes including knee support, lumbar support and to rest your head while traveling.

How do I know which size is right for me?

The people who have broad shoulders should buy the 6 inch version while the people with narrow shoulders should opt for the 5 inch cube.

Check out this video review to learn more about the construction of Pillow Cube.

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